Monday, December 16, 2013

16 Dec (week 6, transfer 12)

Subject: "And have the Holy Spirit, to guide me every Hair...."

What a week!

It been an excellent one though- full of Sucess and Joy and Love.
Today is packing day- and tomorrow we have to be in Vista by 12. We have
transfer meeting first, and then our mission Christmas Devotional (it's a
party we just can't call it that:) full of telents shows, dinner and
spiritual messages- until 8 pm. Then all the departing missionaries will
spend the night in the mission home, and we get to do one last endowment
session in the morning, and if time permits, visit the Mormon BAtallion
Visitors Center. And then they put us on the plane! And then I'll see all

During Weekly Planning this week hna Painter gave me gift... a planner for
when I get home:) And she made sure it was a green one, because I will be a
"Greeenie to life" ahahahaa I love it, and will use it too:)

We taught Susana on Thursday- The Word of Wisdom. She's addicted to coffee
actually carmel frapachinos (SP?) we were praying lots for the lesson
to go well. We went in and the Spirit was strong and she was SO sincere and
realized that she did have an addiction and was completely willing to
change! There was a misunderstanding at one point in the lesson  when she
thought we couldn't eat pork either (eat meat sparingly) and she was
completely willing to drop pork completely too! ( don't worry we cleared it
up:) She is so great!  So we got permission to go to the store and buy her
hot chocolate and carmel and whipped cream to help her overcome that
temptation when the desire comes. We ding dong ditched it, and it was
geeat!!  She still hasn't come to church yet though...somethign always seems
to get in the way...Satan...that little stinker. But it will happen someday
hopefully this week!

WE had our ward Christams party on  Friday- and we had a GREAT turn out!
Our ward mission leader called me up by surprise and had me bear my
testimony...I may have teared a little:)

THEN on Saturday we had Allen's baptism!  It was awesome! Everythign went
smoothy, except for the fact that  we started late because their whole
family was late to get there, but it worked out really well. So Allen is
very white, he understands spanish but speaks English much better. But, they
come to the Spanish ward because their mom doesn't speak any english- and
their dad is fluent is span too even though he's very white.  So, with that
being said, Hna McCorkle wanted most of the program done in English so that
Allen could understand- so we prepped everythign and decided on one English
primary song and one spanish song.  I worte out the words to the song and
gave it to our Ward Mission Leader to type up and put on the back of the
The opening song, 'When Jesus Christ was baptized" went great, until the
very last line which read, "...And have the Holy Spirit to guide me every
HAIR" Hahahahahaha oh it was soooooo funny. It took all of my effort to
restrain laughter.  I must have just written that last word really was suppoed to say "Hour", But all the ward memebers sang it
without question...just a chorus of "HAIR"- and it definitely made our day.

Then later that evening we had a lesson with Jose Luis- to which we taught
the Word of Wisdom, which he accepted BEAUTIFULLY ( we were expeting some
issues) but none.  He's committed to living it. AND THEN we SET A BAPTISMAL
DATE WITH HIM!!!!! it was awesome. January 25th is his date and we are
SOOOOOOO excited!  Miracles miracles miracles.

Then yesterday was my last Sunday. I expected to bea wreck, but I was
actually fine. I was so fine, that I was feeling that there had to be
somethign wrong with me because I wasn't crying! I'm a crier...and I just
didn't.  I was asked to bear my testimony in SAc Mtg and to give the closing
prayer.  I think I really was just at peace. I'm ready for what's next.
BUT, then church ended and saying goodbye to everyone I love and taking one
bagillion pictures (I felt like a  rock star). One Hna came up to me, and
she just hugged me so tight- and she started crying which made me tear up,
and it was really tender b/c I wasn't very close to hear, but she just
thanked me for all my service and for the spirit that I brought to the
branch. Love her. I LOVE THIS BRANCH!!! I can't wait until you all can come
back with me to visit all of my places- beacuse they are all so great! And
the best part is that it is so CLOSE!!!!  Love it.  ANyways the people herer
are just so great! I will miss them greatly.  After we had gotten in the car
to leave church Hna sat down and said, "Well Geez I hope they act like that
when I leave! THey really love you so much!".  She is nervous to stay and
lead and to get a new companion, but she'll be just great!

Then directly from that we went to a musical fireside that the missionaries
were participating in.  IT was so spritual and powerful....and I made it
through ALL day without crying...until the very last song "This is the
Christ". Then I lost it.  The tears just came and I imagined them taking my
name tag off and not beig able to wear the name of my Savior on my Chest.
It was a tender moment, and I will forever be grateful to my Savior for
giving little old me the privilege of carrying His name and His Restored
Gospel to His children here in Southern CAlifornia.  I love Him. I know that
this is His true
work.   If nothing else, my life has been changed forever by the
people here, and my testimony has been strengthened in a way it couldn't
have been other wise.  I am forever Indebted to Him and His atoneing
Sacrifice. May we all remember Him- His birth, life, ministry, atonement,
and ressurection in the Christmas season!  And share that glorious knowledge
with all that we come in contact with!

See you all so soon! I can hardly wait to see your faces!

Con Mucho Amor, y misionera para siempre,  Hermana Lyndsey Whicker

Alma 29: 14-17- read it.
D&C 6:36 "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not fear not" - It's funny
that that was such key scripture for me at the begginning of my mission and
it is again for me as well. life is full of change and we jut have to look
to the Lord and doubt not and fear not. AMEN!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh the Weather outside is frightful…(I know…I'm a wimp) (9 Dec, Week 5, Transfer 12)

First off- can I just say how happy I am that a member gave us a Chirst centered Chirstmas Cd:)  So now we can listen to Christmas music on the way to our appointments...I LOVE IT. 


Can you believe it is DEcember 9th?????????

I don't even know what to say.  3 days ago was my 1 1/2 year mark as a missionary. We just happened to have a Mission Leadership Council on that exact day and Hna Lythgoe brought us cupcakes....well Just Me, Her, and Han Halling and Andrus that all went into the MTC onthe same day.  So attached is that picture:)  It was fun. The second picture is how we feel everynight after nightly palnning. I tell ya, my age may only saythat I am 22, but I sure feel like I've got the body of a Grandmother...always sore in some part and creaky in another, etc, etc, 

REality is lslowly hitting...  The best way I can describe it is like a slow acting poisen.  (and don't be offended by me using these words b/c I don't relate coming home to poisen). I know that I will be coming home very soon- but it still isn't real to me.  I can't quite wrap my head around it still- I can feel that I am ready though. I still feel peaceful about it at this point, but it's creeping up on me. That is all. I am SO grateful that we have a BAPTISM this saturday!!!! Allen is awesome. He had his baptismal interview and before Elder Olvera even started asking him questions, Allen started teachign him about everything he had was bomb:) 

So miracle story------ WE were walking in the freezing cold the other day. Our appointment fell through and we were walking to another apartment complex and this lady turns corner with a small child.  ( In my mind I'm thinking YESSSSSS She speaks spanish.  WE talk to everyone despite their language, but it's always more exciting in Spanish AND they are always kinder;)  So we start chattign with this lady and we invited her to come to our free englsih class that we give twice a week at our church building. She immediately bursts into tears....and we were a little shocked not sure what was causing these tears. She porceeds to tell us about her daughter that just died and the funeral had been just 2 days earlier. She said that she wants to come to church and that she wasn't sure why God had put us in her path, but she knew that it was GOd.  WE taught her a little bit about the plan of salvation right then and there and we have a return appointment to come back and teach her more. It was a mircale:) Hopefully all goes well!!!

Hna Painter is starting to freak out a bit. She is nervous to stay in the area and lead it.  And to have a new companion. And worried about her spanish progressing without me. She will do just great, she is just a little nervous.  She is however, very thrilled to be receinginall of my missionary wardrobe.  I honestly plan to bring home the clothes on my back...I am tired of my grody clothes, but I am glad they can make someone else so happy. Good thing we are pretty close in sizes:)

A family in our Branch drove through ST. George on their way up to BEar Lake for Thanksgiving and stayed there a few weeks- so they told me yesterday that SG had a whole lot of snnow....I can tell you right now I am going to freeze. I have become a wimp when it comes to all things cold. REally. It's like45 degrees outside and I am dying. that'll be awhole new adjustment!!! 

I have no idea who has my name for Christmas- BUT I really don't want anything- I already feel spoiled. The only thing that I am in need in is of lotion...a nice sweet pea lotion form bath and body works would be nice:)

Well that is really all I have to say for today. This week is going to fly by....baptism, Zone Training mTg, BRanch Christmas party, etc. Before I know it next wed will be here!  BUT There's lots to do still before that:)  Love you all tons! Thanks for loving me and supporting me in everything. Have an aweome week!!!!!!!

_HErmana Whicker

Thanksgiving (2 Dec, Week 4, Transfer 12)

Well what a miracle that the Doctors found the source of the infection for Katie!  That is such a blessing. Hopefully all goes well with the things they are going to do on the 6th and they'll be able to plan to get it removed asap and in an easy way.

Thanksgiving was great here!  We went to the Cuevas family and they made everythign for us...we are seriously SO SPOILED.  Sometimes I feel guilty because I know they have so little and I don't want them to spend their money on me or us, but no matter what we say they just give and give and give.  They have such big hearts.  I love them.  AND they were our ONLY Thanksgiving meal this year...I was so grateful.  We deliberatley didn't let anyone else get us to their house because of last year's experience.  # dinners last year. It was horrid.  but the poeple were so great...but it was SOOOOO much food.

This week has been a rough one in regaurds to be able to see investigators.  EVERYONE And their mom cancelled on us. So you'd think because we didn't get a lot of lessons that we'd get a lot of street contacts...but that as well was lower than normal. Just a little rough, but hopefully things will go better this week. 

Susana, didn't come to church yesterday...I was more than a little unhappy...We stopped by in the morning to make sure they were going to come like they had told us they would, but her sister said they were in Fallbrook at the park....AT THE PARK. (fallbrook is like 40 minutes away)  So silly. People just don't open their eyes and see the Full potenicial that they have and then  they go to the park instead of church....silly.  but it's okay. She will get there eventually.

Allen however, is doing so GREAT! he will get baptized next Saturday- and last night we had dinner with their whole family- it was a miracle.  It has been so cool to see their whole familiy progress and come back into the church. I love it!! We are going to start settign up the baptismal program and Allen is getting excited. 

The city had a huge Chirstmas celebration this Saturday and we were asked to help do service to get it all set up- so we hung lights in the trees and set up Chirstmas trees and all that jazz. It was really fun. Then they asked us to be there to usher and so we got to talk to a lot of people. We weren't allowed to proselyte unless they asked us about the Church. But about half of the people there are members already- there are lots of Mormons here in Murrieta- it's kinda crazy. Except most of them are English speaking:)  But it was fun- there's a picture attached for that by one of trees that we help set up.  There are also some other pictures too, just funny/silly ones. 

I tell ya- the time is FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try not to think about it because it is distracting, but I AM excited to see all of your lovely faces in just a few short weeks. I think I forgot how close it was until Cami said the number of days left------CRAZY.  Everyone in the ward found out that I am leaving soon and that is ALL they ask about...silly people.  They are good  intended, but a bit insensitive to ask me if I've started Packing yet...thank you Branch President Del Gaiso.  He thinks he's so funny. So with that everyone likes to give their own 2 cents of advice of how to adjust and how it will be hard and everything....I guess I just picture everythign just being nice and perfect when I get home and the blessings that will come, but I never really imagine that it will be THAT difficult.  I'm sure I will get a bit of a shock and a reality check when that happens... but for now I am completely content being a missionary:) 

But I am glad that all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day and I hope you counted all of your blessings.  WE really are such a blessed people...we forget that all too often.  I love you all and Hope you have an awesome week and an awesome beginning to this Chirstmas season! 

Con mucho amor!

_Hna Whicker

El Dia de Gracias (25 Nov, Week 3, Transfer 12)

Feliz Dia de Gracias FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it is already Thanksgiving?  I can't. Seriouly- time flies.
Well this week has been a rather wet week, but it has been good:) Good news
it that I am now healthy- being sick is just no fun, but it's all good.  We
had lots of exchanges last week in Temecula- So I was gone for about 48
hours, but I was so proud of hna Painter because she led the area all by
herself and did an awesome job!  AND we had some sweet miracles when we were
back together!

First off Jose Luis. We had a lesson with him at our branch President's
house- and it was great!  He still didn't commit to a baptismal date, but he
did say in his prayer "Help me to be able to be prapared to be
baptized"!!!!!!I lmost squeeled with joy right there during the
prayer....but I held it in until we got to the car:)  But he is progressing
wonderfully- he is great. He WILL be baptized, I'm just not sure if it will
happen before Dec 14th. but that's okay.  So jose Luis is the boyfriend of
Alex's mom (ALex the 9yr old that just got baptized). So we went to their
house to pick them up so they could follow us to the Branch President's
house and as soon as we walk in the door Alex runs down the stairs and said,
"I was reading the Book of Mormon at 5 o'clock today!" HAhahaha it was so
cute, it just warmed my heart. Children are just so teachable and pure-
especially Alex. We taught him about how reading the scriptures daily
strengthens us and helps us get to the Celestial kingdom and avaid Satan's
Temptations and he's defintely been  doing it. Awesome. Love him. And The

And then there is Susana! We had a sweeeet lesson with her. First of all her
husband was home so we asked him to come join in and HE DID!! He is a less
active. He joined the church when he was 15 or 16 but then all his friends
went on missions and moved away. He wanted to serve too, but his family
wouldn't support him, so he fell away because it was too hard to do it
alone.  But he told us about this cool experience he had. So as a youngin he
went to seminary with his friends. A few years back tthis seminary teacher
was dying and he got to see her. She asked him why he left the church, to
which he responded, that life just happened. She looked him in the eye and
told him that his family would bring him back into the church and that
someday soon he would get a sign or send somebody ( I can't remember exactly
what he said). And he said he thinks that's starting to happen. Then we
asked him what he thought that sign was, and he just said, "I think it's you
two" and then he started crying. It was such a powerful moment!  They have
like ZERO family support and it was just so cool to see how the Lord promted
us to share Matt 19:29, "Those that forsake houses, brothers, sisters,
mothers, fathers, wife, or children or land for my namesake will receive
100fold more and inhereit eternal life." (that's a rough translation sorry).
We commited her to pray to know if the Lord wants her to be baptized on the
14th of DEc and Cesar to pray to know if this is true to get another
confiramtion of the truthfullness of it. They both did it and it was so
powerful. She has been doing it everyday, but says she feels somethign is
missing- that will change as soon as they get to church on Sunday!  We are
seriously so excited about her. She is so ready to be baptized- she just
needs the support form the ward- we have a member coming with us to our
lesson tonight so hopefully that'll help her out a lot too.

We contaced into a man named Conner about 3 weeks ago and gave him a book of
mormon on the spot- and sent the englsih missionaries over there- and they
told us today that he has baptismal date for DEcember! It was really
exciting! I love being apart of the Lord's work!!!!!

We were a little bummed about Claudia and Andrew- they cancelled our
appointment last week and wthey are the most difficult people in the world
to get ahold of!! WHich means if they cancelled their dad ether said no, or
they didn't talk to him.  And we can't ever find them to ask, but hopefully
we'll be able to get ahold of them this week even though it's Thanksgiving.

So yesterday we were eating with the Fuentes family- and they knew I had
been sick so they pulled out some "airbourn" vitamin C and gave me some. So
I go to put one in my mouth and all I see is Hna Painter grabbing it and
throwing it in my cup of water while saying NOOOOOOOO....I am shocked and
Hno Fuentes is literally flabbergasted... It was hilarous.  SHe was trying
to protect me from the kind of airborn that is effervescent and dissolves in
water first, but she ended up chucking my chewable vitamina in my
was so funny. she is such a drama queen.  Today I realized that she is only
a year and 1/2  older than Katie....CRAZY. I feel so old.

KATIE congrats on being crowned queen!! That is so cool!! I couldn't see the
pictures that DAd sent though because it was trying to make me create a
dropbox account, and we can't do that. but I imagine that you looked just
beatiful:)  Are you feeling any better?

Hey Mom and Dad- i sent my blanket and my 72 hr kit us with the Cook family-
I don't know if they already delivered it or not beacuse I haven't heard
from either of you today,(Scratch that- mom I just got your email) but just
in case here is Brother Cook's number if you need to tell them to drop it
off at Jean and Cliff's house. 951-816-0606, I have no idea what his first
name is...but I gave them both of your cell phone numbers so if you get a
random call froma 951 number, it's probably them.

TAra and Hart Family- I have you for Christmas:) ANything in particular
you'd like to suggest for Christmas?

Well I love you all! The Gospel is true and I just love it to pieces.  That
is really all that matters:) Hope you all have a delicious Thanksgiving
dinner and enjoy the company of famliy and bask in gratitud for all that we
have been given!!  Love you all!

-Hna Whicker

Friday, November 22, 2013

"E" is for Extra awesome (19 Nov, week 2, Transfer 12)


Attatched is my photo of the "E" in our family. It is pretty tolky- made out of gospel pamphlets, but hey, it reflects my callign as a missionary (plus it's all we had:) But there ya go KAte!!! 

Wow I felel like I am in a an extra rush today! Our pday is cut short and we have an authority visiting our mission - so we have to go down to vista for a mtg tonight.  And we have district activity and clean the car.  So we are rushing .. 

This week has been good.  We had a super exciting lesson with Caludia and Andrew- and they want to be BAPtized!!!! So great.  They are just going to talk to their father/husband about it...which could be an issue, but we are fasting and praying for him and his heart to be softened. So we will see what happens. 

I've been sick this week with a cold, but I got a blessing the other night and since then I've been feeling a little bit better everyday. On Tuesday here it was like 95 degrees and then on wednesday it was like 55.  Super drstic change for us californians!!!  I know it's nothign for you all in utah, but hey- it's a big thing here. 

I really don't have much to say- what a boring letter. We had excahnges this week- I had to run in the rain( that didn't help my cold at all...but gotta be an example of obedience.). 

Oh- we picked up a new investigator- Antonio. he is hilarious- he was in a bad accident at work about 2 months ago and it injured his brain. He can still function and speak (english and spanish) but he used to play the guitar and now only his left habd remembers how and his right doesn't. Interesting.  We  are also trying to get and Englsih class up and running here in the Stake. I tell you- I feel like I am draggin the whole branch behind me in getting it going...they are very slow to act...and it can be quite frustrating at times. but it should be good once it actuallt gets up and running. 

We have plans this thanksgiving to eat with la familia Fuentes- the ones that always send you pics of us when we are eating dinner. they don't liek turkey though- so it'll probs be a ham annd some other stuff with a mexican twist in it:) Should be good:) 

Thanks Mom for sending the stories and getting those to me so fast:) And those journal entries were aweseom Dad:) Loved it. And Thanks for all the emails from my sisters!   Love ya!  Soryy- the time flew today-- too many things to do..  Love you all! Thanks for you love and support! 

-Love Hna whicker

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Buenos Dias (11 Nov, Week 1, Transfer 12)


First off, sorry about the email thing last week.  I knew I attached a bunch of pics so I specifically waited to make sure it sent...and I thought it did but looks like no. Sorry!  And too bad that President Kendrick said no to Andy, it would have been fun to see him, but soon enough I guess:)

Well this week has been good. Really nothing too exciting happened. Almost all of our lessons with investigators fell through this week and it was a bummer, but we did see other miracles- we FINALLY found a bunch of less actives aT HOME. We've been stopping by their houses at different times of the day for the last 7 weeks and we finally caught some of them.  It was great. There is this one lady, named Violeta, who is ain a rest home. She is a member, but is losing her memory and mind very slowly. So really we visit her just as service, because she doesn't remember or retain anythign we teach her. So anyways, we rolled her out to the patio to have our lesson. It was anice day outside, and we read a pasage from the book of mormon and chatted about it. We offered her a mint like we always do, and then we asked her to say the closing prayer. So, we all bow our heads and she begins.  About half way through the prayer she just stops, mid sentence and looks at Hna Painter's shoes and says, "I LOVE your shoes!" Hna Painter looks up at me with one eye still squinted and with the expression on her face of "WHATDo I DO? Should I finish the prayer...she likes my SHOES? What on earth..." Oh it was SOOOO funny. It was all I could do to not burst into laughter right there. Violeta just got a little distracted and forgot that she was praying, and it was hilarious.  Oh how I love it.  When else in my life will I be in a situation like that? Never. :)  I love Hermana Painter. And Violeta.

We did have a miracel this week with Jose Luis.  So Alex, the 9 year old got baptized last weekend and his mother ios dating Jose Luis. Luis has been coming to church for a couplke of weeks now, but has been adament about not taking the lessons.   BUT our Branch President was talking to him after Sac mtg this sunday and something changed because we now have a lesson SET with him for this Saturday night. I love it. He's gona be abptized soon. Soooo soon that I pray that I am still here when it happens!!

So great. We have 2 general authorities coming this transfer. Elder Something Packer ( not from the 12) and Elder kent  Richards, so that should be fun.

This week I think I have come to be at peace with the future. I love missionary work. And we are working our tails of here. I will be so sad to leave, but the Lord has blessed me with a peace about coming home. Peace is just such a  great feeling. I really don't think there is any other feelign that can top that feeling. Really.. And when you have Peace, it is much easier to feel love and joy and gratitud and all those other good feelings.  Really, I love peace.  Let's all have peace okay? Both personal peace and peace in our homes. I am always so sad to leave a home that we visit and there is so much disrespect and hate and nastiness flying around in the words that come out of mouths.  It's painful and that''s not what our Heavenly Father feels or what He wants for us. it's like that one hymn, "Master the tempest is raging" WE are living in the Tempest of the world, but peace is attainable. "Peace, peace, be still" are the words of the Master.  Love that. Let us all strive for that this week. 

Oh before I forget, please Mother and FAther and Grandparents, we have to fill out this family History packet in prep for a new fam hist program in missionary work- and I need some Memories or Stories or info about my great grandparents: Benjamin A whick, Beulah king, Horace William And Genevieve, and LeRoy tims and Virginis ALice Olsen. Porfavor:) Anythign you can tell me about them or funny memorries or stories. I brought my pedigree chart on my mission, but not my whole book of storie b/c it was too much. Thanks! And if you could send it so I could get it for next Monday that's be great:)

Hna PAinter and I realized the true similarities between sister missionaries and Grandmas... please see below:

-"I need shoes with better support".
- "My knees hurt"
-"Your skirt isn't long enough my dear..."
-" I LOVE your cardigan!"
-"What song is that?"
- What does that even mean?" ( in regards to acronyms such as "YOLO or Instagram or Meem"  ( I still am learnign what these things are. I am so old. )

 Oh and the Library was closed yesterday for Veterans Day hence, why I am writing today:) Hope all is well with Jame and fam, didn't hear from them this week:) 

Well I love you all and hope you are doing well!!!!  Katie, you are constantly in my prayers for your health and recovery.  Congrats on being Senior Ball royalty.  You are surely outshining anything I ever did at Dixie High:) Have an awesome week and Let us all Press on in the Work of the Lord! Wherever we may be.

-Hermana Whicker

P.S. Ali asked me to think about what meal I want when I get home....not sure about the specifics but I am sure that it will include LOTS of vegetables and those roasted potatoes....those are so delicious and i am vegetable deprived:) So there ya go. 

Great Week (4 Nov, Week 6, Transfer 11)

Well we had an aweseom week this week!  Definitely eventful....

We'll start off on Friday morning. It was a normal morning...we ran, we ate breakfast, and we got through about 55 minutes of our personal study.  And then I saw my vitamins that I had sitting at the side of me desk, and I thought, "Oh I should take those" They are the  meltable kind and so I popped on ein my mouth and trying to be a good companion, I put one on the corner of Hna Painter's desk for her to eat.  This was my though process, "Hmm, these taste different than the other ones, what kind are they?" I look at the container. "Nice, mixed berry.  STrwberries, rasberries, cranberries, etc. STrawberries. HERMANA SPIT IT OUT IT HAS STRAWBERRIES!!!" My dear companion is deathly allergic to strawberries. And I almost killed her.  To make a long story short we used her Eppi Pen and we ran to the ER because her throat started to tighten up.  It was horrible. Well actually it was fine.  They didn't do anything- the eppi pen did all the work, but I felt so horrible!  Who would have thought that a dang little vitamin could have done so much damage.  Anyways- she is fine, and we have been laughing about it all week because looking back on it it was quite hilarious. 

Later that night we had our first "NOche con los Misioneros" and it was a successsssssss!  It was basically just like a ward FHE the we were in charge of...well actually basically that I was in charge of.  It was minute to win it themed and we had 4 different stations (mine was the getting the oreo from your forehead to your mouth without using anything but your face muscles. It was awesome) and then we ended it with a demonstration on making a PB and J sandwich related to obedience and the commandments. It was great. We all had a good time and one of our investigators brought her WHOLE family to it- so it was awesome.

Then Saturday Morning ALEX GOT BAPTIZED!!!! It was a beautiful service.  and everythign went to smoothly it was surreal.  but the spirit was super strong and we had sooo mnay people  there from the branch- so great. It was the 2nd baptism they have had all year i far as our records show at least.  So it was an exciting day. 

One of my old comapnions goes home today- Hermana Schwegler. I am so sad to see her go, and seeing her leave makes it quite real for me. BUT- the Lrod has a plan, and all good things can't last forever. The Lord's got somethign else waiting for us.  But we are really hoping to get our family (Ruth's family) on ncourse to being baptized! They have come to church 2 weeks in a row AND they invited us to our Halloween Party- so we are making progress. Ruth wants to be baptized but wants her 2 oldest kids to be baptized with her when she does it ( they are both 16 and are in the rebellious stage of life) - So we are trying to work with her on that as w ell as trying to work woth her kids.  so- hopefully the spirit can touch their hearts and they'll have that desire.

I was so excited for Daylight savings time because we got an extra hour of sleep!! And it was blissfull, just what I needed. But man- it made church  SUPER LAte. We already have a late schedule: 2:20- 5:30 and so when we got our it was already pitch black and felt liek  8pm.  but it's okay, we just need to adjust to it:)

Our mission has been picked to start out a new training program with Family History- so this week we've had to fill out this little booklet on our family members and tell what we remember about them and it's basically a pedigree chart, just more personal. It's been SO fun! I have had this goal to get into Family History when I get home- it's so fun tjust to feel that connection with them and I Lvoe it. So Gma Whick- be start preparing for your next student ookay? Cause I really don't know hardly anythign about it!  CAn't wait for that. It really just brings a joy into life and makes you appreciate the past and really apppreciate heavenly Father's plan for each of us. Sometimes my mind is BLOWN by how much planning Heavenly Father had to do to make everything just ritgh for us to be here where we are. And then I start to think about the planning that it must have taken to create the world and my brain just hurts. I just love HIM.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity He's given us to learn here, beacuse it truly is a learnign expereince.

Mom - who was it that always had the expression "Rainshine"? BEcause that has been happening here a lot and it just brings a smile to my face everytime becauseI feel like someone is watchign over me:)  Was it GMa Tims?

Well I was bummed to hear that Katie's infection is back!  Poor girl. I was actually tryign to figure out what to fast for yesterday and she popped into my mind- so I joined in that fast as well without even realizing it.  I pray that this can all get worked out!! Life sure is hard isn't it? and since when do we have kittens?? That was a surprise to me. 

And can someone please resend me the  instructions for KAtie's Christmas Project thing? I really and truly can't find them in any of my emails. Thanks!

Well I lvoe you all. I love this work. This truly is the most fulfilling time of my life that I have expereinced.  I love it with all of my heart and I love the peopl so much! It is so humbling to be here. humbling to be a servant of the Lord. At the baptism we had we  taught a lesson inbetween the "changing' time and one of the members came up to me afterwards and said that we were angels sent to this branch to help it grow.  There is no other feeling quite like it in the world to know that you were able to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.  I am grateful for the strngth that He gives me day by day!

I hope you all have a wonderful and successfull week! Love you all so !

-Hermana Whicker