Tuesday, February 19, 2013

There Is Beauty All Around, Week 4, transfer 5, 19 Feb

FAm Bamily!!

Truly...there really IS beauty all around- even when it is cold and rainy and cloudy outside like it is here today:)  We just got back from doing a session at the Newport Beach Temple and it was just lovely (hence the late email). I LOVE the TEMPLE!!  And it was a double whammy this week because I got to go to San Diego on Saturday for the Sealing if the Cuellar family.  It was pure beauty! Joyful joyful day!  I love them sOO much and I'm so glad I got to go and support them and see them in all their white beauty.  I took lots of pictures, but I forgot my camera cord to send them because we had to leave super early for the temple this morning.  but overall it was just so great- I was in heaven:)  

Things here are good. Pretty sure this is my last week in Missin Viejo. SAd thought. We find out on SAturday who gets transferred.  We have 2 new hermanas coming in this time so there is a slight possibility that I might train, but not very likely at the moment.  My guess is that I'llgo to Temecula or Vista and get set up to train for the next ransfer when we have 3 new hermanas coming in.  But I really have no idea. We will just wait and see.  

Dogs.  Everyone knows that I am not a dog person in the first place. Really at all.  That has amplified like times 50 since the mission. Proved fact from experience- DOGS DON"T LIKE MISSIONARIES!  Experience number 1: Hna Kohrman and I in Oceanside.  Trying to find the house of a referal we just received, we start to open the gate and immidiately shut it after a dog starts barking crazily.  WE wait a few minutes and it finally calms down. Then hermana Kohrman, the little stink, turns to me and says "Don't worry, I think it's friendly.  WAnna go first?" Hahaha it was really funny, but no I did not go first:)  #2- walking up to a house and thinking that the dog is tied to the tree (b//c there was a rope around it so we just assumed that) and as we stepped into the driveway the dog gets up and starts his attack.  Needless to say we immediately SPRINT  back the way we came. Thinking the dog would stop and not persue us....but NO! It chased us all the way down to the street and back to our car. I hate dogs. But I am happy that we are still alive:)  WEll there are many other experiences, but that's all I have time to write about now. 

CONGRATS TO TAMRAAAAAA!!! WHat happy news it was to hear that your cancer is in remission! Oh Happy daY!  (Anyone know that song from Sister ACt, where the little black boy starts singing that song? "Oh happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away"  It's a really great song and i often break into that song as we are walking in the streets when I am really happy:) All of my companions have laughed at me...but I don't mind:)   But really- that is such great news and I am so happy for you!!!

KAte- If I could whistle over email I would be doing so right now! You were lookin mighty fine for Prom:)  So glad you got to go and have fun!  I never went to Prom, but I'm really okay with that because I don't really like dancing very much:) But I want to hear how your experience was!! Write me my dear:)

Birthday! There is really only one thing that I need for my birthday and that is little socklets (TAN color please) Mine are completely worn through.  Mother- I love you, but please don't go overboard on this:)  I don't need 10 pairs- like the tights. Like 5 or so. That's it:) Hey guess what? My birthday falls on Easter this year! I don't remember that happening before....at least since the day i was born:)  But that's fun:) I am getting excited for GEneral Conference tooo!  It's gonna be GREAT!  Love that.  

Mom- Got your package:) thanks so much!!!! Hna Adams says thanks too!
CAm- hope you can enjoy your "Ice day" with the kids at home!  love you lots and can't wait to hear from you next week!
JAme- Sorry to hear that you are sick too:(  But glad that addie and Ella are enjoying their new dresses from grandma. I got your letter this week too, thanks!  I will try to write the girls back today if we have time! 

Man- time is up.  Gots to go. Love you all!  Hope you have a maravilloso week!

Mucho amor- Hermana Whicker!

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