Wednesday, July 25, 2012

24 July, Week 7 MTC

I cannot believe that 2 weeks from today I will be sitting on a plane on my way to CArlsbad California!!!! AHH It is so exciting and so intimidating and EVERYTHING at the same time! 

Anywho, this week has been great. I can't believe how fast it has gone by.  greatness. Cesar was not baptized this on Saturday though...had to push that back...whoops;) But we are learnign from our mistakes and trying our best to do better everyday. I would say that he will be baptized this saturday but he is going to be out of town until next week...meaning another WHOLE week of waiting. Bummer...but HE will be baptized before I leave the MTC...pretty darn sure. I am feeling very rushed today and I feel like I have sOO much to say!  First off, last week we got to clean the Provo Temple...any Guesses as to what we Hermanas got to clean?  ....????????????????
Well it was awesome!! WE got to clean the Chandelier in the Celestial room!  It was amazing and I loved LOVEd LOVED it! 

This week I have been focusing a lot on my faith. Especially as these last 2 weeks in the MTC are coming to a close, I have been feeling fear for actually going out into the real world.  I am comfortable here, and I find myself thinking often, "I'm not ready to leave! I don't know spanish well enough, I can't teach well enough y et!" but I've realized that no matter how long i stay here, I am ALWAYS going to think that. We have been talking a lot about this lately and I really need to improve on this.  BAsically what I have learned is that when we say we aren't ready, or doubt what the Lord has planned for us, we are in essence saying, I know better than you.  My fears are more improtant than your plans for me.   Um hi, FALSE!!!!  How can I, a 21 year old girl, think that I could Possibly know better than the Lord? Of course he knwo what I need, I  basically need to just get over myself and go forward in faith!  WE had a devotional on Sunday that was basically all focused on the message of the hymn "Come Come Ye Saints". AWeseme.  Let me share some of the lyrics with you: "Come come ye Saints, noTOIL nor LABOR FEAR, but with JOY, wend your way. Though jhard to you, this journey may appear (very hard in my eyes), Garce shall be as your day.  Do this and joy, year heart will swell, all is WELL, all is well! (Verse 2 ) Why should we mourn or think our lot is hard? Tis NOT so, all is well. Why should we think to e arn a great reward, if we now shum the fight? Gird up your loins, FRESH COURAGE take, our God will NEVER us forsake!" Oh what joy we get from serving the LOrd! Things may seem hard right now, or as we look to the funkown future, but aLL IS WELL! Fresh courage take, and march forward with a steadfast faith in Christ ( 2N 31: 20) and all is well!  Oh how I Love my SAvior JEsus Christ! WHere would I be without Him?... I h onestly cannot say, for I cannot comprehend all He has doen for me.  What joy we have to have this Gospel ihere on this wEArth in our lives! I know with ALL of my heart and Soul that this is the true work of Christ! Ph happy day to be able to serve Him for 18 months! I love you all! Thank you all forbeing such great examples of courage and steadfastness isn Christ in my life. WE have so much to be thatnkful for!

DAd- I'm sorry that you are in pain recovering from your surgery! But I hope that it is all worth it in the end to aleieviate you pain for long term!  Mom- I am fine with you moving, it will definitely be a little weird coming homw to a house I have never lived in before, but it's only around the corner:)  EXcited for you all and keep me updated!  AND you got a MAC too? Woah ababy! Is it  a desktop or a laptop? Exctiing!

CAmi and TAra- So sorry I forgot to mention your birthdays! Btu happy bbelated birthday  to you both ! Love you so and thanks for being such a great exampel to me alywas!!!  Cami- got your pics thatnks so much, what a good looking fam you have ! So glad porter is doing better!
Jami - Hahahahahaha Ruby's chicken's name made me laugh SO hard! AUrora Barnaby Snow White Ebony Cocoa! Hehehe so grteat! Love your girls and thei imaginations!  AH I am out of time, but I love you all! AL- congrats on selling your first bookat the farmners market! Love ya Liove ya Kate too!

Love Hermana Whicker

Thursday, July 19, 2012

17 July; Week 6 MTC

Hola mi famila!

What a wonderful week this has been. Seriously, so joyful and lovely, life is just great. There are still discouraging moments at times, but it is amazing and I love it! Cesar gets baptized this Saturday....AHHH I am so excited for him I just can't wait.  We were talking to our teacher about how we were doing in our lessons and he said that this is the farthest anyone has ever gotten him in the MTC (and he has been working here for 2 years!!) I was seriously shocked!  That means we are progressing and learning to rely on the Spirit...because let's be honest, that is what has made the difference between our progression with CEsar and Eduardo.  The Spirit and Love. REally. I just love Cesar so much, and we have been struggling to feel that love with Eduardo, but we had a break through last night and it was awesome! Love is in abundance when the Spirit is there. REally and trulyy. So lovely.  One scripture that I found this week that I REALLY loved was in 2 Cor 9:7 "For God loveth a cheerful Giver" How true is that? Oh man, that definitely helped me get through soem moments this week when my attitude what the best towards the Elders...whoops:)

WE also get the opportunity to go to a missionary workshop every week

Sorry, I thought I mentioned that it was L Tom Perry that spoke that one week for Devotional.  It was pretty darn sweet. 10 of the 12 apostles were there (Minus Hales, and PAcker, and the First Presidency). His talk was not what I expected at all...becuase I was hoping for this powerful BOOM of uplifting words of encouragment about missionary work. I mean it was great, but it was all about statistics and the a presentation of "Missionary Work in the 21st Century"and this "Prezi (it's like a whacked up powerpoint presentation)  about informing pwople about mormons and what we do . It was pretty cool actually.  WE alos had the Most amazing Fireside on Sunday. Jenny Oaks Baker came-- she is a worl famous violinist that got her master's degree from Julliard, and who also happens to be the daughter of Dalin H Oaks. Cool huh? Anyways, I'm pretty sure that was the most amazing experience of feeling the Spirit through muisic I have EVER had. She shared her musical testimony and man was it powerful. I encourage you to find some of her music. She closed with "I know that me Redeemer Lives" and by the end of that s ong she was playing 2 strings and harmonizing with herself on her violin. ABsolutely amazing and breathtaking and powerful. Love LOVE LOVED it. Wish I could listen to it all over again

Today WE GET T CLEAN THE TEMPLE!!! Wahooooooo I am so excited:) WE go from 4 hours, but I am so excited! I've never gotten to do it before I it'll be a great experience I think!  ALso, I'm a little surprised that I am still Coordinating Sister...President Dittmar said that they usually only keep us in for 3 weeks or so and then switch it up, but I guess we haven't even had any new sisters come into our Zone since we arrived. So I'm excpecting that change soon.

HAhaha so in RS on sUnday we had the most hilarious speaker. She talked about being lady like and it was great, but soo funny. Her advice was to always wear lipstick, because it detracts from you nose (hahahaha) and to never plop when you sit down in a chair. We also need to "Glide" as we walk in the hallways and descend the stairs (I had SEVERAL movie quotes pop into my head when she demonstrated that one...anyone guess what they are?) Oh and laslty, we are not supposed to EVER give high fives and fist bumps to the Elders, because it is simply not ladylike. AHahahaah the whole time I was just giggling because it was so hilarious. Alll the Sisters are always laughing as we walk down the stairs becuase we catch ourselves " bobbing" when we are in a ahurry, and that is simply unnacceptable;)

Glad you all got the Pictures! Al- you described it perfectly in  your email about the head stand. So Hna Lythgoe LOVES to do all the time. It is quite humorous actually and one night she wanted all of us to try it. I TRIED to warn her that I am NOt Coordinated at all...litlerally, but she wouldn't take no for an answer. hence you received that picture of me right after attmepting to do a headstand and falling over IMMEDIATELY. WE were all laughing uncontrollably and I was trying to justofy myself by saying I told you so through my laughter. oh the good times.

Dad- YES I got the picture book and it is AWESOME!! Love love love it. And it lokos great, no duplicate pics and captions on all pics. So sad to hear that you are selling the plane! Glad we got to have some good times in it though. Now maybe you really can teach president Henderson and be his private pilot;) haha that would be funny. oh you also need to tell me where Malea Moody is going on her mission please!

Mom- Coool that we are getting a new bishop! Seems like Bishop Nelson just got put in though, but you'll have to let me know who it is! Oh that is so sad to hear about Sister CArter! Hope she is doing well, I will pray for her.
The line in Dad's email about you being sad that the whole letter was in Spanish made me laugh, only beacuse I could picture your face so clearly! Glad you all made it home from you trip safely! I believe I have gotten all of your postcards finally! That was fun to get mail almost everyday:) Mom- will you ask Gma Stones net time you talk to her if she got my letter to her yet?

Al- Congrats on yous sale! So sorry that you had such a bad return trip home, but at least you made it there safely!  So jealous that you got to go to Lin's bridal shower! That little stinker hasn't written me back yet....I don't even know her wedding date! TEll her to wrtie K? I'm excited to receive you letter in Spanish and see how well I can read it:) 

JAme- Glad you and the girls got to go to TX with everyone, but it's a bummer that they were sick on the way back. Also, so sad to hear about Adde's chicken:( So many tradgedies with animals lately...) I also got all of your postcards too! I really loved Ella's line that said " I love." Hahaha made me giggle!
CAm- yes I got you letter through DEar elder! Glad Porter is doing better and that you got to sleep in so late! Awesome. What a darling picture of Porter ttoo that you just sent ! Love it

Tara- hope you are recovering well from all the Peeps at your house. Bummed I didn;t get to hear from you this week, but I hope all is well there!

KAte- sorry you are still not feeling the greatest, but everything will work out if you just have faith in Jesucristo. Es la verdad. Love you tons, and I would LOVE to hear from you more! Mucho amor!

Ah I am out of time again! Love you all and I'll try to write and hand written letter later, but I might not have time today because wer are cleaning the temple!   LOve you all . The church is true!

-HErmana Whicker

sorry just realizedI left an unfinished line in the middle about missionary workshops.. sorry I'll have to telly ou about that later. much love!

-Hna Whicker

(Lynds and her companion praying in the exact same position, unbeknownst to either!)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Congratsss! 10 July-Week 5 MTC

First of all Congrats Audrie on your Baptism!! You need to write me a letter and tell me all about it okay? Wish I could have been there, but I heard it was awesome! So happy that you made that wonderful choice to follow the Savior and be baptized!

Things here are great. BOTH Eduardo and Cesar have Baptismal dates which is basically a miracle in and of itself. WE still have a lot to help them progress with, but I am so  so excited for them!  We had a seriously awesome revelation session in Class on Thursday night.  The Spirit was so so Powerful! The whole district was in tears-- we were all trying to hard to do what the Lord wanted and listen to the Spirit to guide us in the direction that the Lard wanted us to go.  Immediately following the class Hna Lythgoe and I taught was a VERY humbling experince. We had made a lesson plan earlier that day but after our little revelation seession, we had thought of so many ways that we could go...we went in not knowing what we were going to teach but relying wholly on the Spirit. I honestly don't  even remember what we said other that laughing becuase we knocked on the door with bloodshot eyes and it was hilarious and awesome at the same time. The Spirit was so strong...and I know Cesar felt it! That is when he agreed to be baptized! That really is the only way to teach. We had discussed baptism with him before, but he wouldn't do it becuase he had already been baptized as a baby. No matter how many times we explained to him about authority, it didn't matter.And this time we didn't explain ANYTHING and he aggreed because we testified from our hearts and the spirit did the rest. Seriously awesome experience.  I Want it to be like that everytime we teach!! Soo soo cool!

I don't remember what day of the week was the fourth of July, but whenever it was we got out of class early and had a special program. It was pretty cool. Then we all got Magnum bars afterwards and got to watch the fireworks that went off at the Stadium of Fire. It was fun to do that, but weird at the same time. We are always on such a tight schedule here, we all felt a little like we were breaking the rules...but it was great anyways:) 

Last night we had an unwelcome surprise...The fire alarm went off at exactly 12:47am. Talk about a rude awakening. Actually, I ignored it for the first minute becuase I thought it was my rommate's alarm...yes it really sounds that loud and obnoxious... and i couldn't BELIEVE that it was 6:30am already! So I am laying in bed still, not comprehending anythign that is going on. until a minute later I finally get up and realize what is happening. My bed is the closest to the door and I look over to see that my fellow roommate is reading the "What to do in case of Emergency" paper on the door, that basically says exactly one thing:  Evacuate! Haha it was so funny because she was standing there reading it for like 2 whole minutes! But anyways, we evacuate...not very fun...especially when you have a very full bladder and all the other buildings are locked. So just imagine 300 sister missionaries standing outside in the wet grass for 45minutes...and then imagine me and all 5 of my rommates laying on the asphault, all sprawling out and sleeping. It was hilarious. I wish one of us had a picture of it. But I mean seriously, you treasure every SECOND of sleep when you are a missionary. And we needed it:)

WEll the Language is coming along well. One of my favorite parts of the week is TRC where we get to go teach member volunteers a short lesson. and just LOVE it. it is so inspiring and is just a confidence booster.  The Spirit is always so strong. Life is just great. Yes, there are still hard times, and things don't always go the way I want them to, but I know the Lord is giving me the exact experiences I need to become the missionary He needs me to be. I seriously can't believe I am in my 6th week at the MTC.  only 4 more weeks left! Ahhhh I can't believe it. It makes me excited and nervous and antsy all at the same time. Love it. I know the Gospel is true and that Heavenly Father truly loves us and wants to experience joy in this life on earth. I know that the only way to experience the FULLNESS of that joy is through living the Gospel of Jesucristo. Es una cosa maravillosa! Love it!

Anyways, I am glad you are all enjoying Texas so much! Cool that you got to go to the Space Museum. Funny that it was raining and storming when you took the tour... I vaugely remember that happening when we went there before a few years back.  Funny. Dad- I got your talk and I have never heard that stroy that you told about the little Argentine girl. What a cool story and experience to hear. I can't BELIEVE you didn't see any aligators at Brazos bend!!! There were a million the day we went in Feb...maybe it was just too hot for them. Too bad, that was a fun experience. Cami- glad to hear that you are feeling better about Porter and his health. Hopefully that little guy will be able to gain some good weight this week! TEll Brin and Cade and ADelle hat I love and miss 'em. Oh and YAy for ADelle for being such a brave girl at her Doctor's appointment! I love You all!! Oh Iand I am excited to get that family picture book! Can't wait until it arrives!! Tara I got you fam pic too, love it! Thanks for all that addresses AL! KAte- can't believe you had an allergic reaction to your medicine! GLad you are aokay though. Gma Whick, I got you letter too. I'm going to try and respond today!!

One thing I would like if you can- it some sheet protectors. I have a binder for all my letters that I have gotten, but all of the papers are ripping out and they don't sell sheet prtectors in the bookstore here.

Well time is too short yet again. I love you all and I hope you all travel back safely to your homes!


Hermana Whicker!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Living the Life--3 July Week 4 MTC

Hello familyyyy!

this week has been a good one.  It started off a little rough- I just kept having all these neagtive thoughts coem into my mind...and it was very discouraging.  But Luckily I have an awesome compainion that I could talk to about it.  I know that I am here and am doing what the Lord wants, and that Satan knows how importnant this is and doesn't want me to be here.   I was ready my scriptures and I happened to look at a scripture in D&C 38:7.  It said, " Behold verily, verily, I say unto you that mine eyes are upon you I am in your midst and ye cannot see me."  What a comforting thought.  It was exactly what I needed and I was so greatful for the comfort.  People said I would experience the Highest highs and lowest lows on my mission...but I guess you never really comprehend that until it actually happens.  I always feel so ELATED after teachign a lesson, but then there I times when I just am low.  But it is just fine, because I know I am doing the Lord's work and He has specifically ME to do His work and share His gospel and it simply isn't about me anymore.  It is about serving the people that the Lord has called me to serve....and I just don't matter. So I am going to sptop thingk about myself and go to work!

WE had a bomb lesson with Cesar this week! It started out quite hilarious due to a spanish comment(whcih I will share in a moment...), but the Spirit was there so strong and it was just aweseme.  I am learning to be more Bold in declaring the word.  Quote of the week "You can be as bold as you are loving".  Truth.  I need to work on that. I am normally just say everything nicely and make it not a big deal because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but we must be Bold BEACUSE we love them.  This is their salvation at stake, and it is pretty darn I am working on that.  Eduardo is doing alright. I tend to get more frustrated with him beacuse I feel that we explain a principle to him so clearly and tell him exactly why he needs to follow it, but then when we clarify with him and have him tell us why back... he never knows. It is just frustrating and we need to work on having the spirit with us there. I think the problem is that when I get frustrated I just want to keep talking and explaining-but Eduardo needs to be the one talking.  We will be working on him a lot this week.

I also set a goal to learn 1000 vocab words by the time I leave the MTC- that means memorizing 30 words a day.  Hard. But aawesome.  We are speaking more spanish than ever and are improving. I keep pushing for speaking spanish only...but I think it'll be another week until I can get my comp around to that Idea.  It is fun. Spanish is awesome. And frustrating, and sweet, and fun, and infuriating all at the same time. But great:)

Okay- now for the funny story.  So We knock on Cesar's door and he opens it and looks like he is about to fall over dead asleep.  Keep in mind that "Cansado" means tired and  "Casado" menas married....SO I say "Hola Cesar!! Como esta??? Usted casado?"  Cesar nods. "Oh pero usted no esta casado ahora porque nosotras estamos aqui si? Okay- Here is what I was tryign to say, "Cesar, are you tired?" he says yes "Oh but you're not tired anymore now that we are here right?" But what I really said was "Oh are you married? Oh that's okay, you're not married anymore now that we are here right?"  hahahahahahahahahah it was sooo funny! Our teacher was crazking up afterwards...and he totally knew what i meant and it was nice to have a good laugh.

Life here is good. It is constantly smelling like a camp fire outside because of all the smoke from the fires. So that is kinda  a bummer, but it's all good. We are all REALLY sad that the temple is closed...big bummer. But we think we'll be able to go the very last week before we leave the MTC so that'll be nice.  We had an awesome fireside on Sunday night.  Ted Gibbons came and did this role play...he was pretending to be Willard Richards, who was Brigham Youn'gs cousin and a dear friend of Jospeh Smith.  Man he basically quoted all of his journals and I learned so much about Joseph SMith and the events that preceeded His death.  The spirit was so string it was absolutely amazing.  WE closed by singing  "PRaise to the Man" and man, the spirit hit me in the face likea ton of bricks.  Tears were streaming down ever face, and the Spirit testified to every person there the Joseph Smith really was a true prophet of God. He WAS called to restore the Lord's church on this earth.  I know that will every fiber of my being.  I know that he translated the Book of Mormon through that power of God and that it truly is the word of GOd.  This work is so awesome. I love it. Hard to believe that on Saturday os my half way mark at the MTC. Craziness. 

Ah time goes by so fast here! Email time just whizzes by.  I would REALLY like a family foto peeps.  Ali is the only one that sent me any and I can't even show my comp my full family.  I also need everyone to send me their addresss in a dear elder please so I can get them asap. If you could do that today that would be awesome so I can send the letters I write (I can only write and send on tuesdays). I normally check my email around 10am, today it was a little earlier though.  Cam- I couldn't open the video you sent me;( but the pic of porter was cute!!

I love hearnign from you all! I was a little b ummed at frist becasue I didn't get any letters this week, but that's okay because I had a ton of email when I came in todday.

HAppy belated birthday dad!!! I remembered, but I couldn't write you until today. So since you are in TX (Or will be soon) I really need Tara's home address so I can send you a card.
Mom- I can't believe you ywisted your ankkle!!!! Oh no! 
I'm glad that everyone is diopng well on the trip down to the Harts!! 
Ah time is up, but I love you all and Can't wait to hear from you.

Love! HErmana WHicker!!!