Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MIRACLES, 26 Feb 2013, Week 5, Transfer 5

What a week. Seriously. This has been the CRAZIEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!!! 

it has been full of shock, heartbreak, uneasiness, and miracles. Ready to hear about it? Ok here goes. 

Tuesday: Got the training call from President Cook (See attached picture of my immediate reaction). Wow. Surprise and a wave of unworthiness, un preparedness, and nervousness washed over me. so yeah.  

Wednesday: Had a MIRACLE lesson with Iris. Seriously. We brought cupcakes and read the stroy of Nefi being guided by the Spirit and not knowing BEFOREHAND what he was going to have to do to get the plates, but he STILL WENT!  Then we related that to the cupcakes. WE asked her to take a bite-  Just ONE and tell us if it was good or if it was bad (of course it was delicious becuase we made them:) .  But she wasn't allowed to take another bite.  She said it was delicious. And we said, "well how do you know? You didn't even eat the whole thing?  How can you know that it is soo good if you dont' eat it all?" She was just like- "because it IS good, I already know."  Exactly. Letting her come to her own conclusion we said, "Now Iris, what does that mean for you- applying to the Gospel?"  And then she went on to say that she just needs to take the step and be baptized. BOOM> Exactly. Then she FINALLY opened up about what was holding her back.  The answer Adan (her 22 year old son). He is a punk and doesn't want them to get baptized. She can do it, but she doesn't want to do it without the support of her son. But we talked and the Spirit was SO strong and we commited her to talk to him and if he reacted well then she said she would be baptized THIS WEEKEND.  Miracle. We were super pumped and on a spiritual high as we left. It was so great and IRis was so happy:) Love that. We told her we would give her a day to talk to him and follow up with her on Friday.

Thursday:  Missionary work and feeling anxiety about training. 

Friday: Had to go down to Vista for a "Trainers training meeting" all morning until 3pm. We got back and went straight to Iris. The whole fam was there, including adan,  and as soon as we brought it up there was just tension in the air, and I knew she was going to say no.  But after MUCH BOLDNESS and discussion we left. My heart was broken beacuse I knew she was so close and the only reason she wasn't doing it was because of her son. hate that.  And as she hugged be goodbye and kissed my cheek I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears were shed and Andrea walked us out to the car. It is amazing how very close you become to these people. You truly see them through the eyes of our Heavenly Father and you feel what He feels when they reject what they need to accept. that is what I was feeling and I just couldn't keep it in any longer. Unfortunately we had a dinner appointment right after...which means I had to go all puffy eyed and red faced and have pleasant convresation with a member when my mind was completely elsewhere. Oh well. It was fine.  The rest of the night was not a pleasant one...just a heavy cloud hanging over us. ......UNTIL......

We get home. We plan. We get in bed...and we get a text. Andrea. SHe tells us to call her. We call. She tells us she got permission to be baptized. I didn't believe her. she passed the phone to Iris her mom and her mom assured us that it was true. Wow. More TEARS OF JOY AND ELATION!!!  Wow. SErious emotional roller coaster this week. Seriously. They all talked when I left and andrea begged adan for permission and he finally said that if Iris says yes, then she can do it. And Iris said yes. Iris also said that she told adan that she was going to be baptized, and his face just fell. She said she would have been baptized that weekend with Andrea, but she wants to have the support of her son. MIRACLES- MIRACLES MIRACLES!!!!!!!!

Saturday: ANdrea had her baptismal interview. Pretty much we were on the phone ALL day with building coordinators other ward members and everyone trying to plan a baptism for Sunday.  It was a miracle everything worked out as it did.--Let's just say Satan tried EVERYTHING to try and make this baptism not happen.  

Adan- the brother- basically wouldn't (and still won't talk to andrea since she made the choice to be baptized and that REally affected Andrea. She is such a strong girl though and more Miracles happened that night to assure that she would get baptized and not back out because of her brother.  

Sunday: BAptism day!   Andrea said she felt like she was dreaming the whole time. After church ends we fill turn on the font water and come back to check on it 30 minutes later. WE loko in and it is BROWN!!! Horrified we quickly drained it and started over (luckily it came out clear this time) but  the next 2 hours were spent boiling about 10 pots of water repeatedly to try and warm up the water (because all the hot water had been used up with the brown water).  Yup it was adventurous.  We were in the chapel for almst 10 hours straight (from morning mtgs to church to setting up fro baptism, and to the actual baptism. 

The Baptism. Was beautiful!  The whole CHAPEL was FULL of supporters. The whole ward has been waiting for this day for 4 months! It was pure beauty.  Her mom was late (becuase their ride came to pick the up...and brought a cheesecake to celebrate and it got SAT on as they were on jumping in the car) Seriously, Satan tried EVERYTHING to make this baptism not happen, and then when it did happen he tried Everything to make her mom not get there!/  Anywho. Iris got late, but the spirit was SO SOO Strong, and EVERYONE was crying!  She got baptized and it was just so gtreat. I have never been so happy in my life. then Iris said the closing prayer. The most beautiful prayer i have ever heard. She could barely get through it she was crying so  hard.  It was so great. Miracles do happen and this truly is the work of the Lord. Iris said she was going to be the next one... and you betcha she will be! I just wish I could be there for hers too:( But it doesn't matter, she just needs to do it:) And Jose will get baptized when she does. 

Monday: Saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever. I love the people here so much and it hurts my heart that I won't be able to see them until next year at the earliest. Worst part of the day= Andrea and Jose walking me out to the car and clingin to me and balling their eyes out. It broke my heart to finally pry them off of me (we were standing there for about 30minutes) and get in the car. How how I love them with all of my heart. !! If there was one family I needed to meet while on my mission it was Them. They have changed my life forever! Love them so!!

Today: Packing like crazy. I have accumulated a lot of stuff. We have to leave at 2 today to get to the meeting by 4.  Still don't know where I am going- won't find out until the meeting.  The next part of the adventure begins now!! It's exciting and scary and sad to leave all at the same time, but I know I will be where the Lord needs me. I've done my part here and am needed somewhere else. So here goes!

Mom- Yes I replaced those shoes no worries.  like between 4 and 6 pairs of socklets would be perfect. And you wouldn't happen to be making a temple bag for me at this class now would you? ;)  

JAmi- your tub experience was absolutely hilarious:) Thanks for sharing!  

Dang- I'm out of time. I love you all and thanks for your support and letters!  I'll let you know what's happening and who I'm with and where I'm at next week!  Love you all so!   Attached are some good pics:)

-Hna Whicker

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

There Is Beauty All Around, Week 4, transfer 5, 19 Feb

FAm Bamily!!

Truly...there really IS beauty all around- even when it is cold and rainy and cloudy outside like it is here today:)  We just got back from doing a session at the Newport Beach Temple and it was just lovely (hence the late email). I LOVE the TEMPLE!!  And it was a double whammy this week because I got to go to San Diego on Saturday for the Sealing if the Cuellar family.  It was pure beauty! Joyful joyful day!  I love them sOO much and I'm so glad I got to go and support them and see them in all their white beauty.  I took lots of pictures, but I forgot my camera cord to send them because we had to leave super early for the temple this morning.  but overall it was just so great- I was in heaven:)  

Things here are good. Pretty sure this is my last week in Missin Viejo. SAd thought. We find out on SAturday who gets transferred.  We have 2 new hermanas coming in this time so there is a slight possibility that I might train, but not very likely at the moment.  My guess is that I'llgo to Temecula or Vista and get set up to train for the next ransfer when we have 3 new hermanas coming in.  But I really have no idea. We will just wait and see.  

Dogs.  Everyone knows that I am not a dog person in the first place. Really at all.  That has amplified like times 50 since the mission. Proved fact from experience- DOGS DON"T LIKE MISSIONARIES!  Experience number 1: Hna Kohrman and I in Oceanside.  Trying to find the house of a referal we just received, we start to open the gate and immidiately shut it after a dog starts barking crazily.  WE wait a few minutes and it finally calms down. Then hermana Kohrman, the little stink, turns to me and says "Don't worry, I think it's friendly.  WAnna go first?" Hahaha it was really funny, but no I did not go first:)  #2- walking up to a house and thinking that the dog is tied to the tree (b//c there was a rope around it so we just assumed that) and as we stepped into the driveway the dog gets up and starts his attack.  Needless to say we immediately SPRINT  back the way we came. Thinking the dog would stop and not persue us....but NO! It chased us all the way down to the street and back to our car. I hate dogs. But I am happy that we are still alive:)  WEll there are many other experiences, but that's all I have time to write about now. 

CONGRATS TO TAMRAAAAAA!!! WHat happy news it was to hear that your cancer is in remission! Oh Happy daY!  (Anyone know that song from Sister ACt, where the little black boy starts singing that song? "Oh happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away"  It's a really great song and i often break into that song as we are walking in the streets when I am really happy:) All of my companions have laughed at me...but I don't mind:)   But really- that is such great news and I am so happy for you!!!

KAte- If I could whistle over email I would be doing so right now! You were lookin mighty fine for Prom:)  So glad you got to go and have fun!  I never went to Prom, but I'm really okay with that because I don't really like dancing very much:) But I want to hear how your experience was!! Write me my dear:)

Birthday! There is really only one thing that I need for my birthday and that is little socklets (TAN color please) Mine are completely worn through.  Mother- I love you, but please don't go overboard on this:)  I don't need 10 pairs- like the tights. Like 5 or so. That's it:) Hey guess what? My birthday falls on Easter this year! I don't remember that happening before....at least since the day i was born:)  But that's fun:) I am getting excited for GEneral Conference tooo!  It's gonna be GREAT!  Love that.  

Mom- Got your package:) thanks so much!!!! Hna Adams says thanks too!
CAm- hope you can enjoy your "Ice day" with the kids at home!  love you lots and can't wait to hear from you next week!
JAme- Sorry to hear that you are sick too:(  But glad that addie and Ella are enjoying their new dresses from grandma. I got your letter this week too, thanks!  I will try to write the girls back today if we have time! 

Man- time is up.  Gots to go. Love you all!  Hope you have a maravilloso week!

Mucho amor- Hermana Whicker!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Faith is Like a Little Seed...11 Feb, Week 3, Transfer 5

Buenos Dias mi familia!

Primero, Mother- to answer your question I am writing today because tomorrow is a holiday and all the libraries will be closed.  So president gave us permission to write today and still have pday tomorrow- but it will just be an hour shorter because we took our hour to write home today.  I wish the reason was that we got to go to the temple...but that always happens on Tuesdays and we just lose part of our pday to do that. But that;s okay, because I got permission to go to the SAn Diego temple this Saturday for the Cuellar's sealing!!  I am SO excited:) Everything worked out so perfectly and we even found a ride!  (Which is a miracle- because almost EVERYONE in the ward doesn't have papers, and there is a Checkpoint between here and VIsta, so it makes finding a ride to transfer meetings REALLY difficult.) But it worked out beautifully and I am really excited to go:)

KATIE--I heard the big news:) COngrats on your prom invitation:) HOw exciting!!!  Hope you found a cute dress to borrow from the Copes!  That is so fun that it is this saturday

FAmily- just be prepared when I get home to experience some delicious mexican food and traditions.  Seriously. I love Mexicans. I love mexican food. Love it. Amen. I will be cooking you posolee the first meal I return home and we will have arroz con leche (Avena) for dessert.  It is delicious. I already am collecting recipies from the members:)  SO- justp lan on it:)  OKay? K.  

Tara- I hope you have good luck with Sammy planting french fries in your garden:)  We have been having some planting experiences out here too!  WE have been focusing a lot on Faith in our lessons. ANd in Alma 32 it talks about faith being like a seed.  If you plant it and nourish it, it will grow.  So- we have been planting a "seed of faith" with investigators/ members/ less actives and picking one thing that they struggle with (like scripture reading/ family plrayer/ personal prayer. etc) and the thign is they can on;y water the plant IF they do that one thing. So you HAVE to do it or your plant will DIE> It is just like our faith- it needs constant nourishment or it will start to wither and wilt. So that has been fun aand it is really helpful becuase it is not only a visual reminder of doing that thing- but it is a living thing---so you can't hide the fact that it's dying if you dont do it---accountability.  Love it. 

WE had a sweet experience with an investigator this weeek - her name is Karina and she is super great. She has a baptismal date set for march:) we are so excited for her!  IRis---well is still Iris. She is progressing and  reading the scriptures. the miracle is that not only is she reading but she is UNDERSTANDING! it is great!  But there is still something that is holdiong her back becuase she still says she wants more 'time'. Ridiculous. and I honestly don't know what else to do for her. SHe just has to DO it and make the CHOICE and Be BAPTIZED.   it is so silly. People are so silly. 

This transfer is quickly coming to a close. Wow- craziness.  Pretty sure I will be transferred. Also pretty sure I will GReenie break wherever i go. (be companions with a missionary that JUST finished getting trained.)  Things here are going well- just working our tails off. It is hard, but it is great:) I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord!  I am being blessed in more ways than I can express. I love this work. I love the Lord. I know this is the truth!!!  

Love you all lots!  Talk to you next Tuesday:)

Mucho amor-  Hna Whicker

Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Feb "8 Months Tomorrow", Week 2, Transfer 5

Bueno FAmilia!

I am feeling extremely tired today and am especially grateful it is p-day:)  We just got back from a lesson this morning teaching a  man named Eric.  It was a sweet lesson and the Spirit was strong!  Love that.

This has been a good week. I really don't have much to say to be honest...lots of lessons, although it seems like we aren't able to commit anyone to a baptismal date, or they can't keep their date because they won't come to church. But here we are still working of course:)  Life is good.   Today is kid of a gloomy day outside, rain and darkness, but I am very happy it is a new month because it means we get money on our cards to buy food!  It normally is fine and I have more than enough, but the months when we have 5 tuesdays in one month- those are more difficult to make it stretch.  I am looking forward to buying lots of fresh fruit and veggies, because we don't really get any of that from the members... just lots of carbs:)

February 2nd passed on Saturday--- which if you remember is the day that you have to make tamales if you found the doll in the Rosca bread. Well- Han Adams and I are now professional tamal makers!  We took them over to the house that we ate the bread at and they were literally shocked that we had really made tamales:) It was quite hilrious!  I might have been more than a little prideful becuase they ate ALL of them...they thought they wer dang good. hmmm. That's right. Soy Mexicana. So when I come home next Christmas and all the fam is together, I'll make everyone Tamales okay? Okay:) Donski

Juan and the Cuellar family (from oceanside) are going to go through the San Diego Temple next weekend to be sealed as a family! I am PRAYING that president will give me permission to go!  I so want to be there to support them and see them as they take that step as a family! I hope president says yes!  

Found out this week that Hna Kohrman( my trainer) is already engaged!  To a boy she had dated before.  But still that was shocking and fun news:) Happy for her:)

WE were supposed to get to go to the Newport BEach temple today to do a session, but whoever scheduled it must have been new because the temple is closed through saturday. So that was a let down, but we are hoping that it will get rescheduled for NEXT tuesday.  Becuase I really want to go:) And we don't get to go very often, and i LOVE THE TEMPLE!!  So great. PEace, love, joy, and the Spirit abound there. How blessed we are to have sacred buildings like the temples surrounding us and that we have the privilege to enter!  So great. 

Well that is really all that I have to say today. I love you all more than you know!  Tomorrow marks my 8 month mark on the mission!!! Pure craziness. Only 2 1/2 weeks left in the transfer (this is a weird transfer of only 5 weeks instead of the normal 6- due to   all the missions in the world trying to get on the same transfer schedule) So I'm pretty sure I will get transferred...sad news. But I'm ready for it:) 

Love you all and hope you have a GREAT week!


Hna Whick

Btw- Tara, I most definitely had Mrs Schick as my 6th math teacher as well:) and Brinly- I'm so glad you remember how to make that noise with your mouth:) Way to represent Gpa Stones!  he did that ALL the time and was the one that taught me:)

29 Jan Miracles, Week 1, Transfer 5

Man- LAst transfer we had the HARDEST time finding anyone to teach. Rejection after rejection, and this after that. It was hard. But we are seeing miracles here. Last week we had 3 new investigators, the week before we had 4 new, and this week we already have 3 AND IT's ONLY TUESDAY MORNING!!!  Miracles. It is lovely to teach so much. Love love love it.  NOw we just need to get all of our investigators progressing...well actually many of them are reading and praying- the REAL mountain is getting them to church.  IT is SOO difficult. Everyone works on Sundays.  And they have zero money, so it is so hard to help them see that the Lord WILL provide for them, IF they act in faith.  We have many lessons on faith and sacrifice and using 3 N 13: 31-34.  They just work so hard and get paid hardly anything, and they do it all to provide for their families. A family of 5 lives in  one bedroom that is stuffed to the brim and falling apart... And they pay a million dollars for it. MAn- we are so blessed. I am so blessed. I have never had to worry about money like that. There is so much to be grateful for in this life and I take all too much for granted. 

So- as a missionary we almost always leave a sticky note on the door when go to an appointment but no one is there. IT just says "WE stopped by for our cita, but you weren't there:( Hope all is well and please call us to set up another time we can stop by.  Have a great day~!" and then we leave our phone number for them to call us at.  In my 8 months as a missionary, I have left COUNTLESS stickynotes like that on doors, and only twice has anyone actually called us back.  The first was Christian- the man that got baptized in Oceanside! and the other was this week- a man named Eloy. WE had a sweet lessson with him on the REsotration but when we went back for our Return appt he wasn't there.  I was SOOOO excited that he texted us back because that just never happens!  We were super excited to set up a return appointment....until he called and asked me if I had a personal phone that he could call to talk to me on.  Because he thought I was really nice and wanted to get to know me and take me out.  in my head i am screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  That stinketh.  We quickly explained to him that as missionaries we don't date and how that just wouldn't work. And then we proceeded to invite him to a baptism that was happening that evening.  Needless to say he didn't respond to us after the baptismal invite. Dang.  Hate it when that happens. The elders will most definitely be teaching him from now on.  

This week Hna Adams and I have started a "40 day fast" to  purify ourselves and be more receptive to the spirit. IT all came from a talk that one of the other missionaries gave us. It is sweet. It is dang hard. We pick things that "poke at our spirit" or distract us from focusing on the will of the Lord. and we fast from them for 40 days. The things we fast from aren't necessarily Bad or evil things, just things that distract our mind from the work ( like thinking about family or friends at home).  It all stems from the fact that the Lord expects us to Sacrifice! So we each fasted on Sunday about what things we need to put on our list.  Then we started yesterday.  One of mine was to run for the FULL 30 minutes in the morning and not walk at all and be out the door EXACTLY on time, because sometimes I'm just groggy in the morning and I lag an extra 5 minutes or so. So we were running yesterday morning and 10 minutes in to the run I had this overwhelming need to go to the bathroom!  I start reasoning with myself that it's fine to go home and go to the bathroom. But that morning in my prayer I had promised Heavenly Father that I would do it- run the full amount with out stopping no matter what happened. I went to the bathroom and everything before we left- but all of a sudden I just had to go. I rationalize to myself that it'll be fine to go back to the apt and go...but then I just thought to myself..."Lynds- SATAN wants you to go to the bathroom!!! So you will break your promise to HF!"  Hmmmmmmmm. This sounds really silly I know, but as soon as that popped into my head I just started running faster and I just didn't need to go to the bathroom anymore. Super tolky I know, but Satan knew that I had just made that promise to run the full 30 minutes and He KNEW...I almost gave in. It's the little victories like thatthat I LOVE. Beacuse most of the time we are going to face a million little things everyday that SAtan throws in our faces, rather that a huge mountian.  WE just gootta  be strong and shove it right back in his face:)  Love that. We've got the POWER!  So great. Oh man.... I really need to go to the bathroom again now...:)

WEll time is almost up.  JAmi- I laughed REALLY hard when you made the girls practice being reverentwhile watching Specail Witnesses of Christ after you had to leave Church early because of disobendience:)  Bet they loved that!  And theoretically, if I were to recieve one of those jackets I would prefer REd. ButI would theoretically accept any color.  

Mom- yes I got your package, thanks for the Contacts!  Tell gma Stones I say hello and that I love her while you're still there!

Gma WHick, no I haven't gotten your letter yet, but we get mail again on Friday, so it should be in that round.  

This Saturday is the 2nd of  Feb....which means it is the day we have to make tamales (becuase we found the baby jesus doll in our rosca bread) so that will be a fun adventure!!

Cam, Tara, Al, and Dad- thatnks for your emails this week:) Sorry I don't have time to respond to each of them, cuz the clock is ticking!  But I love you  all!1

Hope you all have a maravilloso dia :) NOs vemos el proximo martes!  Mucho Amor:)  

_Hna Whicker

Holy Heat! Week 6, Transfer 4, 22 Jan

HEat!!!!  Wow.  It is January 21st and it was already 75 degrees when we came to the library today.  Craziness. My hair is gonna be SUPER blonde after a summer that begins in January!  

No transfers for me:) Both Hna Adams and I are staying here in Mission Viejo. BUT they are taking one set of elders out of our district and putting Hermanas here!! So that is exciting:) I love hermanas:)  We will find out who comes up here after our english class tonight. 

Things here are good. My comp and I are recovering from a little cold- EVERYONE here is sick...ridiculous. Seriously. 

Iris had her baby!!! Little Brian GIovanni- he is a little cute bug:)  And it was so sweet- the Relief society president in the ward wanted to throw her a surprise baby shower, but she went into labor the day before. So instead she came over to the house while everyone was at the hospital to drop of some gifts for her. Remember- Iris and her now 4 children, live in ONE bedroom  (that they rent from a very small apartment). Their room consists of a closet and crib and a tv.  No bed. No privacy. No room to breathe hardly. So when the RS pres dropped off the stuff and saw all the stuff that she was going to come home from the hospital  to sleep on the floor again, she went right out and got a bed for them. I have no idea where or how she got it, but she did. and she has been dropping things off all week for Iris and the family.  It has been such a cool experience to see!  I hope it softens Iris' heart to let her kids be baptized. 

Andrea came with us to another baptism this week. Poor girl. She balled her eyes out almost the entire time because she wants to be baptized SOOOO BAD!  IT was heart wrenching. She is loosing all hope that her mom willl ever say yes.  It really just breaks my heart. Sometimes i just want to walk up to Iris and slap her in the face and say "Don't you get it? just say yes!!" And we have done that....not the slapping part, but the bold part about baptism. And she just wants to wait....no matter how strong the spirit is there- she pulls away and says no. It is INFURIATING!!!!  WE keep praying and fasting for a miracle. we have a GREAT relationship with her and her family. And we talk about baptism often, because that's our job as missionaries. But we can't force her to say yes. And we can't drop the ninos, becuase they WANT to be baptized. Dilema. yup. but a miracle will happen. i just KNOW it!!

Julio- we just picked up this new investigator- he's crazy, but he definitely felt the spirit. Everytime we share the vision of Joseph smith, the spirit is just SO strong! there is such power in that story, becuase it is so miraculous and TRUE!  I love it. I love the Restored Gospel:)  he wanted to see us tomorrow too, so that is just great. Tomorrow we will be there:)

Guadelupe...pretty much dropped off the face of the earth after our first lesson. No one answers when we go over and she won't return our phone calls. I think we've been to her house everyday this week at different times and no one answers...EVEN if someone is home. Oh well- it truly is sad though, she is missing out on something that could give her more happinness than any other thing in the world!  Her loss. Sometimes I understand Satan's desire to take away people's agency...cause I just want them to make the right choice!! but that was never God's plan. 

Lisbeth- is pretty much Golden.  She read the whole Chapter that we left with her in 3Nefi 11 and understood all of it.  She said that when she read it, it just felt familiar to her.  So soooosooo sweet. I love it.  She wouldn't commit to a baptismal date just yet, but when we asked her if she knew that thesse things were true, would she be baptized...and she said yes without hesitation. Then we asked her how she thought she could know if these things were true, and she said. "WEll- reading the book of mormon and praying about it". Heck yes! The only thing that is going to be an issue is church.  She always goes and does laundry on Sunday and runs errands. We have tried to get her to church these past 2 sundays but she always says she can't. We are going to fix that this week and get her to come to church!  WE are excited about her too. 

We also found Karina this last week. In short- we are finally picking up Lots of investigators and it is lovely to be teaching so much again. It is so satisfying to teach, love it. 

Other than that we are just working:) work work work. There's nothing much more to report here...sorry not the most exciting email.

Momma/Daddio- Thanks for mailing me the contacts:) Haven't gotten them yet, but hopefully I'll get them by next week. 

Katie- lookin snazzy for Preference! (although that dress was very cute it loooked a wee bit short...! Careful there girly:)   Sorry to hear that you had to go to the ER yesterday.  No fun at all.  That is exciting about you room though that you are getting it all reorganized and everything:) It sounds super cute!

Cami- yes it is a Church wide mission rule that missionaries must exercise 6:30 -7:00am every morning. It is just a CArlsbad mission rule that we have to run during that time:)   And what's this I hear about you moving?  Are you leaving Alpena or just moving houses?  Do tell:) I am so sorry that it is so cold there! Wish I could sent some of the warm weather we are having up ypur way!

Ali- you never told me, did the package I sent you for Christmas ever get there??  IT"S A BOOOOYYYY:) Knew it:)  Congrats!!!!!!!

Tara- Glad you had a fun day off yesterday and enjoy time with the kiddos:)  That is a sweet story about them saving that baby! Wow- soo cool!

Jame- bummer to not hear from you this week, but I hope all is well there! Mucho amor a su familia!

Sorry all, I haven't been very good at taking pictures this transfer...I will work on that this week and try to send some next week with my email:)

WEll-- Love you all! WE've gotta run...always:)  But I love you all!! This work is marvelous and miracles are happening everyday!  have an awesome week my dearests!

-Hermana Whicker