Monday, May 27, 2013

Me Voy! (21 May, Week 6, Transfer 7)


This week has been the craziest of my mission.  I am getting transferred today...and I am just plain sad about it.  This has been such a great area FULL of great people and miracles.  I am thinking that I will probably be companions with Hna Lythgoe (she is an STL now too) and that we will be whitewashing Vista.  That's my prediction. But  we shall see in about 5 hours.  Still have to pack.  Hate packing, but that's life.  We were literally RUNNING to every appointment we had this week.  We had an abnormally large amount of lessons this week and it was great!  Progression is happening!

Alfredo's baptism was pure joy.  Everything went smoothly and we had great attendance and the spirit was SO strong!! hna Sheffield and I sang How Great Thou Art  a cappela and Alfredo told us that we made him his eye that is fake! he said that just doesn't happen, ever.  :) But he was just so happy and elated to be baptized!  I truly love him with all of my heart.  Last night we had an FHE at a member's house with him and it was really hard to say goodbye. Everyone was crying and Alfredo told me that if he dies before I see him again that he'll never forget me... That was when I lost it. He's been really worried about his health lately.  He told us that when we met him he was so depressed and feeling so horrible that he was seriously considering not going to dialysis anymore (which cleans your blood of all impurities because your body can't do it by itself anymore.  He goes 3 times a week and it takes about 3 1/2- 4 hours for it to finish). Which would in essence be killing yourself.  But that everything changed when we knocked on his door and that his life has only been for the better and will never be the same again!  The doctors tell him that he has a life span of 5 years left, but that it is unpredictable. He told us he was worried that he would die before he was able to be baptized...oh I love him!  When he said that my heart just wrenched to leave.  I never imagined being transferred in the mission would be so dang difficult.  But it is.  Or maybe I just get too attached...but at least I'm doing it with all my heart right?  Better that the alternative:)  Anyway- Sunday was just a joyful day at his baptism!

Hopefully I'll be able to return back here this Saturday for Maria and Conchita's Baptism and the Mauricio's the following week.  If I am in an 'adjacent area' on the map to escondido then I can come back. If not then I won't get permission;(  There is also a change that I could get moved to San Marcos  (which is in the same ward here, but a different city) because pres is taking the elders out of that area and whitewashing sisters in it because it is struggling. So that is possible as well. But we'll see. It's really all up in the air.  Hna Sheffield is nervous to be the one staying in the area when so much is going on. but she will do great- she knows how to get everything done and how to be a good missionary- she's ready for this.  :)

Cami and SHANE!  Congrats on the decision and the job move to TX - how exciting! I didn't get Shane's email but I gleaned from the emails of others what was going on! What city in Texas? Is it close to the Harts? Just curious:)

Jami- Ella's hair is quite...well I'm not really sure....Short. And interesting...:) What a little stinker. That is fun that your jackets are selling on Etsy! hopefully you will build up a big clientelle (sp?)- that would be so fun and great. Hope you have fun wil the Kusileks this weekend on your camping trip!

Al- That is one pregnant belly!  Are you ready for the little guy? Feliz Cumpleanos a WADE!!!!

Katie- Let me know how the  surgery goes- your in my prayers!   Love you

Mom- quilts . Who are the new girls in RS? and won't they be leaving to a singles ward soon anyways? Sad to hear ab out Gma Stones, but glad to hear that she is getting all the help that she needs.  She's in my prayers too! 

Dad- That's some big news bout JROTC daddio.  But I'm glad.  That'll be good for the family and for everyone's health:) 
Tara- I love you, but I am out of time! Tell the kids I say Hey!
I just read my letter from president this week...and I'm pretty sure I'm going to Vista. 

Love you all- Have to run and clean the car and then finish backing and print pictures all before 3pm.   Mucho Amor!!!!

-Hna Whicker

Here are some pics from the baptism. He's not smiling only because he's a mexican...silly. But he really was so happy:) The other one is of us and Mauricio- the 17 year old that is going to get baptized in 2 weeks!  

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