Thursday, February 7, 2013

29 Jan Miracles, Week 1, Transfer 5

Man- LAst transfer we had the HARDEST time finding anyone to teach. Rejection after rejection, and this after that. It was hard. But we are seeing miracles here. Last week we had 3 new investigators, the week before we had 4 new, and this week we already have 3 AND IT's ONLY TUESDAY MORNING!!!  Miracles. It is lovely to teach so much. Love love love it.  NOw we just need to get all of our investigators progressing...well actually many of them are reading and praying- the REAL mountain is getting them to church.  IT is SOO difficult. Everyone works on Sundays.  And they have zero money, so it is so hard to help them see that the Lord WILL provide for them, IF they act in faith.  We have many lessons on faith and sacrifice and using 3 N 13: 31-34.  They just work so hard and get paid hardly anything, and they do it all to provide for their families. A family of 5 lives in  one bedroom that is stuffed to the brim and falling apart... And they pay a million dollars for it. MAn- we are so blessed. I am so blessed. I have never had to worry about money like that. There is so much to be grateful for in this life and I take all too much for granted. 

So- as a missionary we almost always leave a sticky note on the door when go to an appointment but no one is there. IT just says "WE stopped by for our cita, but you weren't there:( Hope all is well and please call us to set up another time we can stop by.  Have a great day~!" and then we leave our phone number for them to call us at.  In my 8 months as a missionary, I have left COUNTLESS stickynotes like that on doors, and only twice has anyone actually called us back.  The first was Christian- the man that got baptized in Oceanside! and the other was this week- a man named Eloy. WE had a sweet lessson with him on the REsotration but when we went back for our Return appt he wasn't there.  I was SOOOO excited that he texted us back because that just never happens!  We were super excited to set up a return appointment....until he called and asked me if I had a personal phone that he could call to talk to me on.  Because he thought I was really nice and wanted to get to know me and take me out.  in my head i am screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!  That stinketh.  We quickly explained to him that as missionaries we don't date and how that just wouldn't work. And then we proceeded to invite him to a baptism that was happening that evening.  Needless to say he didn't respond to us after the baptismal invite. Dang.  Hate it when that happens. The elders will most definitely be teaching him from now on.  

This week Hna Adams and I have started a "40 day fast" to  purify ourselves and be more receptive to the spirit. IT all came from a talk that one of the other missionaries gave us. It is sweet. It is dang hard. We pick things that "poke at our spirit" or distract us from focusing on the will of the Lord. and we fast from them for 40 days. The things we fast from aren't necessarily Bad or evil things, just things that distract our mind from the work ( like thinking about family or friends at home).  It all stems from the fact that the Lord expects us to Sacrifice! So we each fasted on Sunday about what things we need to put on our list.  Then we started yesterday.  One of mine was to run for the FULL 30 minutes in the morning and not walk at all and be out the door EXACTLY on time, because sometimes I'm just groggy in the morning and I lag an extra 5 minutes or so. So we were running yesterday morning and 10 minutes in to the run I had this overwhelming need to go to the bathroom!  I start reasoning with myself that it's fine to go home and go to the bathroom. But that morning in my prayer I had promised Heavenly Father that I would do it- run the full amount with out stopping no matter what happened. I went to the bathroom and everything before we left- but all of a sudden I just had to go. I rationalize to myself that it'll be fine to go back to the apt and go...but then I just thought to myself..."Lynds- SATAN wants you to go to the bathroom!!! So you will break your promise to HF!"  Hmmmmmmmm. This sounds really silly I know, but as soon as that popped into my head I just started running faster and I just didn't need to go to the bathroom anymore. Super tolky I know, but Satan knew that I had just made that promise to run the full 30 minutes and He KNEW...I almost gave in. It's the little victories like thatthat I LOVE. Beacuse most of the time we are going to face a million little things everyday that SAtan throws in our faces, rather that a huge mountian.  WE just gootta  be strong and shove it right back in his face:)  Love that. We've got the POWER!  So great. Oh man.... I really need to go to the bathroom again now...:)

WEll time is almost up.  JAmi- I laughed REALLY hard when you made the girls practice being reverentwhile watching Specail Witnesses of Christ after you had to leave Church early because of disobendience:)  Bet they loved that!  And theoretically, if I were to recieve one of those jackets I would prefer REd. ButI would theoretically accept any color.  

Mom- yes I got your package, thanks for the Contacts!  Tell gma Stones I say hello and that I love her while you're still there!

Gma WHick, no I haven't gotten your letter yet, but we get mail again on Friday, so it should be in that round.  

This Saturday is the 2nd of  Feb....which means it is the day we have to make tamales (becuase we found the baby jesus doll in our rosca bread) so that will be a fun adventure!!

Cam, Tara, Al, and Dad- thatnks for your emails this week:) Sorry I don't have time to respond to each of them, cuz the clock is ticking!  But I love you  all!1

Hope you all have a maravilloso dia :) NOs vemos el proximo martes!  Mucho Amor:)  

_Hna Whicker

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