Monday, February 11, 2013

Faith is Like a Little Seed...11 Feb, Week 3, Transfer 5

Buenos Dias mi familia!

Primero, Mother- to answer your question I am writing today because tomorrow is a holiday and all the libraries will be closed.  So president gave us permission to write today and still have pday tomorrow- but it will just be an hour shorter because we took our hour to write home today.  I wish the reason was that we got to go to the temple...but that always happens on Tuesdays and we just lose part of our pday to do that. But that;s okay, because I got permission to go to the SAn Diego temple this Saturday for the Cuellar's sealing!!  I am SO excited:) Everything worked out so perfectly and we even found a ride!  (Which is a miracle- because almost EVERYONE in the ward doesn't have papers, and there is a Checkpoint between here and VIsta, so it makes finding a ride to transfer meetings REALLY difficult.) But it worked out beautifully and I am really excited to go:)

KATIE--I heard the big news:) COngrats on your prom invitation:) HOw exciting!!!  Hope you found a cute dress to borrow from the Copes!  That is so fun that it is this saturday

FAmily- just be prepared when I get home to experience some delicious mexican food and traditions.  Seriously. I love Mexicans. I love mexican food. Love it. Amen. I will be cooking you posolee the first meal I return home and we will have arroz con leche (Avena) for dessert.  It is delicious. I already am collecting recipies from the members:)  SO- justp lan on it:)  OKay? K.  

Tara- I hope you have good luck with Sammy planting french fries in your garden:)  We have been having some planting experiences out here too!  WE have been focusing a lot on Faith in our lessons. ANd in Alma 32 it talks about faith being like a seed.  If you plant it and nourish it, it will grow.  So- we have been planting a "seed of faith" with investigators/ members/ less actives and picking one thing that they struggle with (like scripture reading/ family plrayer/ personal prayer. etc) and the thign is they can on;y water the plant IF they do that one thing. So you HAVE to do it or your plant will DIE> It is just like our faith- it needs constant nourishment or it will start to wither and wilt. So that has been fun aand it is really helpful becuase it is not only a visual reminder of doing that thing- but it is a living thing---so you can't hide the fact that it's dying if you dont do it---accountability.  Love it. 

WE had a sweet experience with an investigator this weeek - her name is Karina and she is super great. She has a baptismal date set for march:) we are so excited for her!  IRis---well is still Iris. She is progressing and  reading the scriptures. the miracle is that not only is she reading but she is UNDERSTANDING! it is great!  But there is still something that is holdiong her back becuase she still says she wants more 'time'. Ridiculous. and I honestly don't know what else to do for her. SHe just has to DO it and make the CHOICE and Be BAPTIZED.   it is so silly. People are so silly. 

This transfer is quickly coming to a close. Wow- craziness.  Pretty sure I will be transferred. Also pretty sure I will GReenie break wherever i go. (be companions with a missionary that JUST finished getting trained.)  Things here are going well- just working our tails off. It is hard, but it is great:) I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord!  I am being blessed in more ways than I can express. I love this work. I love the Lord. I know this is the truth!!!  

Love you all lots!  Talk to you next Tuesday:)

Mucho amor-  Hna Whicker

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