Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scary (7 May, Week 4, Transfer 7)

Mom!!  Dad's email was the first one that I read, and it scared me!! do they know why that happened? They ruled out a stroke, but still don't have an answer? This is not the news I wanted to hear...but I am glad to hear that you are okay. But this is scary stuff!!  Please keep me updated!! So glad Jami could go down and help you out for a few days. You will definitely be in my prayers Momma!

This week has been a great one here. Alfredo came to church and LOVED it! Seriously- he is probably the most prepared man to receive the gospel that I have ever met!  Every time we go over he says "Feliz Dia! Mis angeles han llegado" or Happy day, the angels have arrived!  He has the best heart and I just love him.  He has a firm baptismal date for May 19th- so not this Sunday but the next.  He reads in the Book of Mormon everyday even though it is hard for him to see and he just feels the spirit so strongly every time we are there. he also cam e to a baptism on Saturday and he just felt the spirit so strong!!!! He is so prepared and we just love him sooooo much!!!

Maria also is progressing.  Hopefully she will make her date of being baptized on the 25th of may- she is ready and she knows it's true, she just is slow to take the step.  But things have improved with her and we are expecting her to make that date! Although there is a good chance that I won't be here for her baptism, because that is the Saturday after transfers.  And as Hna Sheffield and I both arrived here at the same time b/c we whitewashed in, and the fact that new missionaries stay in their training area after their trainer leaves...means that the odds are pointed at me to get transferred.  And really we don't know what will happen, I could stay, but we will just have to wait and see!  

Our other investigator that had a baptismal date, Tadeo,  decided to move in with his other daughter....who unfortunately lives in Las Vegas!!! We were sooo sad! He was excited to be baptized, but it was a difficult situation and had to go.  Then after a month there he will return to mexico- at which date we will send the missionaries there rapidamente!!!   We were sad to see him go:(  

Can I just say how excited I am to see EVERYONE on the webcam this Sunday????!!!!!  Seriously can't wait!  I am a little jealous that all of my sisters and mom (and you too dad:) are going to be together without me, but that's okay, it'll happen all over again this Christmas:)!!

For Everyone's information and so there is No confusion here's the deal:
-Sunday May 12th
-4 pm Utah time (3pm Cali time)
-Google Plus
-We have about 50 minutes to chat b/c Hna Sheffield's fam will be on at 4pm

Weather here has been good. WE've had a few hot days (mid 90's) and also a few rainy cold days this week, so we are getting extremes, but it's nice:)  

How's Katie doing after her surgery? Has she felt a difference in her pain level yet?

Well this week is Hna F's birthday (she is one of the sisters that we live with that does English work). She will be 20- so we are going to try and have a 30 minute party with cake after nightly planning on Thursday.  We are trying to make it something special because she has been having a hard time staying happy here on the mission.  She is the same age in the mission as Hna Sheffield (both 19 year olds). It's been interesting to see the difference in the younger missionaries.  They just struggle more emotionally I think (that is, unless you are Hna Sheffield;) Seriously, that girl has no emotional issues whatsoever:) and they miss their family more because they haven't ever been away from home this long and everything is just harder for them.  I think there is good reason they decided to start having "sister Training Leaders" now with all the younger missionaries, because they all need the extra support and help to get going in missionary mode faster.  I am very grateful that I don't have trouble staying happy. I mean obviously, we all have our moments, but generally I love it here and I love the people and I am so happy:) I miss you all of course, but I know I'm gonna see you so soon:)

Oh mom- I got the tennis shoes and the popcorn! Thanks:)  And Tara- I got the kids' letters, they were fun:)Thanks! Cam - I also got Cade's letters:) Tell all of the kids i will write them back soon!
Jam- tell Addie to make me some of the "Best Lemnade I hav evr tastid" when I get back okay? ;)  

Time's up!!! Love you all!  See you soon! 

Love, hna Whicker

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