Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hippo Hot Dogs (Sept 16, Week 5, Transfer 10)

What a week:)

It was a good one. I sure am tired though.

President Kendrick gave me permission to watch the KSL news clip on Katie's ears:) It was GREAT!!  I might have teared up a little watching it:) It was pure joy. Btw that was a pretty good reaction that Kate gave when she saw them for the first time!  That's pretty sweet that you got to give some presentations in some health classes as well! You're just little miss famous aren't ya? You've just got a story to tell and a lotta poepl to touch eh?  So great.

WEll we had some miracles this week. Juanita and her 3 daughters, whom we have been teaching for a while FINALLY started progressing. They PRAYED!!! Not only did they pray, but they prayed infront of us, and everyday this week. It was bliss! AND they came to church on Sunday! it was great!! They had about a bagillion questions though becuase it was a weird sacramaent mtg because we got a new BISHOP. So it was a very exciting day yesterday!   I was SO thrilled that they came. They are great people, just lazy, so they need a LOT of pushing and a lot of love, but they came. AND we set baptismal dates fot them which made it even better. 

Caballo...CAbello.  Might not seem like there is a big difference between these two words in English, but let me tell you in Spanish- there is a quite a difference.   Caballo = HORSE. Cabello = hair. 
Funny story. During our lesson with Juanita and girls- we were teachign the plan of Salvation. So naturally we read in Alma 40 about the ressurrection and we read the verse that says, "not a hair of your head will be lost".  Being the talented person that I am, mix up these 2 words, and even more impressive i mess them up as I read it off the page!! Oh the talent I possess sometimes astounds me:) So this is what I said, " We will  not even lose a HORSE from our head!"  Hahahaha it was so funny. No one reacted until my companion said, "um...I think you main Hair" And then we all busted up!  They were crackin jokes all night about how we are going to be 'unnicorns' after this life because of my little mishap:) Oh it was great.

Also that night- in the SAME lesson, I was giving an analogy about how getting to the Celestial Kingdom takes more work, but is worth it. I compared it to eating your FAVORITE food  and having to work to get it (Celestial Kingdom) or getting your least favorite food, free (TElestial). Mind you , I am speaking with a 12 year old. So I ask her, what's your favorite food JAckie? this is what it sounded like "Hippo Hot dog" In my mind I am thinking, GROSS, WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT??. But i just keep going with the analogy. "Okay, so imagine a hippo hot dog on one hand and califlower (sp?) on te other ...." The whoel room bursts into laughter:) Apparently she said a "HOme Depot Hot dog".  Still pretty weird to me.  but it made for some good laughs:) 

We also had a cool experience with anEnlgish investigator, Her name is ashley and we met her and helped her carry her groceries up the stairs. She let us in and she just starts chatting about her life and all the trails she'd been through. It was great. She let us stay and teach her- and as she was in the kitchen I turn to Hna Lythgoe to ask if she has an English BOM. Nope. DAng...we rarely carry them because our area is so highly populated with Mexicans. So I decide to look in my bag one more time.  AND Guess what was there???? An English Book of Mormon. YESSSS Miracle!!!!! It was great. THen in the middle of the lesson she goes.."  do you happen to have a free copy of the book in English?" WHY YES,,, YES we DO!! Oh it was so great. We set a baptismal date and errthing.  Too bad we have to apss her off the the english elders...but it's okay, hopefully we'll get to go to her baptism:) 

WEll those are the main highlights form this week!! i love you all and hope you are doing well:)  CAn't wait to hear from you all next week:) Love ya lots!!

-Hna Whicker

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