Sunday, January 20, 2013

15 Jan, Week 5, Transfer 4

"When work's done by Whicker, there's no room to snicker!"
Hahahahaha- Dad, that line made me laugh really hard! Especially the sentace after you wrote that that said "I just now made that up":)  Oh how I love you all so much:)  It is SO great to get email from everyone!!! It gives me the boost I need every Tuesday to keep going for the next week!  

This week. Well- we had a miracle find last Saturday.  We were on excahnges- Hna McBRide (greenie, and hardly speaks a lick of Spanish) came here to be with me for the day, and we had studied faith in our comp study that morning.  It was a pretty sweet study and we tried SUPER hard to exercise our faith and have fatihful attitudes while we knocked doors (Somethimes that is really hard...especially no days when you just get  rude people and rejection en todos los lados.) Anywho- we learned a lot on the exchange and right after we had exchanged back, Hna Adams and I went t ogo see a potential named Victor. We had knocked on his door the week before, but he hadn't been there for the return appointment we had set.  PRAYING he would be there (this was probably like the 4th or 5th tmie we had stopped by to see him since then), we knocked....Nothing.  We knocked again...nothing. I KNEW someone was home. So I just kep t knocking...I don't like being ingored:)  and finally the door opened!  His wife Guadelupe, opened up and had compassion on us becuase it was FREEZING (at least for Cali) and let us in.  She is super sweet, and we proceeded to have the first lesson. Man- it was SO SWEET!  She has a 4 year old son named Angel who has autism who was making so much niose the wHole time, but it didn't matter--the Spirit was so strong.  She was crying as we told her the first vision, and it was simply beautiful/ Just beautiful. We tried to visit her yesterday but something happened with Angel at school so she had to cancel- but she asked if we could come today, so we are sacrficing part of out p day to go and teach her.  Totes worth it!  It was a miracle!!

We have also started teaching a woman named Lisbeth. She has 3 kids and we inititally contacted her husband, but he's never home so we started teaching her. She is pretty sweet too- and we are excpecting some sweet miracles with her and her family as well! Glen, our only other investigator (other than Iris and the ninos) really likes coming to church (he's been twice) but he works all the time and we haven't even had a full lesson with him yet....he is funny. Always wants to come to church but never meet with us...we'll see what happens with him.  

We get transfer calls this Saturday. Pretty sure I will be staying. Because there are three hnas being trained currently- all in areas I haven't served in yet.  And they will all stay there and be trained in those areas for one more transfer. So I can either go to Escondido (which I won't becuase hna SChwegler is there and we have already served together), or Posolee Central (which is the same ward as Oceanside- and Pres Cook never (well rarely) puts people in the same ward again. Plus I was just I doubt I will get moved.)  but we shall see. I will do whatever the Lord wants me to. If I do go I will be VERY sad to leave this area. 

Anywho...I am freezing my patootie off here. Well, I guess I am a little dramatic. Yes, it is cold- but I'm fine. 
Mom- No I don't have gloves Mom, but I've gotten along just fine without them and there's not that much longer left in the cold season.  I have pockets and lots of scarves:) 
Al- I'm excited to hear what you are having!!!! Too bad i won't know until next week!  But that is so great:) My guess is Boy.  fo Sho.
Jame- Nope, I didn't get a letter from you....but the mail system here is SUPER slow (at least the mission mail system). I JUST get a bunch of letters last night that were mailed on the 2nd of Jan. So hopefully I will get it soon. Glad all is well with the Girlies and Jamesipoo:) 
Dad- thanks for the letter:) Yes- I did get to see the newsletter you sent out! Thanks for sending it to me too:)
Cami- Cute CAde with his CTR ring.  Good for him for sharing it with the world!!!!  I love children.  So much. It's so hard on the mission that I can't pick them up or let them sit on my lap. Hardest rule ever. But obedience is the first law of I shall obey.  
Tara- Kaylee will be in my prayers!  All will be well though:) Faith...just  have fatih.  That's what I keep telling myself:)  It'll a'll work out for Kaylee's benefit. And Audrie's:) 
Katie- HAPPYYYYY 17THHHHH this week:)))))) Enjoy your celebrations:) Love you lots girlYY!!!

HAppy Birthday to Gpa Whick this week toooo!!1 Love you lots Gramps:)  

Oh man- well, that's the report for this week.  Love you all so.  The Gospel is true.  The Book of Mormon is the best book on the earth. I don't think I've ever read it this quickly (started at the beginning of the year and will finish be Easter) or so dilligently. It is blowing my mind. The gospel is so simple- and so profound. We have a great work to do here!  So in the word's of my mother, Let  us all "Rock ON"!!!  :)  Hope you all have a great week!!!  


Hna Whicker

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