Sunday, May 19, 2013

Can you Say Golden...??? (30 April, Week 3, Transfer 7)


We picked up a new investigator this week named Alfredo ( the sauce). Basically he is awesome!!!!  We went to his house looking for someone else, but instead we found Alfredo. WE couldn't go in to teach him because there wasn't a woman home, but we went back the next day with a member.  not gonna lie, I was a little worried at first because when we went in for our lesson we asked him some questions and he said he was unsure and hesitant to let us in because of all the perceived 'rules" in the not being able to come into the house without a woman (but then being able to come into it when there were 3 women...) Anyways, I was a little nervous to start off on the wrong foot, but it turned into a BOMB lesson.  The spirit was SO strong!  And Hna Sheffield and I probably taught together the best we ever have. The whole time he kept saying things like, " I feel this normal?" "Do you always have this feeling with you? It's like tingling my arms and my ears!" Oh man- he was feeling the spirit so strongly and immediately accepted a baptismal date!  Then the next lesson we had he had bought us pizza and he kept saying the same kind of things about the spirit!.  Then as we left he said, "I know you are called of God!  When are you coming back again?"  It was sweet!! Love him!  He is getting baptized soon as he comes to church 3 times.  He couldn't come this weekend b/c he was going to Tijuana but is already excited to come next week!  The other cool part is that he is partially blind (we have a knack for finding blind people to teach) due to only having one eye and bad vision in the other. So the first time we knocked on his door we left him with a pamphlet to read, and he said he'd try to read it but that it would be really hard. But when we came back, he proceeded to tell us how this weird thing happened, that he sat down to read the pamphlet and before he knew it he had finished it completely and his eye didn't hurt one bit! Miracle!!!!! We love it!

Other than that our family that we have been teaching dropped was really sad:(  But, it was okay because as we walked away we knew that we had done ALL that we could have done.  There was some serious spiritual power in that lesson and she simply denied it...mostly due to fear and confusion. She just couldn't take that leap of faith- because she felt like she had been let down so many times before.  I definitely walked away from their home a little heart broken, but they will eventually come around. They just need a little more time to be prepared;)  It is hard to offer people what is so close and dear to you and watch them refuse it.  Of course it hurts, because what you are offering is literally a PART of you. But in the end the Lord has a plan- and someday they will realize what they are missing. 

Mission Leadership Council was great. I had an eye opening moment during it of how much I have changed on the mission.  Of course I am still me, but I am a better me...if that makes sense. More willing to share my opinions, more confident in myself and my abilities, more confident and knowledgeable of the Gospel, and stronger in my testimony. How blessed am I that Heavenly Father gave me this opportunity to grow and to help His Children? So so blessed. 

When I speak to you all in 2 weeks I will be 3 weeks away from my year mark!  Um, THAT my fiends, is CRAZY. Where does the time go?  I am excited to see everyone's beautiful faces though on the webcam!  

Google Plus....Church here ends at 2:30. So we talked to a member about getting to their house at 3pm to do google plus. Which would mean 4pm for you all in Utah. Can you make that work? Because that's really the only option I've got. We have meetings before church, and we can't skip I hope you can make that work!!!

Dad and Mom- none of those are the picture of the temple...sorry. The one I am talking about is just of the temple- no people. And it was taken probably at the beginning of my one of the early  picture groups.  It is looking up at the temple to the sky and at a really good angle...I was pretty proud of it cuz I took it myself:)  but if you can't find it, that's okay.  
Katie- Good to hear that you are getting at least some relief from your pain:)  That is GREAT! Sounds like you had a fun D week too:) 
Cam- so will you know where you are going by the time we webcam? Exciting!
Ali- when is your exact due date again? I can't seem to remember anything like that on the mission...but maybe that's how it's supposed to be:)
Tara-  that is quite the tree...
Jame- I can't believe Addie will be in 1st grade when I get back! That is fun. I got your package this week too!  Thanks for the cool soap and the bobby pins and the lovely letters from you and the girls.  I especially loved that Addie wrote "love, Addie" about 25xs at the end of her letter:)  She must have gotten a little carried away:)

Well, we have cleaning checks today and our roommates...bless their hearts, are not particularly known for their ALL.  So we have some work to do:)  But I love you all!  Thanks for all of your support!  Mucho Amor!

-Love, Hna Whicker

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