Monday, September 9, 2013

This week :) (9 Sept, Week 4, Transfer 10)

Good Mornin' Family!

Good week. Thanks dear mother for the nice package I received:) I LOVE the skirt. It is perfect, and I will probably wear it everyday this week because it goes with everything and I am tired of all of my other skirts. 

I good an inside view on what "English work" is like this week.  We exchanged with some sisters, and let me tell you  it was hilarious! I guess I forgot how much of a culture gap there is. Hna Lythgoe's experience was too good not to share. (I am telling this in the persepctive of "we' b/c that's how my brain is wired") We walk into this nice, HUGE house and is is just clean and nice and yeah. Okay really, it wan't anythign extra special, just a regular home that is well kept- but it is a mansion compared to what we are used to here en la obra de espanol.  We were at our dinner appointment and it was great. We ironically had enchiladas and naturally, we just go at it. Becuase it is a FACT that the people love you more when you eat their food.  Especially when you eat all of it.  So, we easily eat the whole enchilada.  I look over at my companion's plate (who's area we are in) and she has eaten 1/4 of it and can't finish it. :) Then their kid, picks up his empty plate and puts it on his head and the mom makes him throw the plate away. Then everyone starts freaking out because there is a FLY in the house. One fly. in my mind i am thinking, oh if these people only knew how good they have it.  Oh, it was so funny:) It is just such a stark contrast to the circumstances we are in daily. We sit down and eat and we are constantly killing ant/ cockroaches/ shooing the flies.  We sit in the kitchen and eat our MOUNTAINS of food that they so lovingly give to us, as about 20 other people that live in the same house pass us. I actually really liked it, I learned a lot of things from working in a different culture- and it just made me love spanish work and hispanic culture even more. It was great! 

Our investigator Faustino has been MIA this week. He;'s the one we seta baptismal date withlast Monday, and we tried to call him throughout the week to see how his reading is going and to confirm for our next appointment but his phone always has the busy signal. So we stopped by his house, but he lives on this ranch, that is among a cluster of like 8 ranches all scruched together, and we can't EVER find him!  The bummer is that he's on the far side of our area and we can only go try the days that we have the car. So, we are parying that we can find him asap so that he can make his baptismal date!!

One of the families from Escondido cam e to our ward in Vista this week to visit some family they have here- and they brought Conchita with them (the 80 year old convert that I Taught in Esco). Oh it was so great to see her. It was pretty funny though- she couln't remember my name or who I was, when I went up to hug her all she saidn was, "Ay!, Son bien altas, verdad?" Wow, you're tall huh?" I don;'t mind though, it was great to see her. She is doing great. Still her lovely little forgetful self:)

We also got a new vacuum this past week. now- this may seem silly, but it was such a blessing. I don't think our apartment has been vaccuumed by a properly functioning vaccuum in YEARS> Oh it was absolutley revolting. I do believe I emptied the canister about every 2 minutes (no joke) to dump out all that was sucked up . So- I am very grateful for that! 

Thanks for all of those addresses mom! i'll try to write them today.

Addie! you hurt your ankle? Darn, you'll have to be careful on all of your future 'twirling' espisodes:) hope it heals quickly!

Well, that is all I have for today. Love you all. 

Hna WHicker

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