Monday, September 9, 2013

Prayer (3 Sept, Week 3, Transfer 10)

Is the theme of this week. So many good and interesting experiences.

Best Quote ever from James E Talmage, "Prayer is not compounded of words. Prayer is made up of heart throbs and righteous yearning of the soul."   Love that. 

Mom always seems to tell me in her email that she is not only praying for us to find those people that are prepared, but for those people to be able to find us as well. I took that to heart this week and prayed for that specifically one morning in my prayer.  Our dinner cancelled on us that night- so we naturally went out to eat at Ranchero's. (It's a Mexican restaurant that gives us free food every once in a while b/c the owner's daughter was just baptized and he loves the missionaries!)  so we went and got our free food, and the whole time we were eating this man sitting with his family kept looking accross the rom at us. Not thinking anything of it, we eat and carry on our converstation and leave.  As we pull out of the parking lot we see this family getting in their car and hna asks me if I saw him looking at us. I said yes, and we immediately stop the car and roll down our window and yell "Bueno! Como estan hoy?" (it wasn't intended to be creepish, but I'm sure it was odd to them as the situation is a bit unusaul). We start chatting withthem and they are SUPER great! They just moved into our area and are so nice and humble! We are excited to go back for our return appointment this week!  That was #1 incident.  #2. We are walking down the street going to visit a potencial when we get a call form the hnas. MIRACLE. so casually they tell us, "Hey we have a man that wants to be baptized. Can you come to the chruch right now and teach him?" Um , YES!!! We will be RIGHT there!! Haha it was so great:)His name is Faustino and he's a rockstar!  He wants to change his life and be baptized:)  Love it so much!  We met him on Sunday night and we saw him yesterday morning too!  So he's got a date set and all- the only thing that could impede him from that is being able to come to church on Sunday.  We are having an FHE with him on saturday with soem ward members- so that should be great:) His familiy is separated and he has a tender heart. He was an alcoholic and a drug addict, but he's been clean and sober for 2 years now and he's just looking for a fresh start with God in his life. Love it!  Prayer answered!!

We also had a nother experience yesterday that was interesting. This woman had stopped us on the street the other day and asked us if we were mormon. NAturally we said yes, and ignited a conversation. So, thinking that this was an answer to our prayers of having the elect and prepared people find us we set up an apt and we went back yesterday. We ahave the lesson in the church- and all of a sudden she just goes OFF- talking about every worldly thing imagineable,a nd in a very uncomfortable way.  Oh I've never felt SO uncomfortable in my LIFE! All I could think was- we are sitting in the Relief Society room where the spirit should normally be and this type of language is coming out of her mouth. It wasn't anything rude to us, but very profaine and all I am thinking is how can we get her to Stop talking!  AFter many forceful attempts at cutting her off  and failing, we finally get control of the lesson and bring it all back nicely to prayer and how she can talk with her Heavenly Father.  Oh it was so crazy and such an odd feeling.  Hna L and I talked about it afterward and she did NOT want to go back and talk with her ever again. Although I was uncomfortable, she accepted the inviatation to pray right there in the lesson- and she said was seemed like a heartfelt prayer.   So I was thinking, all right- this woman is crazy, but she has a desire to learn. So we dicussed it asa companionship and [rayed about it. and it was actually a really cool expereicnce.  The answer that BOTh of us got was that we should NOT go and visit her and that she is not prepared to recieve the Gospel right now. It was a revelatory experience and the Lord was most defintiely looking out for us! 

Found out this week that one of my converts in Escondido- Mauricio, asked the missionaries not to come back and visit him.  Oh my heart broke!! It was so sad! He has ZERO support from his family and everyone at work was mercilessly mocking him. Por 18 yearold just feels alone and needs support, but has decided that it's too hard. Oh it hurt to hear that.  He was SO happy  when he was baptized...his life had just changed.  But Satan is good at gettign people to believe that things that are too hard aren't worth it.  So keep him in your prayers.  Hopefully he'll come around soon and realize what he's missing. 

One of the 8 year olds in our ward got baptized this last weekend and Juanita and her 2 daughters came to the baptism!! MIRACLE . THey felt the spirit so strongly- and we are going to invite them to ba baptized again tonight when we see them!  Can't wait. 

Mom- Sorry the libraries were closed yesterday- so our pday got moved to today:)  Um... as far as the computer goes, I guess I would prefer one with an internal cd drive, but if that's not available, then it's whateves.  No, it really doesn't rain much here. Actually it rained in Mission Viejo- so probs only in like Nov and such is when we get rain. but for when it does rain, my rain coat works just great:) 

Al- that is so great that you saw Hna MAdsen :) I most definitely remember her:)  Haha tell her I said Hi!   So fun! So then I take it she's in you stake then? Sweet. Congrats on the call for as Ward Missionaries!   Saw that one comin:)  Pretty sweet statistics about your mission numbers!  love that. We don't count the number of doors that we knock- just the number of contacts (it doesn't count for us as a contact if we knock the door) so that'll be interesting to compare someday:)

Jame- I missed something. You had stitches in your foot? Ouch. I must ahve missed that email!  That is great news though that you get to do Salem days. Sounds like you've been seeing a lot of success from your little business there- Nice:)  That was the cutest little "To Do" list from Addie. she has such a sweet and tender heart!

Cam and TAr- glad that your kids got to sleep over together. how fun:) I always remeber how fun it was to sleep over with Kendall when We'd all go up to visit gma Stones.  Our night normally consisted of playing uno forever and listening to H arry Potter cds in the background. yup, we were rebels:)

Kate- That is a sweet new calling t ha you got! Special needs mutual.. Love it. and You will be great at it too!  Hope you r knee gets to feeling better soon!

Ah, I'm already out of time!  I will not miss being 'on the clock' 24/7, i can tell ya that much!  but I love you allso !  Have a marvellous week!

-love, Hna Whicker

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