Tuesday, November 13, 2012

La Vida, Week 2, Transfer 3

Helloooooo Familia!

This has been a lovely week here in Laguna Hills....except the fact that it is soooo coold!  Okay, it's no Utah, but as a missionary and wearing skirts everyday with no tights and walking everywhere....it's gets pretty chilly!  And I only brought a raincoat! So needless to say I need to buy some winter apparel asap.  

We've had some miracles this week and they have been awesome!  We picked up 2 new kids as investigators.  They are 12 and 13 years old and we are teaching their mom, Iris, too.  The kids came to church with us on Sunday and they really liked it! They already have a baptismal date set for the 30th of November:)  Iris said she wants to be baptized too...but she says that it's too soon for her...so we are going to keep working with her and prep her for baptism and hopefully she'll decide to be baptized with her kids on that day too! 

We also have been teaching this man named Enot.  He's about 47ish and was kind of a little pill the first time I met him 2 weeks ago, not gonna lie.  We struggled a lot with him because he didn't want to commit to come to church  or to a baptismal date.  We finally got him to pray about being baptized...but he kept saying he hadn't received an answer yet.  So, last Thursday we had the most POWERFUL lesson! It was sooooo soo sweet and the Spirit was SO strong!  We were just as bold as bold can be and told him that God was answering his prayers! he was expecting his answer to some in some form of a dream...but we helped him see that God is giving  him so many answers telling him that he needs to be baptized.  I don't even know what else we said, but the Spirit was there and he commited to be baptized on the 24th of this month!  Miracle!!!!  And then we just saw him this morning too and man, when we saw him- you could just tell that he had changed. His whole countenance was different and it was beautiful.  WE taught him the 10 comm, law of Chastity, and the WOW and he just sompletely accepted them.  He was like "Okay.  Voy a dejar cafe....aunque lo tomo cada manana...se que es possible con Dios porque el quire que haga"  He is just so ready to be baptized and has changed. It is wonderful and elating to see someone change and literally come unto Christ.  This is the best work ever! He will be baptized on Tues Nov 27th:)

Oh man- Cool experience. Hna Schwegler and I got to go back down to OCeanside this last saturday to go to the temple with one of the Hnas we worked with down there as she got her endownments! Hna Schwegler served in Oceanside right before I got there...so we both visited Anel's family and worked with them.   It was SOOOO sweet and awesome.  PResident normally gives permission for that only beacuse it is too far away...but we got to go!  It was amazing and I got to attend my first session in Spanish:)  Cool.  Man...I don't have enough time to tell you all of it, but I"ll send pictures next week becuase I forgot my cord this week!!  

Thanks so much familia! I love reading all of your letters and feeling of your love:) I do beleive I have the most supportive family in the world:) Tell Brin that she is being an awesome little misionary:) Good for her!  Half of the referals we received in Oceanside were from an 8 year old kid who wanted us to visit all of his friends and invite them to church! :) So tell her to keep it up!

Mom- congrats on the new calling! Sweet that you get to experience that change now:)  

Oh man- time's up! Until next week:) I send all my love!  

-Hna Whicker

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