Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MIRACLES, 26 Feb 2013, Week 5, Transfer 5

What a week. Seriously. This has been the CRAZIEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!!! 

it has been full of shock, heartbreak, uneasiness, and miracles. Ready to hear about it? Ok here goes. 

Tuesday: Got the training call from President Cook (See attached picture of my immediate reaction). Wow. Surprise and a wave of unworthiness, un preparedness, and nervousness washed over me. so yeah.  

Wednesday: Had a MIRACLE lesson with Iris. Seriously. We brought cupcakes and read the stroy of Nefi being guided by the Spirit and not knowing BEFOREHAND what he was going to have to do to get the plates, but he STILL WENT!  Then we related that to the cupcakes. WE asked her to take a bite-  Just ONE and tell us if it was good or if it was bad (of course it was delicious becuase we made them:) .  But she wasn't allowed to take another bite.  She said it was delicious. And we said, "well how do you know? You didn't even eat the whole thing?  How can you know that it is soo good if you dont' eat it all?" She was just like- "because it IS good, I already know."  Exactly. Letting her come to her own conclusion we said, "Now Iris, what does that mean for you- applying to the Gospel?"  And then she went on to say that she just needs to take the step and be baptized. BOOM> Exactly. Then she FINALLY opened up about what was holding her back.  The answer Adan (her 22 year old son). He is a punk and doesn't want them to get baptized. She can do it, but she doesn't want to do it without the support of her son. But we talked and the Spirit was SO strong and we commited her to talk to him and if he reacted well then she said she would be baptized THIS WEEKEND.  Miracle. We were super pumped and on a spiritual high as we left. It was so great and IRis was so happy:) Love that. We told her we would give her a day to talk to him and follow up with her on Friday.

Thursday:  Missionary work and feeling anxiety about training. 

Friday: Had to go down to Vista for a "Trainers training meeting" all morning until 3pm. We got back and went straight to Iris. The whole fam was there, including adan,  and as soon as we brought it up there was just tension in the air, and I knew she was going to say no.  But after MUCH BOLDNESS and discussion we left. My heart was broken beacuse I knew she was so close and the only reason she wasn't doing it was because of her son. hate that.  And as she hugged be goodbye and kissed my cheek I just couldn't hold it in anymore. Tears were shed and Andrea walked us out to the car. It is amazing how very close you become to these people. You truly see them through the eyes of our Heavenly Father and you feel what He feels when they reject what they need to accept. that is what I was feeling and I just couldn't keep it in any longer. Unfortunately we had a dinner appointment right after...which means I had to go all puffy eyed and red faced and have pleasant convresation with a member when my mind was completely elsewhere. Oh well. It was fine.  The rest of the night was not a pleasant one...just a heavy cloud hanging over us. ......UNTIL......

We get home. We plan. We get in bed...and we get a text. Andrea. SHe tells us to call her. We call. She tells us she got permission to be baptized. I didn't believe her. she passed the phone to Iris her mom and her mom assured us that it was true. Wow. More TEARS OF JOY AND ELATION!!!  Wow. SErious emotional roller coaster this week. Seriously. They all talked when I left and andrea begged adan for permission and he finally said that if Iris says yes, then she can do it. And Iris said yes. Iris also said that she told adan that she was going to be baptized, and his face just fell. She said she would have been baptized that weekend with Andrea, but she wants to have the support of her son. MIRACLES- MIRACLES MIRACLES!!!!!!!!

Saturday: ANdrea had her baptismal interview. Pretty much we were on the phone ALL day with building coordinators other ward members and everyone trying to plan a baptism for Sunday.  It was a miracle everything worked out as it did.--Let's just say Satan tried EVERYTHING to try and make this baptism not happen.  

Adan- the brother- basically wouldn't (and still won't talk to andrea since she made the choice to be baptized and that REally affected Andrea. She is such a strong girl though and more Miracles happened that night to assure that she would get baptized and not back out because of her brother.  

Sunday: BAptism day!   Andrea said she felt like she was dreaming the whole time. After church ends we fill turn on the font water and come back to check on it 30 minutes later. WE loko in and it is BROWN!!! Horrified we quickly drained it and started over (luckily it came out clear this time) but  the next 2 hours were spent boiling about 10 pots of water repeatedly to try and warm up the water (because all the hot water had been used up with the brown water).  Yup it was adventurous.  We were in the chapel for almst 10 hours straight (from morning mtgs to church to setting up fro baptism, and to the actual baptism. 

The Baptism. Was beautiful!  The whole CHAPEL was FULL of supporters. The whole ward has been waiting for this day for 4 months! It was pure beauty.  Her mom was late (becuase their ride came to pick the up...and brought a cheesecake to celebrate and it got SAT on as they were on jumping in the car) Seriously, Satan tried EVERYTHING to make this baptism not happen, and then when it did happen he tried Everything to make her mom not get there!/  Anywho. Iris got late, but the spirit was SO SOO Strong, and EVERYONE was crying!  She got baptized and it was just so gtreat. I have never been so happy in my life. then Iris said the closing prayer. The most beautiful prayer i have ever heard. She could barely get through it she was crying so  hard.  It was so great. Miracles do happen and this truly is the work of the Lord. Iris said she was going to be the next one... and you betcha she will be! I just wish I could be there for hers too:( But it doesn't matter, she just needs to do it:) And Jose will get baptized when she does. 

Monday: Saying goodbye is the hardest thing ever. I love the people here so much and it hurts my heart that I won't be able to see them until next year at the earliest. Worst part of the day= Andrea and Jose walking me out to the car and clingin to me and balling their eyes out. It broke my heart to finally pry them off of me (we were standing there for about 30minutes) and get in the car. How how I love them with all of my heart. !! If there was one family I needed to meet while on my mission it was Them. They have changed my life forever! Love them so!!

Today: Packing like crazy. I have accumulated a lot of stuff. We have to leave at 2 today to get to the meeting by 4.  Still don't know where I am going- won't find out until the meeting.  The next part of the adventure begins now!! It's exciting and scary and sad to leave all at the same time, but I know I will be where the Lord needs me. I've done my part here and am needed somewhere else. So here goes!

Mom- Yes I replaced those shoes no worries.  like between 4 and 6 pairs of socklets would be perfect. And you wouldn't happen to be making a temple bag for me at this class now would you? ;)  

JAmi- your tub experience was absolutely hilarious:) Thanks for sharing!  

Dang- I'm out of time. I love you all and thanks for your support and letters!  I'll let you know what's happening and who I'm with and where I'm at next week!  Love you all so!   Attached are some good pics:)

-Hna Whicker

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