Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chili Turkey, Anyone? 27 Nov, Week 4 Transfer 3

Happy almost december!

Mother.  You sent me 10 PAIRS OF TIGHTS!!!!!  I love you, but what were you thinking? 10 pairs? I've never had that many tights in my life! I That's wayy too much.  Silly silly.  Thank you for thinking of me though. I'm not sure what I am going to do with all of them...I feel like am set for the rest of my life!  

CAm- I got your package too:) Thanks for the jacket and the tights...don't be offended if I return the tights though...I have quite the plethora at the moment:)  you also sent a few random sticky notes in the box...Pretty sure they were your "To Do lists"...hope you didn't need them too badly:)  It did make me giggle though!

Okay Al- when I wrote that letter about the cold it was 45 degrees that morning when we went running...I was not exaggerating:) It ahd been really cold all that week- and everyine was wearing their winter  coats everywhere.  It has warmed up a bit now though and we are back to short sleeves and light sweaters:)  

This week has been eventful. STarted off with the stomach flu last tuesday. Apparently everyone and their mom in the mission had it...gross stuff.  But it only lasted one night- so I am sO grateful for that!  And on top of that the 3 baptisms that we had scheduled for this week...well that number turned into a  big fat 0.  The mom of the ninos, Andrea and Jose, decided that they aren't ready to be baptized...and since they are minors they can't get baptized without their mom's permission. They were really sad. Andrea came up to us and asked us if she could get baptized behind her mom's back...she was  really cute about it...but they just have to wait.  The Lord has a plan for them, and we are doing everything we can to talk to their mom and help her realize that baptism is a good thing and will only help their familiy.  Anyways...we'll keep you updated.  Enot- was supposed to get baptized today...but he went a little crazy.  I'm pretty sure he will be the death of me.  I've never experienced so much stress coming from the source of One person.  He is funny...but after many visits with him and fasting- he finally decided to be baptized next Tuesday.  We pray that is will happen!  He has changed so much since we met him- and he is ready to take this step, but Satan keeps putting little things in his path that make him want to push the bap date back.  Anyhow, we shall see!

Thanksgiving was good. We slid by with only 2 dinners, which was a miracle!  Although we definitely did NOT feel like it was a miracle right after them...we could barely breathe, let alone walk home. I got some good pics, but this computer won't let me load them...dumb.  Next week I'll send them.  Yes the turkeys were all seasoned with chili--but it wasn't bad.  I just drank lots of water:) 

WE are already in week 5 of the transfer (out of 6).  It is most likely that hna Schwegler will leave and i will stay, b/c she's been here 4months already.  But we shall see!

Tara- your fam pics were GREAT:) What a good lookin family you have!  Um and can I say that you are SUPER skinny in all of them! Man- must be all that biking you do:) Ha and tell Tyler that the food aspect of the mission isn't that just have to be prepared to eat what they give you...and eat more than one dinner everyday...  Let's just say it is a REALLY good thing we have to run every morning-otherwise I'd be huge.  Seriously.  Everyone gives you everything...soda- chips-food- fruit- chapulines (crickets:) and they are pffended if you don't take you just take it and smile:) ...and then shove it on your companion's plate when they aren't looking:)  

Mother- what is this I hear about Tamra might lose her job this week? And Katie is having another surgery this friday?? My goodness.  I hope they can get all of this worked out soon!  KT and Tamra are in my prayers!  

Man- time flies!  Love you all so much:) I will try and send my memory card home today so you can see some good pics:) Also- be on the lookout for a postcard coming everyone's way this week!  Love you all so !  

-Hna Whicker

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