Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Temple (15 Oct, Week 3, transfer 11)

Fam Bam,

We've been running like crazy all morning! But it was worth it because we got to go to the temple!!! It's been since May since I last got to go.  It was so great- actually a little bit bitter sweet. I LOVED the new video.  I was captivatied the whole time- I kept wanting to be able to press pause so I could just stop and think for 2 seconds.  But it was also the last time that I will be in the San Diego Temple as a missionary- and that one cut deep.  Then to top it all off travel itinerary was in my inbox when I got to the about crazinesss.   It really is such a bitter sweet thing. I can't even think about it right now....

Moving on.  we had the BEST lesson this week with a woman named Rosalba.  Marisa Kendrick...I have met your TWIN. SEriously. SAme voice, same mannerisms, same personality. We had run into her a couple of days before and set up a return appointment and came back to teach her.  She was willing to listen, but made it very clear that she was Catholic and firm in her beliefs.  As she was saying all of this, I was having 2 thought processes play out in my mind. One: my mind was saying- nope. We are looking for the prepared people, those that are willing to ACT and she's not willing- let's go.  Two: but she hasn't even heard our message yet, the Spirit hasn't even had the chance to soften her heart...we have to stay.  We are always told to picture them in white, and EXPECT  a yes when we invite them, or contact or whatever.  So- I did that and she looked so great- all in white ready to be abptized.  we started the lesson and it was so powerful.  Hermana Painter normally shares the first vision, because she is still learning it and it is good practice, but we decided to swap this time and that I would give it and she would invite to be baptized.  When we got to that part of the lesson, and I started quoting the words of Joseph Smith, my eyes just immediately filled up with tears and the spirit just swooped in. It was so cool!!! That has always been my favorite part of the first lesson becauase the spirit always comes in.  And whether they choose to recognize it as the spirit, even after you have pointed it out to them, or Not, they see the impact that it has on YOU and it is just so cool. We were all three of us bawling and it was just so cool. WE invited her to be baptized then and she took a long time to think about it- and said no. But it's okay because she'll say yes, she is just afraid of changing what she grew up with in the Catholic church- it's just tradition that's what their family has been for generations.  It was so cool.  I just love it. I LOVE being a missionary and getting to have those types of opportunities- so blessed.

Alex, the 9 year old is doing great- moving steadily towards his baptismal datenext saturday!  He's so great.

We also set a date with an investigator that we have- Fernanda. She's about 30 and living with an abusive boyfriend- but we had a bomb lesson with her and she committed to a date! Now we just have to move her out and get her to church! But it's so cool to see people change! 

Allen, the other 9 year old that we are teaching is progressing nicely as well. We still haven't been able to meet with his Dad or even meet him at all- so since they want him to do the actual ordinance, it could get pushed back. 

The brothers William and Gabe are doing well too. They are excited about their baptism, they just have been visiting their Dad in Tiujana every weekend, but it looks like they are going to be here this weekend, so they'll make it to church. Happy DAY!

Things here are good with Hermana Painter:) We are becoming better teachers together and just better companions everyday.  

Thanks for all of your kind and supporting prayers and letters and everything. I love you all. I often say that I have the best family, but it really is the truth. I hear LOTS about families and relationships from companions and investigatros and members, and sometimes I am utterly APPAULED at the thigns that have happened and their attitudes and everyhting. There really are no words to say how grateful I am to all of you for the positive influence and impact you have had on my life!  All ther eis to say is I loveyou!! 

that is all I have time for today. Have a maravillosa week this week! Love you all!!!!

_Love, hna Whicker

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