Sunday, September 1, 2013

5 August, Week 5, Transfer 9


It's been a good week here in good old Vista.  Good week- new investigators. We seem to have a knack for finding people to teach, so we picked up a ton this week---they all seem super excited at first, but then they just pitter out and we can't ever fins them again!  Sometimes it's frustrating...well really that is always frustrating, but we deal:)

Our ward had a ward talent show this weekend in which they asked the missionaries to be the opening act. Hna Lythgoe and I came up with this SWEET Idea to "Dance" but we can't really dance as missionaries so imagine this:
-One missionariy from each companionship on front of a white sheet with their arms behind their back- their companions behind the sheet, with their arms through holes in the sheet acting as the arms of the missionary in front.  Then the missionaries in the front lipsyncing to the most upbeat hymn we could find.  So great. I'll have to send a picture next week b/c I forgot my camera cord this week. 
Oh we thought it would be so hilarious!  And that they'd get a kick out of it watching us lipsync and have the opther arms dance for us....but it was just crickets the whole time....oh it was so funny.  Not even hardly a smile! We decided it was a cultural thing, b/c we watched the video...and it was pretty funny:) 

Anywho- so that was embarassing, but oh well:)  Not too much to report on, I feel like I just barely wrote you all:)  We did have a GREAT fast and testimony mtg yesterday, oh so great!  Hna Lythgoe and I got to share ourtestimonies and the Spirit just witnessed to me again as I was doing that that this is the truth.  Love that. A testimony really is found in the bearing of it! That is definitely something I have learned on the mission! 

Well, KAtie! You;re in my prayers today! I hope all is going well with your surgery that is happening in a little bit!  i bet you are just ecstatic about getting your ears:) Can't wait to see some pics:) 

CAm- hope all is going well in the new house and that you are accostuming (sp? Idk, but i DO know that it is 'acostumbrando' in spanish) well to the new area/ward./climate/ and job!  So fun and exciting!

Al- you too! Why does Perris have to leave for 16 days after you just got there? Job training I assume or somethign like that.  WEll good luck unpacking and getting everyythign going!

Time's up ! Love you all!

Have a great week!

Love, Hna Whicker

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