Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Lord Knows... (23 April, Week 2, Transfer 7)

EVERYTHING.  And He knows me pretty dang well.

Seriously.  I feel like since I have become a missionary, my tolerance for change has increased GREATLY. And also the amount of time it has taken for me to 'get comfortable' has decreased with each passing month.  I was quite shocked to whitewash train, and although it has been difficult, it has been much easier than anticipated.  I feel like I have gotten more comfortable here in Escondidio quicker than I have in any other area I have served in. That being said, the other day I was thinking about how I really don't want to become complacent- especially with this new ability to adjust and accustom so quickly- and wondering how I was going to keep myself "on it". Well- The Lord knows.  

So, we had interviews with President Cook yesterday and I got some surprising news.  I have been asked to be a "Sister Training Leader". A new role in all missions that is just being implemented due to the increased number of sister missionaries. 

Basically in a mission you have the district leaders (which is one Elder leader of about 6-12 missionaries), Zone Leaders (which is a companionship of elders that are leaders over multiple Districts) and then the APs (assistants to the Pres) which are over all zones and help the pres with everything.  

In the mission now, there will be 3 Spanish Sister Training Leaders (STL) and 5 English STLs. And that number will change/vary depending on how many sister missionaries we have in the mission (currently we have 48 with 4 more arriving this next transfer).  Needless to say I think it will take me a while to get comfortable with the assignment, so that worry I had earlier can just go out the window. I feel VERY unqualified, but it is nice to know that President trusts me... So I guess I am doing alright, even if I don't have fruits to show from my labor. Anyways, basically instead of just going on 1 exchange per transfer I will be going on anywhere from 4 to 5 exchanges and helping train/advise/guide the other Spanish sister missionaries. So it should be fun!  There are some definite things that I myself need to improve on, but hey, I'm a work in progress still!! It explains all of  this better here.  Our first "Mission Leadership Council" will be this Friday.  Wish me luck!!!!

Well all of our investigators are dying off...which is quite sad.  But we seem to have a knack for finding elderly people that are blind/have serious difficulties reading.  Really. It is quite hilarious. We picked up a man named Alfredo who only has one eye.  None of them can ever remember hna Sheffield's half the time when we anwser the phone, they greet us with "Helloooo, Weeeekkairrrrr" and it is hilarious:) Hna Sheffield has started introducing herself as "Hna Sheffer" because that is what everyone ends up calling her anyways. HAhaha- we love it:)  We are going to have to focus on some hard core finding this week to get some new gators!!  Basically we have one solid baptismal date and his name is Tadeo.  We love him lots!  He is probably 70 and has a little cartoonish voice BUT he can read:) Which really makes our job as missionaries so much easier-because really the Book of Mormon is the one that does all of the converting.  We just need to get him to church!  He's totally willing to come, but his kids keep coming in from out of town on weekends and taking him away on Sundays....dumb.  But we are hoping he'll make it for sure this Sunday. 

Funny story: so a few weeks ago when we were still teaching Alfonzo- we were talking about the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. Probably the FUNNIEST lesson I have ever had on my entire mission. So we have a recent convert with us- who is crazy (she has a heart full of love, but she's a little crazy). So Alfonzo(inv) and Areceli(the RC) start talking about coke and how it is against the word of wisdom. Then Alfonzo's brother, Primitivo, jumps in and starts talking about how coke is of the devil. Then Areceli pipes in with "Coke has human blood in it". (keep in mind that all of these people are elderly and blind and it is just so funny!) Meanwhile I am trying to maintain control in the lesson as well as trying to transition into teaching the Law of Chastity...and THIS is what pops out of my mouth, "Coke isn't against the Law of Chastity!" hHAHAHAHAHAHAhaha!! Hna Sheffield and I just about DIED laughing! it was so funny. 

I just love being a missionary. hard? yes. worth it? undoubtable. There is nothing better in the world that can bring such lasting happiness. And that my friends, is the undoubtable TRUTH!  So blessed we are to have it in our lives. What an obligation we have to SHARE It with EVERYONE! Have you shared it recently??? now's the TIME!

Mom and Daddio and Katia- so glad you survived the yard sail and didn't get blown away!  I can't believe Ally Cope is engaged!  Wow. She is like 2 or 3 years younger than me.  Weird. but that's great for her:)  Funny that she got called to the same mission as cam and then got engaged!  funny. OhI have a favor: Mom in my closet are red tennis shoes. The ones I have here are on their last leg, after running in them every morning for the past 10 months. so if you wouldn't mind sending me those ones that would be just dandy. Thanks!  No rush, just whenever you can/ Also-Dad: on the memory card I sent home there was a picture of the San Diego temple (looking up at it at an angle) and I use that a lot in teaching, but I just gave mine away thinking I could just print another one out, but I realized I sent that memory card home!  So if you could put That picture back on the next memory card I send home?  That'd be great. Thanks! 

Tara- Congrats to Audge on getting into the school! That is a blessing!!!!!!!!!  Love it. You'll have to go out and celebrate or something:) 

Cam- I hope all is well with Adelle's eyelid! Good luck with that:) Love ya too!

Al- sorry about the vomit and Wade being sick. I hate vomit. I Do NOT look forward to that part of motherhood...

Jame- I can just imagine the girls running around in the bathing suits with their fairy wings:) What a sight to see:) Love them and miss them lots!  

Alrighty family- the time has come to an end. I love you all! Hope you have a GREAT week! Bye!
LOve you aLL and miss you ALL

-Love, Hna Whick

Han Sheffield is obessed with taking a million random pictures. The #2 one is of me as we plan. and the first one is me and some FOUL smelling little dried fish thingys that were part of our dinner at a members house....of which I did NOT partake.  Sick nasty. 

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