Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Frogs (28 Oct, Week 5, Transfer 11)

What a great week!

First of all Alex had his baptismal interview and is good to go to be baptized this Saturday! We are so excited for him:) He is one of the cutest kids ever.  Can't wait to see him make that Covenant with our Heavenly Father!  So exciting.

2nd great news is that we finally got Allen's Dad to meet with the Branch President and he is good to go top baptize his son!!! YESSSSSS We are so excited. The Branch President set the date of Dec 14th to work towards- so that'll be a nice send off present the weekend before I have to leave!

While we were heart attacking a member of our ward, we get a text from the Sister Rivas- the one that sees us EVERYWHERE, and her message of course says, "I see you guys". So crazy!! But it was cool because everywhere she sees us, she says that the Lord is giving her a sign of someone else in that particular area that needs the Gospel. So she's says she'll be working on her friend that lives in that particular complex as well.  It is just so cool to see how the Lord Works.  REAlly- He is so All knowing and knows each of us individually and how we hear Him.  I love that. This same member sent us to her friend that last week- Claudia and her 9 year old son Andrew. The member didn't want to come with us the first time, so we went alone and had a great lesson. We set some expectations and talked about ehr religious experience. And to our comeplete shock she says, "Oh yeah, I try to go to church with Adriana (Sister Rivas) at least oncea month, and I try to fast every now and then, and if I really need to be uplifted I"ll just go to lds.org and read some conference talks on there." I'm not sure if I've ever really had a 'jaw-dropping' moment before, but at that moment my jaw surely DROPPED. NO  ONE just listens to conference talks online or fasts becuase it makes them feel good!  SEriosuly--- MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!   Her son really wants to be baptized too, the only problem is that her husband's family is very much JEhovah's witness. And even though they as a couple left that church due to some disagreements on doctrine..or whatnot, he is still very hesitant about the Mormon church.  So, we are going to see them this tuesday, and hopefully we'll commit them to a baptismal date and abe able to meet the dad as well. WE are super excited about them!

Susana is also doing well- the less active/part member family that we finally found at home lst week. She didn't make it to church though, so we were bummed about that, but she is seriously so prepared to be baptized. So prepared! SHe just doesn't want to do it with out the support of her family, but we are trying to work with her! There are some other peeps that we are teaching, but that's all those that are progressing. Fernanda and the ninos aren't really preogressing at all...we'll see if we have to drop them this week;(

we had our ward Halloween Party on Saturday- at wheich we got asked to speak in Sac mtg the next morning..haha so funny. At least we had a mornign study to prepare ourselves- better than the 30 mintues we had to prep in Vista!  But it was actually a really powerful Sac mtg- all four of us missionaries in the branch spoke and the spirit was really stroong.  We had just had a huge training at ZOne conference on how to properly prepare and give a talk in sac mtg as a missionary- and it was GREAT. We are actaully asked not to speak on missionary work- becuase it is cliche and members just automatically assume that we are going to do that and then they tune out..inentionally or not, it happens. We are instructed to teach as much doctrine in the amount of time we have so that the members can SEE that we really can teach, and we do know what they are talking about- then they will be more likely to trust us with their friends.  IT was a cool experience, and I really think it will have an impact on the members doing missionary work here. 

This is an exceptional branch. It is so tiny, but the members are strong. And we as missionaries are being blessed by their hard work and diligence.  I love it!

So funny story. Hna Painter has 3 little brothers- so she has all of these inclinations that I, having grown up with 5 sisters, have never had. Example number 1: We are leaving an appointment, and on the side of the house is a little frog ( tiny like the size of a quarter) Naturally she goes to cathcit and I , just stand there, gently reminding her that we have another appointment to get to. Picture this: She is holding her scripture case under one arm keeping her elbow locked in by her side so it doesn't fall, at the same time leaning in towards the wall to cup her hand s over the frog and catch it.  As she closes in for the catch,the frog jumps, making her jump and drop her scriptures. So everythign falls. The frog disappeared...and both of us immediately assumed that her scriptures landed on top of it killing it.  She immediately BURSTS into TEARS feeling so sad, not for her sciptures, but for the frog, while I immediately burst into laughter.  Oh it was the funniest moment of my life...she is so great. SO FUNNY. Luckily the frog didn't die- just dissappeared. Or if he did die, it wasn't from her scriptures. IT was hilarious. LAter that day, a turutle urinated on my foot. THat on the other hand, was not funny. I am SO not an animal person.

And Tara- Don't even worry about not feeling as fun as the others...my companion told me that I needed to have a little more Fun the first week we were together...Obviously you can telll we were still building our relationship...and we were both nmew to the area, so I was alittle stressed, but it made me laugh.  YOu are doing GREAT where you are at and don't let SAtan get ya down!!!!

Well That's all we have time for today. I love yuo all! KAtie is in our Prayers! Glad that Mom and Perris had a great birthday week! 
Thanks DAd for getting everything with classes worked out!  You da best! And we can figure out the rest of the little bumps when I actaully get abck.

Love you all!

-Hermana WHicker

Pics- The turtle that shortly thereafter peed on me.
Making pupusas at CArmen's house making pupusas at a Relief society activity with some investigators!

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