Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 August, Week 3, Transfer 1

..In more ways than one. Man, I am weak sauce when it come to running. But I am getting better:) So that's all that matters. But more than the physical tiredness that comes from missionary work (and running daily), is the soreness that comes from being stretched and molded and shaped by the Lord. Man oh man. This week was good, but it consisted of a few breakdowns on my part.  It was mostly just a build up of stress and frustration with myslef that I've dealt with since arriving in the mission field.  I think it was on thursday or something that we just came out of a lesson and the lady was just talking a million miles a minute and I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what had just happened and I felt frustrated because I really hadn't said anythign and my companion had done all the work.  And I had just tried to concentrate SO hard on paying attention to every word she was saying, but then I just get lost and then I'd start thinking about how dirty the table cloth was or how hot I was, and then I'd realize what was happenening and then I 'd focus in again and it was just a frustratiing process. And more than anything I was frustrated with myself. Needless to say, there were tears that night, and thank goodness for Hna Kohrman because sometimes I just need to cry, and I hadn't cried yet since I got here...and it all come out. But anyways, I'm fine. Just need to have more faith and let the Spirit speak through me, rather than over analyze everythign that I say. So in that sense, I am sore as well:)  The Lord is teaching me lots and I'm trying my best to keep up with Him!

I am really trying to exercise my faith and not me fear as we prosilite and teach. It is just so easy to get discouraged because I can't say what I want to, exactly how I want to say it.  Hermana Kohrman has been very helpful though, I am so greatful to have her with me and be an example to me.  I just need to forget myself...because everytime I shy away from saying something, I"m only not doing it becuase of fear I have of being embarassed...and it shouldn't be about ME at all. I am doing to the Lord's work and I just need to get over myself. So that is what I'm going to work on this week.  Just forget myself.
We had a cool experience this week as we were walking through the Parking Lot to visit a less active.  We saw these 2 men just standing over by some cars drinking, so naturally we go talk to them. so we start talking about how we teach about what Christ taught and the commandments came up some how, and this guy just looks down at his can of beer and says, "Man, we were JUST talking about how we needed to make some changes! So he looks down at his can of beer and goes and throws it in the trash! It was awesome! And as we were walking away we hear them, ""Woah! I can't beleive that just happened! We were talking about that literally 5 minutes before they walked over here!"  So it was sweet!  We are excited to visit them this week.
Maria- our investigator that had a baptismal date, kinda pittered out this week. We were supposed to take her on a tour of the chapel this week to show her what it was like because she's never been, and also to reinvigorate her for her baptism. But she called and said she didn't want to go. So we went over there and chatted with her. She has the desire to be baptized, but she's not DOING anything about that desire,. She's not striving to gain a testimony of the BOM or trying to get work off on Sundays, so we are going to help her focus on that this week. ACTION! BEcuase really, you can talk all you want about what you believe and what is good, but if you don't do anything then it means Nothing. Nothing. That is how we Show our love for God-by DOING what He asks. And doing ALL that He asks, none of this wishy-washy "I pick what I want to follow" junk. It's all or nothing baby.  So many people that we talk to say, "Oh ya know I'm fine. We are all worshipping the same God anyways, so it doesn't matter what church I got to."  Yes, we are all worshipping the same God, but God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so how can he preach all these different and conflicting priciples in each of the churches?  There is only One faith, One way, and one baptism(eph 4:5...not sure exaclty if that's what is says in english, but it is somethign close to that)...and we are it. I say that not pridefully, but with conviction.  I KNOW, that this church truely is the SAME church that Jesus Christ himself restored when He was on the earth.  No doubt.  It is simply true.  This Gospel is the only thing in the world that can give us that peace of mind and that pure joy and love in this life. The only thing!  I have really been thinking about that becuase So many of the less actives here just make excuses. They know exactly what they need to do and what is right, - but they think they are the exception to the rule. dumb. not true. No one is exempt. And that's the Gospel truth (said in the sing songy voice fron the movie Herculues;)

Man- time is almost up. I'll write you a hand letter today describing my area and daily life more. YEs we have a car and we have a large area! Love you all! Hope Brin gets better for her bap this week and she loves every second!  Glad school is going well for everyone! Cam, al and Jame I got your letytersthanks love ya!

 We've picked up some new investigators this week, so we are excited about that! All is well here in Oceanside!
-Hermana Whicker

Monday, August 27, 2012

21 August "And the Life Begins" Week 2 Transfer 1

Where to start...so many many things to say. 

Things are better here this week.  I feel MUCH more comfortable and I at least understand the jist (gist?) of what everyone is saying. 

First of all we  have a baptismal date for MariaSanchez! Miracle! Miracle Miracle.  She is prob about 40 and has 5 kids. She took the lessons for about a year about 6 months ago but never Once came to church.  So we met with her on Sunday and taught her the Restoration and it was Great!  I mean I butchered pretty much every word that I s aid....but ya know I  only have so much control over that right now;) Anyways, The spirit was there and we invited her to be baptized and she accepted. Sept 22nd is the date.  So now we need to work with her on getting work off. I am excited for her to finally take this next step. So that's pretty darn great.  She has a duaghter that is 11 too that hopefully will be baptized too:) Other than that we have started teaching a guy named William. He;'s about 24 and we taught him once, and he said it was all very interesting, but he didn't come to church on Sunday and cancelled our next appointment.  We'll see how that goes. Sandra is a woman that we started teaching last week. We knocked on her door and she let us in, she is really hard to get ahold of and we've only met with her twice. All in all we don't really have any progressing investigators, except Maria, so we are really trying to exercise our faith and find a family to teach. 

Haha-so we were street contact the other day and we talked to this man named Fernando. We talked with him and got his info fora referrel because he lived out of our area, and went up to visit a member in the apartment complex. On our way out, he runs over to us and starts talking about how if he started taking our lessons, would he be able to marry one of us? It was hilariuos and I immediately started laughing. IT is even more funny because I am pretty sure that I am at LEAST 2 feet taller than EVERYONE here. Seriously.  I feel like a giant.

Also, in the CA carlsbad mission, it is mandatory that for their 30 minutes of exercising we RUN. Oh how I do not enjoy running...but I really don't have anychoice but to be converted. Hna Kohrman always looks so lady like and nice when we get back after our run and I am just beet faced with sweat everywhere. LEt's just say it's a good thing I'm not trying to impress anyone here:) 

I defintiely did not remember what humidity felt like. It is like living in a suana...all the time. Okay it really isn't that bad, it's just a big contrast compared to Utah. there is just a lovely constant sheen of stickynesss all over my skin...all day everyday.  It is just great...ish;) 

I feel like I am adjusting pretty well. I still have A LOT to learn, but Hna Kohrman is a great teacher. She takes the lead when I have absolutely NO idea what someone is saying to me, but she pushes me to go outside my comfort zone and do things that I haven't done before.  She is really great and I just love her lots! 

REquest: Mother- we are supposed to have a 72 hour kit in case of an earthquale or other natural disaster.  So, Sisiter Cook really wants us to have those MRE thingys.  So question, can you take the MREs out of my 72hr kit at home and send that here?  If you also have an old backpack so I don't have to buy one that would  be nice too... Thanks Momma:) 

Also, I am in need of Spanish Scripture cases. ya know like the ones that are individual and have a zipper that open and stay on when you read them becuase front and back covers are in the flap?   They don't have a Deseret Booko or anythign here. I should have gotten some at the MTC, but oh my goodness they were just so hideous. so hideous and I couldn't bring myslef to pay for something that ugly. Anyways, I normally only carry my BOM in my bag because the Bible is so heavy, but I really need somethign to protect them both becuase they are gettinga  little beat up.  So if someone could work on that for me, that would just be dandy!

Well It is really good to hear from everyone! I sure do love you all and I enjoy reading all your emails!  That is hilarious that Addie wants an embroidery of Chickens on her backpack:) Hahahahaha that made me laugh pretty hard.  Good luck this week with school Addie! YOu'll love it:) 

Brinly- I got your baptism announcement yesterday!  So beautiful! I am excited for you as you follow the example of our Savior and get baptized--so cool! Cam- hope all is going well with little porter and fam:)
Dad- Hna Kohrman says that you have a movie star face--:)  Just thought you'd like to hear that. Everytime she sees your picture she says that:) 
Mom- I got your card the other day with the memory card in it - so I'll send mine today.  There aren'ta  whole tone if pics on it from Carlsbad...sorry, we've been a little busy:)  But there are some good ones!
Ali- glad that you got to see the HArrisons! I believe Elder Orme's family (from my MTC district) just moved into theis ward in BEllevue.  Tell them to kee p an eye out for the Orme Family-their dad just got back from Iraq like last week or something. That is funny that you associate that couch as my broken finger couch...haha, well just tell them to be careful and never jump onto it is they are mad:)
Tara- that sounds like a LOT of jam! Fun funf un:) Sammy looks so different in the pic that you sent! I feel liek I just saw her and she has already changed so much!
Jame-cute cute pics of your fam and the Girls. Ruby is such a doll! There is a  couple in the ward named ROsi and Ruben, andI keep accidentally calling them Ruby and Rosen...whoops:)
KAte- glad you are enjoying tennis and I  hope the frist week of school wen twell for you! 

WEll I love you all.  This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and there are most definitely some crazy people out here! But ya know, we just gotta keep going and find the ones that the Lord has prepared to receive the Gospel!  So on we go!!  Moroni 7:33 has really been on my mind this week.  What a comfort!  Alrighty, I'm out of time. Love you all.  This is most defeintely the Restored Gospel of JEssu Christ!  What a privelige it is to repressent Him !


Hermana WHicker

Friday, August 17, 2012

14 August--Whitewashed....CHicken and Korn (Week 1, Transfer 1)

WEll what a week. Seriously, longest week ever with many emotions going up and down and up and down.  First of all I made it:)  I am in OCeanside cAlifornina with my companion HErmana Kohrman.  She is pretty great and we have had a great time together this week getting to know each other and laughing at my spanish:)  But it has been great. WE have been white washed....which means that Hermana Kohrman was most recently in a Different area, and she got transferred here to OCeanside to train me, which means that NEIther of us know the area or the ward or the people or anything.  So it has definitely been an adventure to say the least.  THank goodness for Rosi CUellar (who is a mmebr of the ward that was baptized in JAn) she has been  giving us directions and addresses and feeding us left and right...what a sweetheart. ANywho. FUnny story-  her son, DAniel who is 2 years old, has trouble pronouncing names...so when HErmana Kohrman and I were introduced to him, he goes "Oh, HErmana Chicken and HErmana Corn" HAAHhahahaha soo s o hilarious! So just go ahead and call us Chicken and corn if you like:)

BEacuse we are whitewashed, we have No current investigators. The hermanas that were here just before us just dropped all their investigators.  So this week we have been contacting like crazy and trying to get to know the ward and creating good relationships with them.  And let's be honest, it;s hard to create a good relationship when I don't speak the same language that they do!  But, I am progressing... I think:)  Any who, ALi hit the nail right on the head in her email.  TAlk about giving myself a LOT of pep talks in me head!  "Come on, here's a person, you gotta talkk to them....don't be a wuss!" THat happens many many times a week:)  But things are improving.

It's amazing how you know certain things are true, like that the Lord will never ask you to do something you couldn't handle. I know that is true.  But man, let me tell you, that hasSOO much more meaning to me now than it EVER has in my life. I mean everyone says a smission is going to be hard, and so i Expected that. Then I got to the MTC and I was like oh man, this really is hard. But then I got used to it an everything was fine, but NOW- oh man, I can just tell you right now that I did not know what hard meant before this week!  But, I know that as I continue to exercise faith in My Savior that all things are possible! 

HErmana Kohrman is just great. She is from Indiana and is just so awesome. She actually reminds me a LOT of you CAM, so she was really easy to love. Just her mannerisms and her laugh, she makes things really fun:)

PRetty sure I've already losta few of my taste buds due to peppers burning my mouth! WE ate with the CAstro family the other night and oh mana oh man oh man... I was nearly in tears by the time we left becuase my mouth was burning so much!   I've also successfully eaten fish without gagging....eww it was gross, but that;'s the life of a missionary! 

LEt's see what else, went to church yesterday--pretty sure I got maybe 30% of what they were saying...DEfinitely have rrom to improve n that department:)  THey just talk so DANG BLASTED FAST!  They don't enounciate ANYTHIng. Oh man. CAn't wait till I'm fluent. IT is SUPER humid here. Super. But beautiful. Such a different environment that where I have lived the last 6 years f my life, but it is just dandy. My mission Preisident, Pres Cook said that Aunt TAmra worked for him in Logan for a little while before she became CAche County Auditor, that was fun to hear:) And HE said he knew Gpa Stones and would go to his TExaco all the time!  Fun fun. Oh man I have like no time left. You all are great, but I get so many emails that I only have like 15 minutes left to write by the time I get through them all! 

ANyways, I love you all lots! Got to go to the SAn Diego Temple today...sooo beautiful!  I only get mail on Mondays at district mtgs and you have to send everything to the mission home address.

I appreciate all you prayers and I am surviving!  IT is hard, but I know it will get better as I continue to do what the Lord has asked!  LOVe you all so much!  The Gospel is true and I'll try and write a snail mail letter tonight if I have time!  Love you lots! 

Hermana Whicker!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

6 August, It really begins--Week 9 MTC

Well the time is VERY near when I will be on an airplane to California!! I really can't believe it.  Excitement and nervousness has been welling up inside of me all morning:)  Today we are doing laundry and packing and then after class tonight it's off the the airport birght and early!  What a great experience the MTC has been and I am grateful for all the I have learned here!  But here I come CALIFORNIA!!!!  WAHOOOOO! 

Okay- DAd I got you message about calling your cell in the morning.  I expect it won't be until 7am or so, but be prepared for anytime between 6:30 and 8am.  Love you all lots!  Don't know when my pday is when I get there, so it potentially could be a whole week before you hear from me again!  Also, I cannot for the life of me find that picture you and JEfferson were talking about! Hermanan Lythgoe and I have walked all the halls probably about 5 times looking for it, but to no avail. So sorry. I do one more last quick check after dinner tonight, just to make sure.

It was so fun to run into Jami and James at the Temple on tuesday, that definitely made my day!  I'm glad that happened and it was just great to see her smiling face and give her a million hugs!  WEll I really am not supposed to be writing a real long email because it isn't p-day, but I just wanted to let you know that I am rearing to go and confirm about what number to call in the morning!  Here's to hoping that none of my bags will be overweight when I weight them this evening! I think they'll be just about right, but if not then I'll send you a package with some of it!

Love you all! Next time I write I'll have experienced the Real missionary life...hope I survive:)

Love ya tonssssssssssssss

Hermana WHicker!

July 31--One Week!! WEEK 8 MTC

Hola mi familia bonita!

Please imagine this:  So yesterday, I am sitting in class just about to start our daily planning session when our te acher walks in. Naturally we all shake hand as everyone does all the time in the MTC, and I quickly turn back to my companion to begin plannig for the next day. Out of the corner of my eye I see Hermano  Herman pull the screen up onto the projector. Not thinking anything of it, I continue planning. I look up again and I see a picture of my family on the screen. "Oh that's nice,there's my family"  I think to myself. I look back down to my planner and immediately do a double take! Why is there a picture of my family on the Tv screen? WOAH Hermano HErman is in there too!     Hahaha to say the least I was shocked. I knew he was going to a family reunion in SG and I asked him where his gma lived and it was very near us, but I NEVER imagined  he would show up on your doorstep and talk for an hour! haha it was so funny. He said that Mom gave him a hug and everything;)  So great.  Well let's just say I am not fluent...and I still have a LOT to learn, but I am excited to get going and get out to Carlsbad.ANyways it was a fun experience and yes, he gave me all of those things you sent with him,  Thanks for the Camera Katie!! I will probably send you a box with the old one itand some other stuff this week!  

Ohand Cesar's baptism will be this Saturday! that is if he doesn't go out of town on us again!  But we are getting really excited for this. Our District Leader is going to give hima Baptism interview and everythign- so It's legit for sure!

Exactly one week from today I will be almost in CAlifornia. My flight leaves @ 8:40- in the morning from SLC and we have to leave the MTC @ 5am.  STraight through flight to SanDiego and we arrive at 9:35 there so I'll definitely havea fuill day's work ahead when I arrive!  WHich means, dear familia, that you will be receiving a call from me between the time of 6:30am-8an.  It probably won't be until 7 or so, but just in case, be prepared for that time period. I was just planning on call ing the home phone...esta bien o no? Let me know if you want me to callsomeone;'s cell. I believe I wwill be able to send a quick email on Monday before I leave and one on tuesday saying that I arrived...but honestly I am not sure. So if you want me to call a different phone, DearELder me asap k?  And If anyone know s the difference between called "Connect" or "Not connect" with a calling cardplease let me know, because I do not understand that at all;)

Well this week is going to be a busy one! But first of all the temple is open again!!! WAHOO. So we get to go do that today:)  Also, HErmana Lythgoe and I got reccommended to be the Missionaries in a special workshop for new missionaries. For new missionaries theyhave a bunch in a room and a fake investigator. Missionaries knowck on the door (us) and do a demo for the new missionaries.  It will be good I hope, I"n just newrvous about doing it in front of a million and five people!  They picked 16 missionaries out of the 2,900 here to do this, sio I guess it really is kind of an honor! Hopefully I won't freeze in front of everyone and all will be well!  We also get to Host this week! Which means we get to pick up the missionaries that are being dropped off and take them to their rooms and to get their books and stuff, So I'm excited for that too!

CAmi and Tara- I got both of your letters yesterday:) Haha they were hilarious!  Your kids are so funny:) TEll Audg that I am sorry there is a "hol" in her heart beacuse I wasn't there for her baptism! Tell Ty that I appreciate his want to jump on me next time he sees me:) And Give cute KAylee and Sammy a hug from metoo !  Andy, your picture was hilarious;) CAm-tell CAde congrats on his tooth! That is so great that Adelle was so into wearing her missionary badge that she even put it on her pajamas...I don't even do that;)  Brin's letter was great too! I will try to wrtie all of you back today! Hope you are enjoying VA with the Fords!

  Jami- your email was HiLarious!!! your girls are so funny:) LOve love love. Love that you and JAmes and AL got to go to wicked so fun!

Well I don't have any time, so I guess I'l just share my testimony really fast.  Love is the key to life!  REally it is that simple.  When we can tap into the love that Heavenly FAther and Jesus CHrist feel for us, and feel that for other people, the possibilities are endless.  That is somethign that I have really been workong on and noticing in my life teaching here and associating with other people.  It really is such a blessing. Love everyone. As we do that and focus on turing our hearts outward, away from ourselves, then we automatically trun towards our SAvior. I know Jesus is our Savior and I am and will be forever indebted to Him.  My heart just fills with joy at the thought of what He did for me and the great plan that HEavenly Father has in store for me, and for YOU!  So blessed. I know that this Gospel is the ONLY way that we are able to return to live with our Father in heaven and receive all that he has in store for us. Ah, I have so much more to say, but the time is gone.  Love you all so much!  I get to hear your voices in a week!   Love you all!

-Hermana Whicker!