Sunday, September 1, 2013

"Me pide y nos casamos" (12 Aug, Week 6, Transfer 9) a phrase in spanish meaning- tell me what to do and I'll do it! nad it's just fun to say. Quite literally it means, "Ask me, and let's get married!'Haha so funny. But we've heard that a lot this week  so I thought it'd be a fitting title for the emailtoday:)

It has been a wonderful week this week!

Congrats to Katie on gettign her new ears!! That is so exciting:) I am so happy for her:) you could just see the joy emminating from her face! Oh happy day:)  Thanks for sending all those pics Dad do I could be a part of it too!  You be looking real fine my dear Kate!!

We picked up some sweet new investigators Miguel and Anali and they have 3 kids! Oh in my heart i just feel that they will be baptized!   They are so great! 
We also set 2 new baptismal dates this week- with 2 girls, Mara and Sara. They are sisters and their grandparents are active members- their mom inactive and dad=nonmember. We had a lesson on Baptisma and they were sooo excited! THe only bummer is that their dad isn't really on board- so we are going to have a lesson with teheir parents this week (and fast in preparation!) to try and see if he will soften his heart! We are praying that he will!!

We also had transfer calls last night and............................................................I am staying her ein Vista....................WITH Hna Lythgoe! We are excited! This is the longest I have ever been with one comapinion! We'll see how it goes:)   Hna Lythgoe and I were so happy to find out that we are staying together:) We have great feelings about this transfer and we are determined to see a baptism! As we were studying in companionship study today we read a verse in John about when Christ was teachign the woman at the well and the people from the town of Samaria come out to see Christ, and Christ just says to His apostles, They say the harvest is 4 months away, but look: "The field is white all ready to harvest" ! Oh I loved that! We aren't just planting seeds (even though sometimes that feels like all we are doing), but there are people here that are waiting to 'be harvested' and find the living waters that He spoke of! Love it. .
We also found out that we are gettign our car taken away again because there are so many new missionaries coming in! I think they just take it from us b/c we are the closest to the mission office and it's just easier. So we'll be takin it on foot for the next month or so before we get another car:) 
I will be writing letters today to the fam...but I am lacking some new addresses: namely Ali's new address and CAmi's! Can you send that to me asap? Gracias:)

CAm- congrats on the new house! so exciting! I would have loved to have seen a picture of Brin dressed like that! Glad Shane is adjusting well  and that is great that he'll get off early on Fridays!!! so since you bought a house, does that mean that you are planning on staying in Texas for a while?  When do the kids start school down there?

DAd- Good luck with school starting this week! It seems like you are always running and running and you'd it'd change- but that is just life in itself eh? I feel like that everyday too- so at least take comfort in the fact that you are not alone! 

Mom- Glad you get to be home for a week:) How is Gma doing? Any better or any worse?

Tara- Tell ty that those are some SWEET instruments of his! He'll have to teach us how to play some of them at Christmas time:)  Is he excited for Middle school? I remember my first day of middle school- my home room was Mrs Folly, and my other teachers were Mr Spencer, and Mrs Schick. I sat next to a kid named Luis who had a red mohawk the was about 6 inches high. And the other girl on my other side was shannon...and she threw up all over her desk within the first hour. It was disgusting. But she was just a little nervous:) Eh. Glad you had a fun anniversary with your hubby:) Congrats to you two!!

Jami- That's so great that you did so well at the "Salem Days' event thingy!  Nice:)  I hope Addie got her cast all the way off today:) When does school start for her? Is she ready for 1st grade? 

Ali-  That is horrible news about your car:( Poor thing!  Will insurance cover it all or what? THat's good that you get to go be with Per for a week rather than in your new house all alone...!   A 7 hour car ride alone with 2 children...oh dear. I 'm glad you survived:)

Well That's all I have for today!  Life is good.  The gospel is true- and I love it.  And I love you all. That is all!!
Until next week!!!

-Hna Whicker!

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