Thursday, February 7, 2013

5 Feb "8 Months Tomorrow", Week 2, Transfer 5

Bueno FAmilia!

I am feeling extremely tired today and am especially grateful it is p-day:)  We just got back from a lesson this morning teaching a  man named Eric.  It was a sweet lesson and the Spirit was strong!  Love that.

This has been a good week. I really don't have much to say to be honest...lots of lessons, although it seems like we aren't able to commit anyone to a baptismal date, or they can't keep their date because they won't come to church. But here we are still working of course:)  Life is good.   Today is kid of a gloomy day outside, rain and darkness, but I am very happy it is a new month because it means we get money on our cards to buy food!  It normally is fine and I have more than enough, but the months when we have 5 tuesdays in one month- those are more difficult to make it stretch.  I am looking forward to buying lots of fresh fruit and veggies, because we don't really get any of that from the members... just lots of carbs:)

February 2nd passed on Saturday--- which if you remember is the day that you have to make tamales if you found the doll in the Rosca bread. Well- Han Adams and I are now professional tamal makers!  We took them over to the house that we ate the bread at and they were literally shocked that we had really made tamales:) It was quite hilrious!  I might have been more than a little prideful becuase they ate ALL of them...they thought they wer dang good. hmmm. That's right. Soy Mexicana. So when I come home next Christmas and all the fam is together, I'll make everyone Tamales okay? Okay:) Donski

Juan and the Cuellar family (from oceanside) are going to go through the San Diego Temple next weekend to be sealed as a family! I am PRAYING that president will give me permission to go!  I so want to be there to support them and see them as they take that step as a family! I hope president says yes!  

Found out this week that Hna Kohrman( my trainer) is already engaged!  To a boy she had dated before.  But still that was shocking and fun news:) Happy for her:)

WE were supposed to get to go to the Newport BEach temple today to do a session, but whoever scheduled it must have been new because the temple is closed through saturday. So that was a let down, but we are hoping that it will get rescheduled for NEXT tuesday.  Becuase I really want to go:) And we don't get to go very often, and i LOVE THE TEMPLE!!  So great. PEace, love, joy, and the Spirit abound there. How blessed we are to have sacred buildings like the temples surrounding us and that we have the privilege to enter!  So great. 

Well that is really all that I have to say today. I love you all more than you know!  Tomorrow marks my 8 month mark on the mission!!! Pure craziness. Only 2 1/2 weeks left in the transfer (this is a weird transfer of only 5 weeks instead of the normal 6- due to   all the missions in the world trying to get on the same transfer schedule) So I'm pretty sure I will get transferred...sad news. But I'm ready for it:) 

Love you all and hope you have a GREAT week!


Hna Whick

Btw- Tara, I most definitely had Mrs Schick as my 6th math teacher as well:) and Brinly- I'm so glad you remember how to make that noise with your mouth:) Way to represent Gpa Stones!  he did that ALL the time and was the one that taught me:)

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