Tuesday, November 6, 2012

6 Nov, Week 1 Transfer 3--Mission Viejo


Not gonna lie,  this week has been a toughie.  REallly tough.  I never thought it would be so hard to leave a companion and an area in the mission...but boy was I wrong!!  I am currently in Mission Viejo-  which is the farthest north that our mission goes.  We live in Laguna Niguel and our area covers Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, and a few other Laguna areas that I can't remember the name of right now.  But I can most definitely say that I definitely live in Orange County now and no longer in the Ghettos of Oceanside!  

My compainion's name is Hermana Schwegler....Sorry Al, you can probably guess from that that she is not a latina:)  She has only been on the mission 2 months longer than me, so we are most defintely still learning together. She is from Cinncinatti Ohio and and is very loud and crazy and happy:) Which is great.  We get along just fine, I think it'll just take some time to create a good solid relationship.  Mission Viejo is beautiful and the people here in the ward are just lovely.  I still feel a little bit like I am drowning...because I don't know my comp very well still, I don't know the people here, and I don't know the area here at all.  But I am exercising my faith that all will be will and I will be able to adjust quickly.  This is where the Lord needs me, and I just keep telling myself that. I'm still wroking on learning Patience....pretty sure that one is gonna be a life long lesson unfortunately....

So I"m doing well...but it has just been an emotional week.  It all started last week. I had quite the shock last week when our Zone leaders called Hna Kohrman and asked her opinion of ME being ready to train a new missionary.  (Of course she wasn't supposed to tell me this, but we had some serious companion unity...and she told me:)  Needless to say, I started flipping out.  Followed by a breakdown...and some tears.  I can barely speak spanish myself and I just couldn't imagine training right after I finished getting trained.  Poor Hna Kohrman  didn't think I would react that way...she only told me because she thought I would be flattered...which it is flattering...but more stressful than anything else.  Anyways...so the week started with that and me worrying that I would be asked to train...and then finding out that I was leaving OCeanside and Hna K...and then saying goodbye to everyone in Oceanside...and then being thrown into a whole nother world of unkownness...(at least that's what it feels like) So yeah. Things are getting better though.  I'm becoming more comfortable here and getting to know everyone and everything.  So that's the emotional life of a missionary...just in case anyone was wondering!  But the scripture in Moroni 7:33 keeps coming to my mind... "Si teneis fe in mi, tendreis cualquier cosa que me sea conveniente"  Only have it momorized in Span sorry. If we have faith in Christ, we will be able to do whatsoever thing is expedient to him.  Dad- I would say that Is my fav scripture right now...so tell thei bishop that one. 

Jame-  Tell Addie and Ruby that I said Happy birthday:) I finally got your package and it was great! Thanks so much, that scent is sooooo goood!  And Ella's letter was hilarious:) Hopefully I"ll have to time to write addie and Ella back today...we just got back from the Newport temple (tiny tiney!) and our Pday has gotten cut shrot a litle.  That is why I am emailing so late!  

Everyone keeps asking me if I need anything...welll if any of you would like to send me some cute sweaters, i would not decline.  I only brought one with me and it is pretty chilly here!  Mom- I got the recipe book! Thanks so much:) It is perfect...unfortunately the members in this area are CRAZY about feeding us...we have had 2 dinners in one evening more than one time this week.  They are really nice, but they just don't take no as an answer...ever.  So hopefully it will be of more use in my next area:)  

Other than that things are good here in Mission Viejo.  There is a lot of potential here...and we've got a few investigators right now that we are trying to get to commit to a baptismal date...we'll see how that goes this week!  I ahve also been told twice this week that I talk like an Argentine:)  That just made me think of DAd and Ali:)  Just carrying on the Argentine tradition with all the mexicanos down here in California! 

Love you all soo! The computer is being dumb so I can't attach any pics today, but I will fo sho next week!1 Love ya lots!!

-Hna Whicker

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