Sunday, April 21, 2013

16 April 2013, Amor (Week 1, Transfer 7)

Buenas tardes familia!

Interesting week this week. First and foremost we got dropped by Alfonzo:(Our hearts broke!!!!) The night before he told us he wanted to be baptized on his birthday, and then the next day he called us and told us we couldn't come over anymore.  His wife is getting worse and doesn't behave when we are over there- so he thinks that this is the best thing for her...even though he knows it's true and wants to be baptized.  We tried to call him yesterday just to see how he was doing and after we told him who we were he hung up on us:(  Sad day. but I think he'll eventually come around.  He just needs some time to coool. 

On a happier note, we picked up 8 new investigators this last week!  We are slowly loosing all our current investigators, but at least we've still got some people to teach:) The weather here has been beautiful! it was a little chilly yesterday, but I imagine it is much worse in Utah if you all got snow yesterday!

Wow, what a neat experience it sounds like you all got to go and meet with Elder Gay of the 70.  Sounds like it was quite the spiritual high and a sweet experience for all involved especially Katie. 

Ali, that is interesting that you mentioned in you email that you feel that Gpa Stones has been with me/watching over me on my mission, because there's been more than one occasion that I have felt the exact same thing!  I imagine there are so many more things that we miss (feelings/impressions) because we are always too busy to hear them or notice them.  What a neat promise that was given to Katie that she will have angels to surround her!!  Oh how loving is the Lord to all of us! Are we not so blessed? We ARE. I forget that sometimes and I am trying to be better at constantly reminding myself of that fact.  

Jami- glad to hear that you had a nice birthday!  The other day we were driving one of the back roads to an appointment and there was a sign at a local farmers market for 25 avacados for $5! Wish I could have sent that to you for your birthday- you Love avacados:)   There are pretty darn good here too!  

Gma- YES I got your letter finally:) Thank you kindly! 

Mom- I also got the puzzle and I LOVE it:) We have already used it in quite a few lessons! Glad that Gma Stones made it home safely too!  Mom I am mailing a chekc home to you that I would like you to deposit por favor:) Gracias! 

Ali- thanks for the booklets, those really do make for the perfect gifts!  Also- would you mind accepting a few people on fb for me? Muchisimas gracias:) oh and I am in the process of writing my "How i know piece" so that will come soon. Sorry it has taken me so long!  

Tara- Good luck with the school screening tomorrow, I'm sure all will go just fine:) sorry that everyone was sick there...again... but glad to hear you are feeling better!  

Cami- Have you and the kids ever had a mud fight with all that mud, instead of a snowball fight?  I bet the kids would get a kick out of that- you should do it for an fhe activity:) haha  and take lots of pictures!  

KAtie- don't worry, I'll send you a picture of my ears asap:) They're pretty good ears and I'm sure you'll want to model your new ones after mine...I just knew it! 

Sorry, this is kind of a lame email- nothing too exciting. But all is well here. The work goes on! And time flies when you are serving the Lord!  Hna Sheffield and I are doing well together- we are already down to only 5 more weeks together (well, for sure at least 5 wks)! Then- I Get to see all of your lovely faces on Google plus in a few short weeks!!!  And then right after that we are going to get a new mission president, and who knows, there is a very real chance that I might end up in the IRVINE mission.  That'd be a cool story huh? Start your mission in one mission and end it in another? Who knows?  Well, I'll know actually- an July 1 st:) Your bday Daddio!  

Well- glad to hear all is well:) All are in my prayers, especially the doctors to find a solution to this problema for Kate. Love you all dearly!!! 

Talk to you next week!

- Love,   Hna Whicker

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