Thursday, May 30, 2013

Are You Ready? (28 May, Week 1, Transfer 8)

Well if I do say so myself...I am a pretty dang good guesser:)  YES- I am with Hna Lythgoe again and we are whitewashing Vista!  This is my 3rd time whitewashing- and I like whitewashing because you get a fresh perspective on the area and the people and everything- but this time is probably the most difficult time.  That would be because our attention is being pulled in a million different directions!  We've been here exactly a week and already we have gotten lost countless # of times, we already had one set of exchanges and we have another one tomorrow, our brains are conflicting all of the time from thinking about the needs of our missionaries that we are over and how we can help them and also getting OUR area up and running gaining the trust of the members, learning the streets, finding new investigators, PREPARING FOR A BAPTISM we have on Saturday.  Yup- just imagine two very tall (compared to mexicans at least) chickens running around with their heads cut off.  That would be Hna Lythgoe and I this past week...and actually probably will continue into the weekend:)

But I love it.  Being companions with Hna Lythgoe is great. It brings back lots of memories from the MTC and it's cool to see how very far we both have come.  However, we do missionary work very differently.  We decided that we are at opposite ends of the missionary spectrum- I'm on one end and she's on the other. We are both Very Effective missionaries, we just work in very different ways- and we also decided that we are both very unique- there aren't any other Hnas that are like us- which is just really cool to see. Especially because we are now in this STL position.  It will be very interesting and cool to see the results of our work together. I think President did it on purpose actually:)  It will take work, but we are both ready for that!

I don't think I've ever felt so tired on the mission though- and part of it is becuase we have the worst beds in the world.  Seriously- no exxageration.  BUT- we are getting new ones today. Apparently the missionaries in this apartment have been complaining about that for a while and when we called the office they finally gave in and are buying new ones. So haleluea (Sp?)!!!

So Mom, I know you had some questions about what I do as an STL- basically we just go on a million exchanges( one of us stays in our area and one of us goes to another area and the the companionship we are working with splits us too and one stays and the other goes) and help the other hnas with all of their missionary skills.  It's fun- and it will defeinitely keep us on our toes!

I got to go back to escondidio for Maria and Conchita's baptism this saturday. It was great:) Conchita dyed her hair in honor of the occassion and they both wore pure white to the baptism:) It was super cute! 

Mauricio is getting baptized next weekend too, so hopefully I'll get permission to go back for that one too. Love it!!.. 

We have  abaptism this week here in Vista and investigator the hnas have been teaching for a while here before we got here. His name is Alfredo- and he's pretty solid. He's 15 and from mexico:) We are going to see him tonight again and get everything set up for his baptismal interview tomorrow. 

I also just found out that JOSE (Iris' son and Andrea's brother) is getting baptized this saturday!!!!!! Oh I almost burst into tears when I heard that! I am just so happy for that family! I just love them to pieces!  I won't be able to go back for that one becuase it is on the complete opposite end of the mission:( Sad, but they are going to send me pictures!

I feel like I am racing through this email- so sorry for all the miss types.  It just dawned on me that in one week (june 6th) I will hit my one year mark.  um  CRAZY!!! Where does the time go? 

Well, I am glad to hear that all is well.  I love you all. The church is true.  Ali- that was scary about per....I hope all is well. Katie and Gma Stones are also in my prayers as well.  Also- I don't mind in the slightest if hank is born on June 6th:) ( my year mark).
The mission is great- I hope you all have a great week!  Until next week!! 

Dang- I ran out of time to tell you about a funny story that happened this week. I sent thie picture as a be preapared for it next week!  Love you all:) 

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