Sunday, September 1, 2013

EXCHANGE Week:) (26 Aug, Week 2, Transfer 10)

Hello Familia

It has been a FAST Week. We had 3 excahgnes this week which just made things FLY by. It was so great to go and work with some of these Sisters that we have. One particular exchange that we had was just marvellous. It is her second transfer in the field (still being trained) and it was her first time leading the area without her trainer there.  Oh it was great!!!  Her spanish is absolutley terrible...but she has THE BEST sttitude of anyone I have ever met in my life. Oh it was just so inspiring! IT was like watching her spread her wings and fly!! Loved it. It was so great, becuase She told me that I was able to give her lots of help and correction with her spanish, but in a way that she was built up so that she just kept going and WANTEd to learn more. She said that was something she hadn't ever gotten before- so I was just thrilled to be able to be there with and learn so much from her and hepl her out as well. That is seriously on of hte best feelings in the world. LOVE IT!  I am so glad that I have this assignment  an dI get to go and owrk with the other sisters! Especially because this area is difficult, it gives me that sense of accomplishment and success that I want in the work. It just helps me and makes me love the sisters and the work even more. 

We had a prettycool experience yesterday.  We went to church and one of th SUPER less active ladies showed up without notice. OF course we went over immediately and chatted with her and it was great. As we go in to make an appointment-she says, "YOu're coming over tonight right?" Immediately Hna Lythoge and I jump on that and say "SI!" Then she proceeds to tell us that she is going to make enchiladas and this and that....too bad we already had a dinner schduled for that night...but we COULDN"T say no- because we can NEVER get in the door with this woman.  So- our stomachs suffered a little bit with 2 gigantic dinners last night- but thankfully we got some hepl from on high becuase we miraculously made it through BOTH. (it was like Thanksgiving all over again...oh so oooo much food).  but it was such a great experience. She opened up about Everything and she is really wanting to come back to the church. It has been a long time though- and we are going to start with the basicss and re teach everything. But as we were sitting and sharing our message and she was pouring her heart out, I just felt such a love for this woman.  IT was just pure and overwhelming. And After we left I just felt so free and light- it was amazing to see and feel the power of the atonement. He really just lifts us in everyway, IF we turn to him.  So so cool.

I have had so many "A ha!" moments this week in the sense that , 'Wow- this is so great-I am a missionary, and people just look up to us and trust us so instantly and openly.  When else in my life will I ever be able to have this calling and opportunity to do all of this. IT is just so cool. I love it so much.  I am so blessed. 

Glad that everyone is getting back in to the school routine and I hope it continues to all go smoothly.  Especially for Addie and KAylee- who seem to have had less posotive starts:)  But all will be well!

thanks for sending the memory card back Mom:)  My shoes are just fine and I am good with socks- so no need to send those:) 

So fun that you are all involed in missionary work- whether it be with the sister missionaries, or member missionary trainings, or Visiting teaching, or whatever- it is SO great! WE are focusing on that with our members all this week - Visiting and home teaching..becuase it is just like zeros accross the board every hrrible.  but hopefully we can help them get on top of it

thanks for all your prayers! Love and miss you all:)
-Hna Whicker

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