Monday, March 18, 2013

Wowzers. 5 March, Week 1, Transfer 6

Where to about with WOW.  What a week.  I feel like I am starting my whole mission over because I was whitewashed trained myself, so all those feelings of being a greenie missionary are coming back to me now too. Although I do feel MUCH more prepared to whitewash than I did when I was brand new. I am in Escondido!! (Which Dad already knows because he emailed pres cook...silly Dad:)  There are now 12 (TWELVE) missionaries in this ward.  It's really great tand there is a LOT of work to be done here. There are mexicans everywhere on the streets and lots of potential. My new comp is hna Sheffield. (Anyone remember the show "the Nanny"?  Everytime I hear her name the scene from that show comes to my mind when the nanny yells "Mista Sheffield!!!"  Anywho:)  She is 19!  wowzers. Her dad is a surgeon and her mom a Dr. She is great:)  Her spanish is pretty good for a newbie and is learning quickly. In some ways we are very similiar and in others we are VERY different...but that's okay. We have a lot to learn from each other:)

So much to say, so little time. In short, we are starting from scratch in this area and looking for new investigators and trying to build this area up. Hna Schwegler is in my Zone here so it has been fun to be around her at meeting and such:)  Love that girl. We had 33 new missionaries come in this last transfer AND we get the news that they taking part of OUR mission and part of the Anaheim mission to create a new mission (Irvine) in July- which is also ritgh when we will get a new mission president.  Which means that Mission Viejo won't even be in this mission anymore! And if I happen to get transferred to San Clemente before July...then I will be in the IRvine mission for the remailnder of my mission and noth the Carlsbad mission.  SAd thought....but in the end it doesn't matter. The Lord's will will happen and all will be well.  

It's been a crazy week and we haven't even had the chance to take any pictures... So i'll have to send those next week!  

Happy Birthday today to ELLLLLAAAAAA!!  Very cute picture of you in your birthday dress and your crown:)
As well as to CADDDDEEEEEEE Tomorrow!!!! So fun!  Hope you both have a great day and you have lots of good times with your families and you friends!

This is the lamest letter ever- but we have a million things to do and I'll try and hand write a letter to everyone today.  Mucho amor! I appreciate all of your prayers in my behalf...I can assure they are both needed and are being felt! hope youall have a marvellous week! 

- ooo and so sorry about the termites tara...had that happened to me, I  might have vomittedd... ewww so gross. 

-Love you aLLLL!

-Hna Whicker

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