Thursday, February 7, 2013

Holy Heat! Week 6, Transfer 4, 22 Jan

HEat!!!!  Wow.  It is January 21st and it was already 75 degrees when we came to the library today.  Craziness. My hair is gonna be SUPER blonde after a summer that begins in January!  

No transfers for me:) Both Hna Adams and I are staying here in Mission Viejo. BUT they are taking one set of elders out of our district and putting Hermanas here!! So that is exciting:) I love hermanas:)  We will find out who comes up here after our english class tonight. 

Things here are good. My comp and I are recovering from a little cold- EVERYONE here is sick...ridiculous. Seriously. 

Iris had her baby!!! Little Brian GIovanni- he is a little cute bug:)  And it was so sweet- the Relief society president in the ward wanted to throw her a surprise baby shower, but she went into labor the day before. So instead she came over to the house while everyone was at the hospital to drop of some gifts for her. Remember- Iris and her now 4 children, live in ONE bedroom  (that they rent from a very small apartment). Their room consists of a closet and crib and a tv.  No bed. No privacy. No room to breathe hardly. So when the RS pres dropped off the stuff and saw all the stuff that she was going to come home from the hospital  to sleep on the floor again, she went right out and got a bed for them. I have no idea where or how she got it, but she did. and she has been dropping things off all week for Iris and the family.  It has been such a cool experience to see!  I hope it softens Iris' heart to let her kids be baptized. 

Andrea came with us to another baptism this week. Poor girl. She balled her eyes out almost the entire time because she wants to be baptized SOOOO BAD!  IT was heart wrenching. She is loosing all hope that her mom willl ever say yes.  It really just breaks my heart. Sometimes i just want to walk up to Iris and slap her in the face and say "Don't you get it? just say yes!!" And we have done that....not the slapping part, but the bold part about baptism. And she just wants to matter how strong the spirit is there- she pulls away and says no. It is INFURIATING!!!!  WE keep praying and fasting for a miracle. we have a GREAT relationship with her and her family. And we talk about baptism often, because that's our job as missionaries. But we can't force her to say yes. And we can't drop the ninos, becuase they WANT to be baptized. Dilema. yup. but a miracle will happen. i just KNOW it!!

Julio- we just picked up this new investigator- he's crazy, but he definitely felt the spirit. Everytime we share the vision of Joseph smith, the spirit is just SO strong! there is such power in that story, becuase it is so miraculous and TRUE!  I love it. I love the Restored Gospel:)  he wanted to see us tomorrow too, so that is just great. Tomorrow we will be there:)

Guadelupe...pretty much dropped off the face of the earth after our first lesson. No one answers when we go over and she won't return our phone calls. I think we've been to her house everyday this week at different times and no one answers...EVEN if someone is home. Oh well- it truly is sad though, she is missing out on something that could give her more happinness than any other thing in the world!  Her loss. Sometimes I understand Satan's desire to take away people's agency...cause I just want them to make the right choice!! but that was never God's plan. 

Lisbeth- is pretty much Golden.  She read the whole Chapter that we left with her in 3Nefi 11 and understood all of it.  She said that when she read it, it just felt familiar to her.  So soooosooo sweet. I love it.  She wouldn't commit to a baptismal date just yet, but when we asked her if she knew that thesse things were true, would she be baptized...and she said yes without hesitation. Then we asked her how she thought she could know if these things were true, and she said. "WEll- reading the book of mormon and praying about it". Heck yes! The only thing that is going to be an issue is church.  She always goes and does laundry on Sunday and runs errands. We have tried to get her to church these past 2 sundays but she always says she can't. We are going to fix that this week and get her to come to church!  WE are excited about her too. 

We also found Karina this last week. In short- we are finally picking up Lots of investigators and it is lovely to be teaching so much again. It is so satisfying to teach, love it. 

Other than that we are just working:) work work work. There's nothing much more to report here...sorry not the most exciting email.

Momma/Daddio- Thanks for mailing me the contacts:) Haven't gotten them yet, but hopefully I'll get them by next week. 

Katie- lookin snazzy for Preference! (although that dress was very cute it loooked a wee bit short...! Careful there girly:)   Sorry to hear that you had to go to the ER yesterday.  No fun at all.  That is exciting about you room though that you are getting it all reorganized and everything:) It sounds super cute!

Cami- yes it is a Church wide mission rule that missionaries must exercise 6:30 -7:00am every morning. It is just a CArlsbad mission rule that we have to run during that time:)   And what's this I hear about you moving?  Are you leaving Alpena or just moving houses?  Do tell:) I am so sorry that it is so cold there! Wish I could sent some of the warm weather we are having up ypur way!

Ali- you never told me, did the package I sent you for Christmas ever get there??  IT"S A BOOOOYYYY:) Knew it:)  Congrats!!!!!!!

Tara- Glad you had a fun day off yesterday and enjoy time with the kiddos:)  That is a sweet story about them saving that baby! Wow- soo cool!

Jame- bummer to not hear from you this week, but I hope all is well there! Mucho amor a su familia!

Sorry all, I haven't been very good at taking pictures this transfer...I will work on that this week and try to send some next week with my email:)

WEll-- Love you all! WE've gotta run...always:)  But I love you all!! This work is marvelous and miracles are happening everyday!  have an awesome week my dearests!

-Hermana Whicker

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