Sunday, September 1, 2013

"The Spirit is willing...but the weak is flesh" (16 July, Week 2, Transfer 9)

......That was our funny quote of the week:)  The most hilarious part was that I  said it and Hna Lythgoe just completely accepted it. And then about 1 minute later we both just start cracking up! It was so funny.  Goes to show that the flesh really is weak:)

Helllllllloooooo Familia!!

This week has been a whirlwind!  Can I just say that I am so grateful for a car? So grateful:) So spoiled:) We have ahad a good week. We've started up excahnges again for this transfer with one last week and 3 this week, so it's going to be a busy one, but I'm exctied for it.

We picked up 5 new investigators last week, so we are super excited about that. Han Lythgoe and I have also started another "40 day Fast" to get fas tfrom the littel daily things that distract us so we can be more fully focused on the Lord and His work. I LOVE it so much. One of my goals was to study all of the Life of the Savior in the new Testament and from the Jesus The Christ. I started that this morning with His birth and it was just pure beauty!  I love the scriptures so much! My testimony is already being strengthened so much!

We also had an interesting experince this week with our bishop...actually he was so rude to us- Hna Lythgoe and I were just SO hurt and angry.  We were in a meeting with the Bishop and all 8 missionaries in the ward and he pretty much just starts bashing on us- but it was probably the nicest bashing I've ever had...but he was just implying things right and left that we don't have enough faith as missionaries and that's why we're not seeing any baptisms here right now and, oh it was infuriating. I kept my mouth shut because I knew that if I opened it I would explode, and I didn't want to cause and MORE contention, because contention is of the Devil... and we've had mtgs like this in the past and all of what I said was just immediately pushed to te side. Anyways we left the meeting feeling like there was about 12 elephantes that had just been dumped on us. So later in the day we are walking to our next appointment and we pass the church and we see Obispo's car in the parking lot- so we decided to go and talk to him and let him know how we had made us feel...we didn't want to fight or anything, but just let him know that his actions and words cut deep. We were super nervous. BUT it actually turned out sooooo great. We had a nice little compainionship inventory with the bishop and it was so lovely. I just have a testimony of communicating honestly and openly and then you just feel love for that person.  The day started off feeling like I could have strangled Bishop and it ended just feeling an outpuring of love towards him. It was lovely. Just a cool little experience.

Perris, I've decided that you are going to be called as the Ward Mission Leader in your new town.  SEriously. I'm pretty dang sure, so just expect it:)

One of our investigators, Herminia, wants to be baptized but her husband is a super macho punk...there are quite a few of those in mexican culture. Just very controlling and very degrading to their wives, it makes me quite sad actually. So we are going to try and work with her in that area- going to church is the first step, and her husband forbids her to go to any chirch but the catholic..and she doesn't like the catholic church so she just doesn't go. 

We also found two ladies named MAria this week- it was so cool- we taught them the REsto and it was so powerful!  THey are coming to church this week and we are super excited about them! 

The mission is just so great! There really just is no other time like it:)I love love love it. I know it's true.  I know it.  We are so blessed to have the Gospel.  And to uinderstand the FULLNESS of it. Tha's the beauty right there. Satan is so good at deceiving people and telling them that "any church will do". That is the number one most common thing we get here in contacts...God is everywhere so the church doesn't matter!  FALSE.  the church does matter. but people just reject it so easily wihtout any knowledge of it. I just hurt for them. But they will understand one day.

WEll I love you all!  Good luck with the moves AL and Cam. Kate- that's sweet that you started a blog and it's already super popular!  Got to go- time is up ! 

Love you

-Hna WHicker

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