Sunday, September 1, 2013

Swollen Feetsies... (19 Aug, Week 1, Transfer 10) the theme of this week.  Can I just tell you how much we are spoiled in the Carslbad CA Mission? Seriously.  We went from having a full time car  (a 2013 Ford Fusion nonetheless- muy suave) to Full time walking.  And let me tell you my feet are feeling it:) 

It's actually been kind of fun to walk everywhere:)  Hot and sweaty and sunburned, but good. 

in spite of the fact that we have pretty much lost all of our investigators, it has been a pretty good week.  WE started our round of exchanges this week with Hna Sheffield and Hna Goodwin. I got to go with hn aSheffield this time and it was just great to be with her again. She is a rockin missionary!  Our ward and all the missionaries were so excited b/c there was a baptism in out ward this past weekend! We were all rearin to go and had plans to walk over with our investigator and her family, but she bailed on us last minute and we didn't get to go:( ( You can only go to a baptism if you have a less active or an investigator present- b/c missionaries in the past have abused that privilege:()  So we didn't get to see the baptism, but we were excited to see her confirmed on sunday! 

WE had a mtg with P Kendrick on Friday and it was pretty good. It is good to get to know him better, b/c I don't feel very close to him. So that was good.  We talked a lot about what we can do to preserve the culture our mission. We got a part added to our mission when we had the division, and they are just very different.  Very lax about rules and etiquette and professionalism, whereas our mission is SO STRICT about all of these things.  Seriously, we have so many rules. But I lOVE it, b/c it just prevent So many problems.  So  great.   so that is one of our main purposes on our exchanges, and I'm excited!  I love going on exchanges, b/c you just see them through the eyes of our Heavenly Father.  It is so great. 

It's been kind of a distracting week actually- as far as being focused on the work. There were 2 wedding this week in our ward, one of 2 Return missionaries that served together in this ward- which is crazy.  But also means that everyone and their MOM asks all the missionaries to come back and do their wedding reception here and about things that are happening at home, and how long you have left on the mission, etc etc. SO many questions- and as much as you try to dodge them, they just keep a comin.  But it was fine, thinkga are back to normal now and it is much easier to focus. :)

Hey Mom and Dad- did you get my memory card that I sent home?? I sent it 2ish weeks ago, but I haven' heard anything...and that makes me nervous...I hope it didn't get lost, I would be SOO sad!  So just let me know in your next email please! 

Miracle: Diana. So Friday night in Vista- on foot. Not the safest area. We decide we can't go to our 8pm appontment becuase we would have to go thorugh an unsafe area with very little lighting- not smart.  So we adjust our plans. We walk to this nearby apartment complex to go visit a potencial investigator. no one home.  So we knock acouple doors, but to no avail b/c it's like 8:40 and peeps are either out or already in bed.  So - feelign a little bit unsure of where we can go next and a little unsafe- we decided to stop and pray. Oh how Heavenly Father listens to our prayers!  We decide to knock a couple more ddors  before we leave the area.  and...nothing. As we turn around and start walking out of the parking lot this cute young mom starts walking towards us. It was just so great. WE started talking to her and found out that she was actually looking for a church and it was a MIRACLE!  Oh love it.  We have a return appointment with her this week.

Funny story.  So our first night walking, we over estimated how much time it would take to get back to our apt complex, so we got there about 15 mintues early- so we decide to comtact atound our apt complex  before it was time to go in. We start talking to this man- he''s in the marines and he basically just tells us his whole life story, he was so nice and just chatty. So as we are ending the contact, I realize we didn't even get his name, so I  exentd my hand and say I'm hermana Whicker, the saem with my compainion. And he says, "Oh I'm Nate. What's your name again?" "Hna Whicker" "Is that your last name? In, that case, I'm nate, NAte DArling. But you can just call me darling"  All of this is said without the slightest crack of a smile on his face, whicle hna Lythoge and I are both about to lose it laughing. Oh it was just so funny! I don't know if that sounded very funny, but just believe me it was quite hilarious:)

Alrighty family! That is all the time that I have. I love you all and am glad to hear that everyone is doing so well!  Good luck with school everyone and can't wait to hear from you next week!

Love you all!

-Hna Whicker

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