Sunday, September 1, 2013

23 July, Week 3, Transfer 9

Family!  time is short today but it;s been a good week! 

WE had 4 excahnges this week, and I am tired from it, but I actually enjoy it a lot. It's fun to get to go to other areas and see the progression and how other missionaries work!  But it's been great. Time and time again I just realize that everyone is just so different!  Different skills, styles, and ways of thinking- obvious I know, but it's different to know that than it is to experience that (especialy when you excperince it 4 times in one week:).

But it was great. 

We seem to be having trouble getting solid investigators lately, they just keep flaking off...but we had some SWEET exchange miracles this week! I got to go back to escondido and we set THREE baptismal dates in one night! It was so miraculous- I just loved every second of it!  This work is so great! 

Dad- remember ALfredo? My recent convert from Escondido? HE came to Vista Sacracment mtg the other weekto visit me. It was super fun:) I love him so.  You and him are like 2 peas in a pod- you have exactly the same humor, and I told him that and he said he'd love to talk to you sometime:) So don't be surprised if you get a phone call from him.

Funny story in Gospel Principles class this week. WE met this man on the street named Rodolpho- who didn't want to give us his info, but he told us he'd come to church on Sunday if we told him when and where.  So we did, not thinking much of it b/c that is a comment we get ALL the time, and peeps never come. But- lo and behold who but Rodolpho walks in-:) So we go to GP and of course we are talking about the Word of Wisdom and what we should avoid and how our bodies are temples.  First off, Hna Lythgoe was struggling in when the teacher asks us to Compare our bodies with the temple...the first thing out of her mouth is, "Beautiful!" quickly followed by "white" Hahahaha in a class full of LAtinos!  It was so funny. She didn't mean to, all she heard was "Describe the temples" Hahaa oh everyone got a good kick out of that.   Then as the teacher is bearing his testimony at the end, he asks a reciprocal question and pauses for dramatic effect, "What did our HEavenly Father give us?" But immediately Rodolfo just pipes up and yells "VINO!" Which translated is WINE!  Hahaha it was quite an entertaining Sunday:)

Things here are well!  Sorry I ran out of time this week! good luck with all the moves!


Hna whicker!!

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