Sunday, May 19, 2013

Peace & Blessings! (14 May, Week 5, Transfer 7)

How lovely it was to see all of your faces this last Sunday!! It was just great:)  Hermana Montecinos arrived just after we hung up, so I was bummed that you didn't get to meet her, she is just a cute little gem and a fireball when it comes to missionary work.  But that's okay, just know that she is great:)  

Well I don't have a whole ton to say...because we just talked:)

I Can't believe how fast time is passing by.  I think I realized on Sunday when I was talking to all of ya just how 'close' real life is.  December is going to come SO fast- and I still have lots to do here! It was just a wake up call of how I need to treasure every moment and get to work!  I love being a missionary!!  Plus it was really nice just to see everyone and talk to all ya'll.  

Alfredo is doing GREAT!  he made asparagus soup for us last night, and it was sooo good!  He is super excited for his baptism on Sunday and is going to get a blessing tonight for his health condition, because he has been feeling extra exhausted and 

As we were eating dinner with him last night, his roommate, Chris, came in and starting asking us questions about the church and Alfredo just got SO excited! Chris is going to come to our next lesson with Alfredo and Alfredo just LOVEs that! After Chris left and we were still eating dinner, Alfredo turns to us and just smile, but then he says, "But don't forget, that you came here for me:)" haha- he is so funny.  We originally found him looking for one of his other roommates that we contacted but Juan didn't want anythign to do with us, but ALfredo did:) So he always says that even though we came for Juan, Heavenly Father knew that we were going to find Alfredo. He's just so great!  His baptism will happen this Sunday at 3pm! He's also given us 2 of his family members to go and visit, so we will do that this week!  

We also set a baptismal date with Mauricio, who is about 17 and has come to church twice now and LOVES it. He is getting baptized june 2nd.  We are excited for him too- he is a good kid!  

And Maria will be getting baptized the 25 of April. We are hoping that that really will happen....she has been having issues with Coffee lately...which is not good.  She's super solid on everything else, she's just got to DROP it. And we are struggling with how to help her.  She needs our support, but she works 30 minutes away and lives there Mon-Fri so we only see her weekends.  We have been calling her like crazy though and keeping her accountable and excited for next Saturday.  So if all goes through (which I'm pretty sure will) we have 3 solid baptismal dates- one baptism every weekend for the next 3 weeks!!! So SO Exciting! I'm so excited for ALL of them:)  I just love them so much! Miracles are happening!!!!!!!!

We will find out about Transfers this Saturday- so there is a very good chance that this will be my last week here in Escondido:(  Which makes me VERY sad. i Love this area. And Miracles are happening...and I'm just not ready to go yet!  But, I will go wherever the Lord sends me and needs me!

Cami! We are excited to hear what the final destination will be!  Sometimes I'm secretly glad that I  get told that I have to move (be transferred) instead of make that decision myself..:)  Are the kids excited to go? or are they sad? And when will this move be happening? This summer? This fall/ winter?  Details please:)

Tara- glad to hear that you made it home safe:) and that all is well with the Hart family:)  

Jame- nope, I don't have any problems with pollen thankfully!  Fun that Addie and the girls will get to start a swim class:)  I'm sure they will Love it, especially since they already live in their bathing suits anyway huh?:)

Al- super pregnant:)  Are you excited?  little Hank Thomas soon to arrive! Can't wait to meet the little guy in December!

Mom- I'm so glad that you are doing better! Reactive hypoglycemia huh?  That sounds like a mouthful...I hope you can get everything under control and know how to deal with all of that:)

Kate- I hope you are feeling better and can finish out the school year strong! Or did you already finsih? I think you still have a week left or something...

Daddio- how is your leg doing? Haven't heard anything about that in a while.  So I assume that no news is good news?:)  

I think that it is hilarious that you all wore the same color to CJ's wedding without even thinking about it and then I ended up wearing the same color when I talked to you on sunday:) love it. We are most definitely all from the same family!!! 
Sorry everyone that my English was so funny...whoops:) I guess it's a good thing- that my brain is working in spanish mode...but often times I feel like I can't speak any language!!  but glad you could still understand me:)  

Well I love YOU aLLLLLLLLL!!  Hope you have a GREAT week:)  Here are a few pics attached:)  


Love Hna Whicker

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