Thursday, November 1, 2012

23 October- Week 5, Transfer 2

Wow- So much to say.  This week has been a good one...very rainy and chilly, but I don't mind that kind of weather at all:)  IT's quite lovely and fallish, and Fall is my favorite season:) So life is good!

CHristian's baptism is this Thursday!!!  WAhooooooo.  We are really excited.  HE is doing so great and He's already had his baptismal interview and everything...he is so ready for this and just has a heart of gold.  He works at Denny's and tells us to come by anytime we want for free food:)  So great.  I have pics, but I'll send them with my memory card in a letter this week.  WEll hopefully...Hna Kohrman got her camera stolen and doesn't have any she wants a copy of all of mine, but we are waiting to see what happens with transfers this Saturday!  Well transfers don't happen until next Tuesday, but we find out on Saturday  what is going to happen.  LAst week I was feeling VERY apprehensive about transfers and just having to start all over with a new companion and it just seemed like soooo much work. And it will be. But I really feel like Hna K and I are going to stay together here for her last transfer.  Which would be very unusual becuase PResident almost never keeps greenies (me) with their trainers longer than 2 transfers.  But I am feeling at peace with whatever is going to happen...and that's all I can ask for!   So I'll have that news for you next week:)

We are on the search for new investigators, because after this week we have about 3 others...and none of them are progressing.  WE did meet a new family this week- LAura.  We are going to see her tomorrow and it looks like she has a lot of potential, so we are excited for that!!

Wanna know what I ate this week? Anyone ever had Chapulines?   If you have, I am so very v rery sorry. Chapulines....or CRICKETS are not the most savory dish.  They are dried and flavored and they eat them like candy or nuts out of a dish.  LEt's just say I do not look forward to repeating that meal at anytime in my mission! But- I survived. ...without gagging even...quite the accomlpishment.

Yesterday in District Meeting, the Zone leaders said they got some numbers from PResident Cook about missionary applications. They said that normally after General COnference, they have about 600 new applications for missionaries.  WAnna know how many they got after the big announcement?? 7,500!!!!! SEVEN THOUSAND MORE than normal..  Pretty flippin sweet if you ask me!  Dad- I don't know where you got you numbers fromin your email but. This is what we were told from PResident Cook. Crazinnessss...but aweome.
The Hendersons got called as mission Presidents!!!????That is so sweet!!! Tell them to pray for Carlsbad CA-b/c pres cook is ge tting released this next year, and that'll be the time that they will start their calling.  That would be so cool!  And Sarah could go on her mish at 18.5 now..sweet. When does Malea leave?  And dad- Abby cope is married--she's not going on a mission soon...not sure who you are thinking of...

MOM_----HAppy BIrthday tomorrow mother dearest!! THere will be a card coming in the mail today for you:) Sorry it will be late, but know it's a comin'  Thanks for being such a great, loving, and supportive mother to me in all that I have done!  COuldn't have asked for a better Mother!! Love you more than you know!  Thanks for all your prayers and love- I can feel it always:)  Have fun at your RS dinner (la Socieadad de Socorro en espanol;) and enjoy everyminute of your day!  Make KAtie do all the dishes and cooking K? :)...but for reals...KAte---you hear me:).  /btw...thanks for the letter KAte:) It was lovely to hear from you...finally:)

Congrats on the trip to Kansas DAddio!  Cool stuff right there.  RIght up your alley:)

JAme- I haven't gotten your box yet, but we only get mail once a week on Mondays (but the ZLs pick it up on Friday, we just don't get it till monday), so it probably just missed their pickup or something.  I should get it next Monday:)  THat picture of Addie is hilarious!  She is such a sass, and quite honestly, her braids looked pretty good to me:)  Her water shoes were funny! Oh man. 

AL- please honor me by putting up a picture of me dressed up as Winnie at your Hocus Pcus party this week k?  That was a DANG good I love that movie:)  CUte pics of WAderade:) 

CAm and TAra- Dang I'm down to 2 mintues on the clock... Just know that I love YOU ALLLLLL so  much!!!!  THings here are good- the Gospel is true!! Muchisimo Amor a todos!!! Hasta el proximo Martes:)

-Hna Whick!

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