Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Native…YES!!! (21 Oct, Week 4, Transfer 11)

Hello Familia!!!

Well It's been a great week!

To start it off someone asked me the other week if I was a NATIVE!!!!
Obviously I was on the phone....but I was quite flattered:)  been waiting my
whole mission for THATone! I might have already said that last week, but I
can't remember, and it doesn't hurt to say it twice;) haha.

We had several random 'run-in's' with our ward members this week. Well, they
were 'random', but the Lord planned them:) One of them was the other night
when we were walking to our backup appointment and contacting along the way.
We saw this van pull up, so we started to walk slower so we wouldn't pass
them before they got out- ya know ya gotta time these things just right;) So
this lady hops out and we start talking to her. She promptly rejects us by
making up soime excuse and running in her apartment. So we keep walking when
I hear, "Hermana WHicker!" And the lady that dropped her off was Hermana
Rivas a lady in our ward! We went over and talked to her and she said that
was her Sister in law that we had just tried to talk to. She was shocked
that we just happened to be in that neighborhood at the exact moment that we
were walking by. She says first of all she is NEVER in that area and she
rarely goes out with her sister in law. So she took it that the Lord was
telling her that her Sis in law needs to hear the Gospel again. It's
actually been really cool beacuse we've been working with her other friend
Claudia- and she came to church yesterday! Sis Rivas came up to us after
church andsaid that she's breaking out her address book and giving us
everyname that she has in there for us to visit! She said we could even say
that the Rivas Family sent them over!  It's SWEET.  We love it.

YEsterday we had the Primary program in our ward. That always puts a nice
smile on my face:) CHildren are such a joy!

WE've had some minor setbacks with the progression of manny of out
investigators. The ninos- GAbe and Will and Mother bailed yesterday and
didn't come to church. WE don't know what happened as they weren't there for
our appontment on Saturday either. They probalbly went to MExico for the
Weekend again. but they can't get abptized if they don't come to church! And
it's hard becuase the kids are just completely at the liberty of their
mother....they can't control whetherthey go to Mex on the weekends or not.
So their date will have to be changed.

Alex's date got bumped back too due to family scheduling conflicts...no big
deal, but I'm a little worried about his mother beacuse they didn't come to
church yesterday either.

And we found out Allen's father (well and Mother) have some issues with the
Word of Wisdom...so he's not worthy to abptize him. And they are pretty set
on having him do it. The thing is we still haven't even MET the dad...and it
looks like he really doesn't even have any desire to cheange or come back to
church.  sooo, we're trying to figure out what to do with that. Hopefully
the Brach President can get him in to talk with him about that.

WE had a really cool experience night before last. We had just gotten back
from exchanges and I was just SO tired. IT was 7:30 and I was trying to
motivate myself to be motivated to work the rest of the evening. Our set
appoinment wasn't there so our backup was the GAlindo family. I wasn't super
excited because the last time we tried this family they looked through their
window and saw us and didn't answer the door. (IT is very possible that they
didn't know we were missionaries though, b/c very few people around ehre
have seen sister missionaries and didn't even know they existed.)d Anytways,
we knocked and this lady opened the door and we started talking and she
invited us in. Turns out her husband is a LessActive member. We asked if she
was a member too and she said, "no, not yet" That sparked my ears.... YET?
YET! No one ever says that!  AWesome. But we had the most powerful lesson!
It was so cool! We read a Scripture and then I was prompted to turn to
another scripture-I told  her to turn to that page and she flipped it
openand it fell immediately on the right page b/c there was a little plastic
star marking that page. She looked up at me SHOCKED and said woah. (it was
her husband's old copy of the BOM) Then we read it and Hna Painter asked a
question that just made the Spirit rush into the roomand she started crying.
It was so cool- we were able to testify that we were representatives of
Jesus Christ and that we were snet there FOR HER.  The Spirit was so strong.
Anyways, she prayed to close and prayed that her husband's heart would be
softened so that they could come to church soon.  SO all in all iot was a
miracle. And we are having FHE with them tonight - we are pumped.

That is a huge bummer about the car! I wouldn't have been very happy about
the insurance not covering it either. Ugh.  But Mom- the family that always
takes pictures of us and sends them to you on their phone is the Cuevas
Family.  We eat with them everyweek and 50%of the time they take us out.
They are so generous, and loving. I love them.

PS dad your poem was hilarious! Definitely made my day:)

Thanks Mike Jones For always writing me! Sorry I never have enough time to
write you back individually, but it's good to hear that you and PAt and Aunt
Vada are doing well!

Well, it's been hitting me pretty hard lately that I am almost done. Most of
the time I jsut try to put it out of my head, but especially when I am
forced to look at the calendar-( which we do at least nightly to talk about
what day we want to invite people to be baptized on) I get a nice smack in
the face of how little time is left.  I just sing a hymn to try and get my
mind off of it- or immerse myself in other people's problems. But I am
excited to see you all. It is just such a bitter sweet thing. I love my
mission. I don't want it to end. But it is something that must happen. BUT
it doesn't happen until DEcember- so good thing I've still got time:)  Love
you all so! Thanks for supporting me in all :) Hope you all have a onderful
week filled with the Spirit and FULL of missionary experiences:)  If
anything, this week I was reminded of how essential Members are in the work!
Sso : Just DO IT! Amen.

Love, Hermana WHicker!

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