Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Crazy Life, 21 Nov, Week 3 Transfer 3

Fam Damily,

This week has been a crazy one.  First of all, we had a mission conference this last Friday, Elder Schwitzer from the 2nd quorum of the 70 came and it was beautiful.  We all received some great inspiration and guidance from him.  Not mention I got to see Hna K and  all of my MTC buddies:)  It was great!

These passed 6 months have gone by so fast!  I can almost say I've been out for 6 months now...weird. Time really does fly.  The work here is good. It is much more stressful here than it was in Oceanside though.  The 2 baptisms I had there were fairly easy, because they were both so dang ready and everything just simply fell into place. and it was awesome.  That is not the case here. Enot, our investigator who is supposed to get baptized a week from today, is very frustrating.  He is a great man, and is ready to be baptized and WANTS to be baptized, but Satan just keeps throwing all of these things and excuses in his life that make him want to wait to do it.  I have never fought so hard to help someone realize that baptism really IS what he needs and he needs it now. Becuase it's not gonna get any easier later...that is Satan trying to convince him of that.  Anyways, we just had a super intense lesson with him...and it ended well, but the decision is ultimately his.  We can only do so much...he has his agency.  We are praying with all our hearts that he will continue with his decision to be baptized next week!!  We invited him to pray today and tonight and specifically ask Heavenly Father if he wants him to be baptized on the 27th and not later. We will see him tomorrow and see what his decision is.  We are going to be praying and fasting all day that he will be able to know that that is what HF wants him to do, and to do it now, not later!  

Other than that, Andrea and Jose (the ninos 12 and 13) are doing just great.  They are excited and a little nervous for their baptism next thursday, but they are just so great!  Their Mom isn't going to be baptized the same day, but we are still teaching her and hopefully we can set a date with her for december.  

Funny story....I have been pretty blessed health wise so far on my mission. WE all know I am not the most coordinated person in the world, but I somehow manage to survive:)  I haven't had bad any problems or accidents here...until last night.  It was quite hilarious actually. Don't worry, I'm not injured or anything, just my pride is hurt a little...but it's to funny not to share.  So hna Schwegler and I are walking from a members house to another appointment last night.  It is dark and we are we were bookin' it missionary style.  I pull out the phone to text our appt to tell them we are going to be a little late. Keep in mind it is dark and I am looking down at a bright screen...when all of a sudden Hna S just screams "POLE!!!!!!" at me at the top of her lungs! Naturally i turn to look at her, and just as I turn I ram straight into a street pole.  Luckily I hit my shoulder on it and not my face...but it was hilarious. We both fell on the ground and laughed our heads off for a few minutes.  It was so embarrassing, but at least we got a good laugh out of it:)

Cam- Thanks for sending a box! I haven't gotten it yet, but that is so nice of you:)  How are the kids doing in school? Is it freezing there yet? Do you have lots of snow? Tell the kiddios I say helllo and that I love em!!

Tara- My address is the same, and will always be the same my whole mission because all our mail gets sent to the mission home, and not our individual apartments. Glad you are enjoying Florida:) Give all the kids a big hug from me K?  

Mom- Just so you know, the mission address is 451 WEST Bobier Dr...not east:) yOu always put east on yuo letters, and they always get to me, but just so you know:) Glad you guys had a great visit with the Gpadres whick and Betty and JOhnny!  Good luck with all that is going on this week with Thanksgiving:)  

Jame- I honestly don't remember how the green fleece jacket fit fit me just fine I think, because I wore it on more than one occasion... but i really don't remember.  Glad you enjoyed the letters:)  Ella is so funnyy...she carried hers around for a couple of days...little cutie.  Tell Addie I said congrats about her tooth!!  

Well, I am a little bummed that all of you will get to see each other/ talkto each other/ and eat deliocious food together for Thanksgiving:)  I will miss you all, but think of me as you eat your delicious turkey....because undoubtedly I will be eating turkey will lots and LOTS of chiles in it...and possibly stuffed with mustard and mayo....yup.  Mexicans sometimes have interesting ways of cooking. But it will be great nonetheless:)  ESpecially since we will be eating with the Ruiz-Tello Familia who are dirt poor, and are the sweetest people I have ever met. But know, that I am grateful this Thanksgiving season to be here serving the Lord! There is no better place I could be right now,and I am so greatful for all the blessings the Lord has given me in my life. I am truely blessed in all aspects and I will forever be indebted to the Lord. Thanks fam and friends for loving me and being my examples always:) Love you all!!

Talk to you next week!!!!!!

-Hna Whicker

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