Friday, November 22, 2013

"E" is for Extra awesome (19 Nov, week 2, Transfer 12)


Attatched is my photo of the "E" in our family. It is pretty tolky- made out of gospel pamphlets, but hey, it reflects my callign as a missionary (plus it's all we had:) But there ya go KAte!!! 

Wow I felel like I am in a an extra rush today! Our pday is cut short and we have an authority visiting our mission - so we have to go down to vista for a mtg tonight.  And we have district activity and clean the car.  So we are rushing .. 

This week has been good.  We had a super exciting lesson with Caludia and Andrew- and they want to be BAPtized!!!! So great.  They are just going to talk to their father/husband about it...which could be an issue, but we are fasting and praying for him and his heart to be softened. So we will see what happens. 

I've been sick this week with a cold, but I got a blessing the other night and since then I've been feeling a little bit better everyday. On Tuesday here it was like 95 degrees and then on wednesday it was like 55.  Super drstic change for us californians!!!  I know it's nothign for you all in utah, but hey- it's a big thing here. 

I really don't have much to say- what a boring letter. We had excahnges this week- I had to run in the rain( that didn't help my cold at all...but gotta be an example of obedience.). 

Oh- we picked up a new investigator- Antonio. he is hilarious- he was in a bad accident at work about 2 months ago and it injured his brain. He can still function and speak (english and spanish) but he used to play the guitar and now only his left habd remembers how and his right doesn't. Interesting.  We  are also trying to get and Englsih class up and running here in the Stake. I tell you- I feel like I am draggin the whole branch behind me in getting it going...they are very slow to act...and it can be quite frustrating at times. but it should be good once it actuallt gets up and running. 

We have plans this thanksgiving to eat with la familia Fuentes- the ones that always send you pics of us when we are eating dinner. they don't liek turkey though- so it'll probs be a ham annd some other stuff with a mexican twist in it:) Should be good:) 

Thanks Mom for sending the stories and getting those to me so fast:) And those journal entries were aweseom Dad:) Loved it. And Thanks for all the emails from my sisters!   Love ya!  Soryy- the time flew today-- too many things to do..  Love you all! Thanks for you love and support! 

-Love Hna whicker

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