Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Oct- Week 6, Transfer 2: "Me VOY..."

Hollla mi familia bonita! voy!  I'm getting transfered today! STill don't know where I'm going, but I am all packed and ready to head out.  As exciting as it is to go to a new area and have a new compainion and new members...I am quite sad that Hna K and I are gettign split up:(  We have had such a fun time together and I am sad to be separated!  Yes- Ali, a few tears have been shed...but what else could you expect from me? :)  But, I know that I will be going wherever the Lord needs me!  So, no matter how hard or inconvienient it is to recreate a relationship with a comp that I don't know and with all new members, I know that it will be worth all the pain, becuase that is what the Lord wants me to do:)  So - here goes the beginning of a new phase in my adventure! 

As bummed as I have been about leaving, it has been really fun to go around and get pictures with the members and hear them say how much they appreciate all I have done here.  I truly love them and will miss them all dearly, and it is nice to know that they feel the same about me:) 

CHRISTIAN GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoooo. Sweet sweetness, it was the sweetest, most peaceful and powerful and pure baptism I have ever been to.  He was just Glowing the whole time, and he couldn't wipe the grin off of his face. What a sweet man:)  He is going to be a such a strong leader in the church and is going to have such a great impact on his family!  His wife is a non-member that hasn't really ever been interested in learning about the GOspel, but hopefully his example will soften her heart and she get baptized soon:) He was baptized on Thursday and confirmed on Sunday, and it was just lovely.  It's moments like those that there is just not a doubt in my mind that this Gospel is true.   The Lord knows us personally, and He has given  us the tools to live life to the fullest, and it is a joyful thing to seesomeone take those tools and implememtn them in their life! 

But now that Christian is baptized...we are down to 2 investigators.  We have dropped all of our others, becuase they just weren't willing to commit...and we are here to find those that the Lord has prepared, so that's what we must do.  But it's hard.  but then again, it's not supposed to be easy is it?  THere was a talk that we watched in the MTC by Jeffery R Holland, and he said something to the effect of [life isn't supposed to be easy. Missions aren't supposed to be easy.  It wasn't easy for Christ, so how can we expect it to be easy for us?]  It's hard, but it's worth the pain isn't it?:) 

Well I am sad to hear the news about Tamra...stage 4 renal cancer...oh man.  I will most definitely keep her in my prayers! And KAtie's face is starting to hurt again? My goodness, will this infection never end?  And Mother, you just need to rest and sleep so your lungs can get over this sickness thingy...whatever you call it! 

Jame- I still haven't gotten your package yet...but only becuase we haven't gotten mail this week.  We get mail today at the transfer meeting:)  As far as Halloween goes, we go in early on Wednesday and don't tract, but there are crazies out and about at night.  If you look closely at the picture I attached o me and hna can see we are wearing our costumes...:) LEt me know if you can spot it:) Our ward had a trunk or treat on Saturday and it was fun to see all the little kids in their costumes.  Our ward combined with the English ward to do it and  they had a pinata full of Mexican Candy...and all the white kids did't know what to think of the Mexican candy ( b/c it's spicy)...and quite gross in my opinion, but everyone here loves it:)

Haha Tara...I have absolutely NO idea what you said in your email...but it was quite hilarious:) Hope you don't miss your flight to Flags...or whatever the heck you were trying to say:)
Cam- thanks for sharing your experience with all of us! I 've never heard that one before about when you were 8...thanks for sharing:) 

Well, time's up!  ove you all more than you know! You are all in my prayers, and I appreciate your constant prayers in my behlaf! Love you all:)

-Hna Whicker

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