Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chili Turkey, Anyone? 27 Nov, Week 4 Transfer 3

Happy almost december!

Mother.  You sent me 10 PAIRS OF TIGHTS!!!!!  I love you, but what were you thinking? 10 pairs? I've never had that many tights in my life! I That's wayy too much.  Silly silly.  Thank you for thinking of me though. I'm not sure what I am going to do with all of them...I feel like am set for the rest of my life!  

CAm- I got your package too:) Thanks for the jacket and the tights...don't be offended if I return the tights though...I have quite the plethora at the moment:)  you also sent a few random sticky notes in the box...Pretty sure they were your "To Do lists"...hope you didn't need them too badly:)  It did make me giggle though!

Okay Al- when I wrote that letter about the cold it was 45 degrees that morning when we went running...I was not exaggerating:) It ahd been really cold all that week- and everyine was wearing their winter  coats everywhere.  It has warmed up a bit now though and we are back to short sleeves and light sweaters:)  

This week has been eventful. STarted off with the stomach flu last tuesday. Apparently everyone and their mom in the mission had it...gross stuff.  But it only lasted one night- so I am sO grateful for that!  And on top of that the 3 baptisms that we had scheduled for this week...well that number turned into a  big fat 0.  The mom of the ninos, Andrea and Jose, decided that they aren't ready to be baptized...and since they are minors they can't get baptized without their mom's permission. They were really sad. Andrea came up to us and asked us if she could get baptized behind her mom's back...she was  really cute about it...but they just have to wait.  The Lord has a plan for them, and we are doing everything we can to talk to their mom and help her realize that baptism is a good thing and will only help their familiy.  Anyways...we'll keep you updated.  Enot- was supposed to get baptized today...but he went a little crazy.  I'm pretty sure he will be the death of me.  I've never experienced so much stress coming from the source of One person.  He is funny...but after many visits with him and fasting- he finally decided to be baptized next Tuesday.  We pray that is will happen!  He has changed so much since we met him- and he is ready to take this step, but Satan keeps putting little things in his path that make him want to push the bap date back.  Anyhow, we shall see!

Thanksgiving was good. We slid by with only 2 dinners, which was a miracle!  Although we definitely did NOT feel like it was a miracle right after them...we could barely breathe, let alone walk home. I got some good pics, but this computer won't let me load them...dumb.  Next week I'll send them.  Yes the turkeys were all seasoned with chili--but it wasn't bad.  I just drank lots of water:) 

WE are already in week 5 of the transfer (out of 6).  It is most likely that hna Schwegler will leave and i will stay, b/c she's been here 4months already.  But we shall see!

Tara- your fam pics were GREAT:) What a good lookin family you have!  Um and can I say that you are SUPER skinny in all of them! Man- must be all that biking you do:) Ha and tell Tyler that the food aspect of the mission isn't that just have to be prepared to eat what they give you...and eat more than one dinner everyday...  Let's just say it is a REALLY good thing we have to run every morning-otherwise I'd be huge.  Seriously.  Everyone gives you everything...soda- chips-food- fruit- chapulines (crickets:) and they are pffended if you don't take you just take it and smile:) ...and then shove it on your companion's plate when they aren't looking:)  

Mother- what is this I hear about Tamra might lose her job this week? And Katie is having another surgery this friday?? My goodness.  I hope they can get all of this worked out soon!  KT and Tamra are in my prayers!  

Man- time flies!  Love you all so much:) I will try and send my memory card home today so you can see some good pics:) Also- be on the lookout for a postcard coming everyone's way this week!  Love you all so !  

-Hna Whicker

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Crazy Life, 21 Nov, Week 3 Transfer 3

Fam Damily,

This week has been a crazy one.  First of all, we had a mission conference this last Friday, Elder Schwitzer from the 2nd quorum of the 70 came and it was beautiful.  We all received some great inspiration and guidance from him.  Not mention I got to see Hna K and  all of my MTC buddies:)  It was great!

These passed 6 months have gone by so fast!  I can almost say I've been out for 6 months now...weird. Time really does fly.  The work here is good. It is much more stressful here than it was in Oceanside though.  The 2 baptisms I had there were fairly easy, because they were both so dang ready and everything just simply fell into place. and it was awesome.  That is not the case here. Enot, our investigator who is supposed to get baptized a week from today, is very frustrating.  He is a great man, and is ready to be baptized and WANTS to be baptized, but Satan just keeps throwing all of these things and excuses in his life that make him want to wait to do it.  I have never fought so hard to help someone realize that baptism really IS what he needs and he needs it now. Becuase it's not gonna get any easier later...that is Satan trying to convince him of that.  Anyways, we just had a super intense lesson with him...and it ended well, but the decision is ultimately his.  We can only do so much...he has his agency.  We are praying with all our hearts that he will continue with his decision to be baptized next week!!  We invited him to pray today and tonight and specifically ask Heavenly Father if he wants him to be baptized on the 27th and not later. We will see him tomorrow and see what his decision is.  We are going to be praying and fasting all day that he will be able to know that that is what HF wants him to do, and to do it now, not later!  

Other than that, Andrea and Jose (the ninos 12 and 13) are doing just great.  They are excited and a little nervous for their baptism next thursday, but they are just so great!  Their Mom isn't going to be baptized the same day, but we are still teaching her and hopefully we can set a date with her for december.  

Funny story....I have been pretty blessed health wise so far on my mission. WE all know I am not the most coordinated person in the world, but I somehow manage to survive:)  I haven't had bad any problems or accidents here...until last night.  It was quite hilarious actually. Don't worry, I'm not injured or anything, just my pride is hurt a little...but it's to funny not to share.  So hna Schwegler and I are walking from a members house to another appointment last night.  It is dark and we are we were bookin' it missionary style.  I pull out the phone to text our appt to tell them we are going to be a little late. Keep in mind it is dark and I am looking down at a bright screen...when all of a sudden Hna S just screams "POLE!!!!!!" at me at the top of her lungs! Naturally i turn to look at her, and just as I turn I ram straight into a street pole.  Luckily I hit my shoulder on it and not my face...but it was hilarious. We both fell on the ground and laughed our heads off for a few minutes.  It was so embarrassing, but at least we got a good laugh out of it:)

Cam- Thanks for sending a box! I haven't gotten it yet, but that is so nice of you:)  How are the kids doing in school? Is it freezing there yet? Do you have lots of snow? Tell the kiddios I say helllo and that I love em!!

Tara- My address is the same, and will always be the same my whole mission because all our mail gets sent to the mission home, and not our individual apartments. Glad you are enjoying Florida:) Give all the kids a big hug from me K?  

Mom- Just so you know, the mission address is 451 WEST Bobier Dr...not east:) yOu always put east on yuo letters, and they always get to me, but just so you know:) Glad you guys had a great visit with the Gpadres whick and Betty and JOhnny!  Good luck with all that is going on this week with Thanksgiving:)  

Jame- I honestly don't remember how the green fleece jacket fit fit me just fine I think, because I wore it on more than one occasion... but i really don't remember.  Glad you enjoyed the letters:)  Ella is so funnyy...she carried hers around for a couple of days...little cutie.  Tell Addie I said congrats about her tooth!!  

Well, I am a little bummed that all of you will get to see each other/ talkto each other/ and eat deliocious food together for Thanksgiving:)  I will miss you all, but think of me as you eat your delicious turkey....because undoubtedly I will be eating turkey will lots and LOTS of chiles in it...and possibly stuffed with mustard and mayo....yup.  Mexicans sometimes have interesting ways of cooking. But it will be great nonetheless:)  ESpecially since we will be eating with the Ruiz-Tello Familia who are dirt poor, and are the sweetest people I have ever met. But know, that I am grateful this Thanksgiving season to be here serving the Lord! There is no better place I could be right now,and I am so greatful for all the blessings the Lord has given me in my life. I am truely blessed in all aspects and I will forever be indebted to the Lord. Thanks fam and friends for loving me and being my examples always:) Love you all!!

Talk to you next week!!!!!!

-Hna Whicker

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

La Vida, Week 2, Transfer 3

Helloooooo Familia!

This has been a lovely week here in Laguna Hills....except the fact that it is soooo coold!  Okay, it's no Utah, but as a missionary and wearing skirts everyday with no tights and walking's gets pretty chilly!  And I only brought a raincoat! So needless to say I need to buy some winter apparel asap.  

We've had some miracles this week and they have been awesome!  We picked up 2 new kids as investigators.  They are 12 and 13 years old and we are teaching their mom, Iris, too.  The kids came to church with us on Sunday and they really liked it! They already have a baptismal date set for the 30th of November:)  Iris said she wants to be baptized too...but she says that it's too soon for we are going to keep working with her and prep her for baptism and hopefully she'll decide to be baptized with her kids on that day too! 

We also have been teaching this man named Enot.  He's about 47ish and was kind of a little pill the first time I met him 2 weeks ago, not gonna lie.  We struggled a lot with him because he didn't want to commit to come to church  or to a baptismal date.  We finally got him to pray about being baptized...but he kept saying he hadn't received an answer yet.  So, last Thursday we had the most POWERFUL lesson! It was sooooo soo sweet and the Spirit was SO strong!  We were just as bold as bold can be and told him that God was answering his prayers! he was expecting his answer to some in some form of a dream...but we helped him see that God is giving  him so many answers telling him that he needs to be baptized.  I don't even know what else we said, but the Spirit was there and he commited to be baptized on the 24th of this month!  Miracle!!!!  And then we just saw him this morning too and man, when we saw him- you could just tell that he had changed. His whole countenance was different and it was beautiful.  WE taught him the 10 comm, law of Chastity, and the WOW and he just sompletely accepted them.  He was like "Okay.  Voy a dejar cafe....aunque lo tomo cada que es possible con Dios porque el quire que haga"  He is just so ready to be baptized and has changed. It is wonderful and elating to see someone change and literally come unto Christ.  This is the best work ever! He will be baptized on Tues Nov 27th:)

Oh man- Cool experience. Hna Schwegler and I got to go back down to OCeanside this last saturday to go to the temple with one of the Hnas we worked with down there as she got her endownments! Hna Schwegler served in Oceanside right before I got we both visited Anel's family and worked with them.   It was SOOOO sweet and awesome.  PResident normally gives permission for that only beacuse it is too far away...but we got to go!  It was amazing and I got to attend my first session in Spanish:)  Cool.  Man...I don't have enough time to tell you all of it, but I"ll send pictures next week becuase I forgot my cord this week!!  

Thanks so much familia! I love reading all of your letters and feeling of your love:) I do beleive I have the most supportive family in the world:) Tell Brin that she is being an awesome little misionary:) Good for her!  Half of the referals we received in Oceanside were from an 8 year old kid who wanted us to visit all of his friends and invite them to church! :) So tell her to keep it up!

Mom- congrats on the new calling! Sweet that you get to experience that change now:)  

Oh man- time's up! Until next week:) I send all my love!  

-Hna Whicker

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

6 Nov, Week 1 Transfer 3--Mission Viejo


Not gonna lie,  this week has been a toughie.  REallly tough.  I never thought it would be so hard to leave a companion and an area in the mission...but boy was I wrong!!  I am currently in Mission Viejo-  which is the farthest north that our mission goes.  We live in Laguna Niguel and our area covers Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, and a few other Laguna areas that I can't remember the name of right now.  But I can most definitely say that I definitely live in Orange County now and no longer in the Ghettos of Oceanside!  

My compainion's name is Hermana Schwegler....Sorry Al, you can probably guess from that that she is not a latina:)  She has only been on the mission 2 months longer than me, so we are most defintely still learning together. She is from Cinncinatti Ohio and and is very loud and crazy and happy:) Which is great.  We get along just fine, I think it'll just take some time to create a good solid relationship.  Mission Viejo is beautiful and the people here in the ward are just lovely.  I still feel a little bit like I am drowning...because I don't know my comp very well still, I don't know the people here, and I don't know the area here at all.  But I am exercising my faith that all will be will and I will be able to adjust quickly.  This is where the Lord needs me, and I just keep telling myself that. I'm still wroking on learning Patience....pretty sure that one is gonna be a life long lesson unfortunately....

So I"m doing well...but it has just been an emotional week.  It all started last week. I had quite the shock last week when our Zone leaders called Hna Kohrman and asked her opinion of ME being ready to train a new missionary.  (Of course she wasn't supposed to tell me this, but we had some serious companion unity...and she told me:)  Needless to say, I started flipping out.  Followed by a breakdown...and some tears.  I can barely speak spanish myself and I just couldn't imagine training right after I finished getting trained.  Poor Hna Kohrman  didn't think I would react that way...she only told me because she thought I would be flattered...which it is flattering...but more stressful than anything else. the week started with that and me worrying that I would be asked to train...and then finding out that I was leaving OCeanside and Hna K...and then saying goodbye to everyone in Oceanside...and then being thrown into a whole nother world of unkownness...(at least that's what it feels like) So yeah. Things are getting better though.  I'm becoming more comfortable here and getting to know everyone and everything.  So that's the emotional life of a missionary...just in case anyone was wondering!  But the scripture in Moroni 7:33 keeps coming to my mind... "Si teneis fe in mi, tendreis cualquier cosa que me sea conveniente"  Only have it momorized in Span sorry. If we have faith in Christ, we will be able to do whatsoever thing is expedient to him.  Dad- I would say that Is my fav scripture right tell thei bishop that one. 

Jame-  Tell Addie and Ruby that I said Happy birthday:) I finally got your package and it was great! Thanks so much, that scent is sooooo goood!  And Ella's letter was hilarious:) Hopefully I"ll have to time to write addie and Ella back today...we just got back from the Newport temple (tiny tiney!) and our Pday has gotten cut shrot a litle.  That is why I am emailing so late!  

Everyone keeps asking me if I need anything...welll if any of you would like to send me some cute sweaters, i would not decline.  I only brought one with me and it is pretty chilly here!  Mom- I got the recipe book! Thanks so much:) It is perfect...unfortunately the members in this area are CRAZY about feeding us...we have had 2 dinners in one evening more than one time this week.  They are really nice, but they just don't take no as an answer...ever.  So hopefully it will be of more use in my next area:)  

Other than that things are good here in Mission Viejo.  There is a lot of potential here...and we've got a few investigators right now that we are trying to get to commit to a baptismal date...we'll see how that goes this week!  I ahve also been told twice this week that I talk like an Argentine:)  That just made me think of DAd and Ali:)  Just carrying on the Argentine tradition with all the mexicanos down here in California! 

Love you all soo! The computer is being dumb so I can't attach any pics today, but I will fo sho next week!1 Love ya lots!!

-Hna Whicker

Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Oct- Week 6, Transfer 2: "Me VOY..."

Hollla mi familia bonita! voy!  I'm getting transfered today! STill don't know where I'm going, but I am all packed and ready to head out.  As exciting as it is to go to a new area and have a new compainion and new members...I am quite sad that Hna K and I are gettign split up:(  We have had such a fun time together and I am sad to be separated!  Yes- Ali, a few tears have been shed...but what else could you expect from me? :)  But, I know that I will be going wherever the Lord needs me!  So, no matter how hard or inconvienient it is to recreate a relationship with a comp that I don't know and with all new members, I know that it will be worth all the pain, becuase that is what the Lord wants me to do:)  So - here goes the beginning of a new phase in my adventure! 

As bummed as I have been about leaving, it has been really fun to go around and get pictures with the members and hear them say how much they appreciate all I have done here.  I truly love them and will miss them all dearly, and it is nice to know that they feel the same about me:) 

CHRISTIAN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoooo. Sweet sweetness, it was the sweetest, most peaceful and powerful and pure baptism I have ever been to.  He was just Glowing the whole time, and he couldn't wipe the grin off of his face. What a sweet man:)  He is going to be a such a strong leader in the church and is going to have such a great impact on his family!  His wife is a non-member that hasn't really ever been interested in learning about the GOspel, but hopefully his example will soften her heart and she get baptized soon:) He was baptized on Thursday and confirmed on Sunday, and it was just lovely.  It's moments like those that there is just not a doubt in my mind that this Gospel is true.   The Lord knows us personally, and He has given  us the tools to live life to the fullest, and it is a joyful thing to seesomeone take those tools and implememtn them in their life! 

But now that Christian is baptized...we are down to 2 investigators.  We have dropped all of our others, becuase they just weren't willing to commit...and we are here to find those that the Lord has prepared, so that's what we must do.  But it's hard.  but then again, it's not supposed to be easy is it?  THere was a talk that we watched in the MTC by Jeffery R Holland, and he said something to the effect of [life isn't supposed to be easy. Missions aren't supposed to be easy.  It wasn't easy for Christ, so how can we expect it to be easy for us?]  It's hard, but it's worth the pain isn't it?:) 

Well I am sad to hear the news about Tamra...stage 4 renal cancer...oh man.  I will most definitely keep her in my prayers! And KAtie's face is starting to hurt again? My goodness, will this infection never end?  And Mother, you just need to rest and sleep so your lungs can get over this sickness thingy...whatever you call it! 

Jame- I still haven't gotten your package yet...but only becuase we haven't gotten mail this week.  We get mail today at the transfer meeting:)  As far as Halloween goes, we go in early on Wednesday and don't tract, but there are crazies out and about at night.  If you look closely at the picture I attached o me and hna can see we are wearing our costumes...:) LEt me know if you can spot it:) Our ward had a trunk or treat on Saturday and it was fun to see all the little kids in their costumes.  Our ward combined with the English ward to do it and  they had a pinata full of Mexican Candy...and all the white kids did't know what to think of the Mexican candy ( b/c it's spicy)...and quite gross in my opinion, but everyone here loves it:)

Haha Tara...I have absolutely NO idea what you said in your email...but it was quite hilarious:) Hope you don't miss your flight to Flags...or whatever the heck you were trying to say:)
Cam- thanks for sharing your experience with all of us! I 've never heard that one before about when you were 8...thanks for sharing:) 

Well, time's up!  ove you all more than you know! You are all in my prayers, and I appreciate your constant prayers in my behlaf! Love you all:)

-Hna Whicker

23 October- Week 5, Transfer 2

Wow- So much to say.  This week has been a good one...very rainy and chilly, but I don't mind that kind of weather at all:)  IT's quite lovely and fallish, and Fall is my favorite season:) So life is good!

CHristian's baptism is this Thursday!!!  WAhooooooo.  We are really excited.  HE is doing so great and He's already had his baptismal interview and everything...he is so ready for this and just has a heart of gold.  He works at Denny's and tells us to come by anytime we want for free food:)  So great.  I have pics, but I'll send them with my memory card in a letter this week.  WEll hopefully...Hna Kohrman got her camera stolen and doesn't have any she wants a copy of all of mine, but we are waiting to see what happens with transfers this Saturday!  Well transfers don't happen until next Tuesday, but we find out on Saturday  what is going to happen.  LAst week I was feeling VERY apprehensive about transfers and just having to start all over with a new companion and it just seemed like soooo much work. And it will be. But I really feel like Hna K and I are going to stay together here for her last transfer.  Which would be very unusual becuase PResident almost never keeps greenies (me) with their trainers longer than 2 transfers.  But I am feeling at peace with whatever is going to happen...and that's all I can ask for!   So I'll have that news for you next week:)

We are on the search for new investigators, because after this week we have about 3 others...and none of them are progressing.  WE did meet a new family this week- LAura.  We are going to see her tomorrow and it looks like she has a lot of potential, so we are excited for that!!

Wanna know what I ate this week? Anyone ever had Chapulines?   If you have, I am so very v rery sorry. Chapulines....or CRICKETS are not the most savory dish.  They are dried and flavored and they eat them like candy or nuts out of a dish.  LEt's just say I do not look forward to repeating that meal at anytime in my mission! But- I survived. ...without gagging even...quite the accomlpishment.

Yesterday in District Meeting, the Zone leaders said they got some numbers from PResident Cook about missionary applications. They said that normally after General COnference, they have about 600 new applications for missionaries.  WAnna know how many they got after the big announcement?? 7,500!!!!! SEVEN THOUSAND MORE than normal..  Pretty flippin sweet if you ask me!  Dad- I don't know where you got you numbers fromin your email but. This is what we were told from PResident Cook. Crazinnessss...but aweome.
The Hendersons got called as mission Presidents!!!????That is so sweet!!! Tell them to pray for Carlsbad CA-b/c pres cook is ge tting released this next year, and that'll be the time that they will start their calling.  That would be so cool!  And Sarah could go on her mish at 18.5 now..sweet. When does Malea leave?  And dad- Abby cope is married--she's not going on a mission soon...not sure who you are thinking of...

MOM_----HAppy BIrthday tomorrow mother dearest!! THere will be a card coming in the mail today for you:) Sorry it will be late, but know it's a comin'  Thanks for being such a great, loving, and supportive mother to me in all that I have done!  COuldn't have asked for a better Mother!! Love you more than you know!  Thanks for all your prayers and love- I can feel it always:)  Have fun at your RS dinner (la Socieadad de Socorro en espanol;) and enjoy everyminute of your day!  Make KAtie do all the dishes and cooking K? :)...but for reals...KAte---you hear me:).  /btw...thanks for the letter KAte:) It was lovely to hear from you...finally:)

Congrats on the trip to Kansas DAddio!  Cool stuff right there.  RIght up your alley:)

JAme- I haven't gotten your box yet, but we only get mail once a week on Mondays (but the ZLs pick it up on Friday, we just don't get it till monday), so it probably just missed their pickup or something.  I should get it next Monday:)  THat picture of Addie is hilarious!  She is such a sass, and quite honestly, her braids looked pretty good to me:)  Her water shoes were funny! Oh man. 

AL- please honor me by putting up a picture of me dressed up as Winnie at your Hocus Pcus party this week k?  That was a DANG good I love that movie:)  CUte pics of WAderade:) 

CAm and TAra- Dang I'm down to 2 mintues on the clock... Just know that I love YOU ALLLLLL so  much!!!!  THings here are good- the Gospel is true!! Muchisimo Amor a todos!!! Hasta el proximo Martes:)

-Hna Whick!