Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Buenos Dias (11 Nov, Week 1, Transfer 12)


First off, sorry about the email thing last week.  I knew I attached a bunch of pics so I specifically waited to make sure it sent...and I thought it did but looks like no. Sorry!  And too bad that President Kendrick said no to Andy, it would have been fun to see him, but soon enough I guess:)

Well this week has been good. Really nothing too exciting happened. Almost all of our lessons with investigators fell through this week and it was a bummer, but we did see other miracles- we FINALLY found a bunch of less actives aT HOME. We've been stopping by their houses at different times of the day for the last 7 weeks and we finally caught some of them.  It was great. There is this one lady, named Violeta, who is ain a rest home. She is a member, but is losing her memory and mind very slowly. So really we visit her just as service, because she doesn't remember or retain anythign we teach her. So anyways, we rolled her out to the patio to have our lesson. It was anice day outside, and we read a pasage from the book of mormon and chatted about it. We offered her a mint like we always do, and then we asked her to say the closing prayer. So, we all bow our heads and she begins.  About half way through the prayer she just stops, mid sentence and looks at Hna Painter's shoes and says, "I LOVE your shoes!" Hna Painter looks up at me with one eye still squinted and with the expression on her face of "WHATDo I DO? Should I finish the prayer...she likes my SHOES? What on earth..." Oh it was SOOOO funny. It was all I could do to not burst into laughter right there. Violeta just got a little distracted and forgot that she was praying, and it was hilarious.  Oh how I love it.  When else in my life will I be in a situation like that? Never. :)  I love Hermana Painter. And Violeta.

We did have a miracel this week with Jose Luis.  So Alex, the 9 year old got baptized last weekend and his mother ios dating Jose Luis. Luis has been coming to church for a couplke of weeks now, but has been adament about not taking the lessons.   BUT our Branch President was talking to him after Sac mtg this sunday and something changed because we now have a lesson SET with him for this Saturday night. I love it. He's gona be abptized soon. Soooo soon that I pray that I am still here when it happens!!

So great. We have 2 general authorities coming this transfer. Elder Something Packer ( not from the 12) and Elder kent  Richards, so that should be fun.

This week I think I have come to be at peace with the future. I love missionary work. And we are working our tails of here. I will be so sad to leave, but the Lord has blessed me with a peace about coming home. Peace is just such a  great feeling. I really don't think there is any other feelign that can top that feeling. Really.. And when you have Peace, it is much easier to feel love and joy and gratitud and all those other good feelings.  Really, I love peace.  Let's all have peace okay? Both personal peace and peace in our homes. I am always so sad to leave a home that we visit and there is so much disrespect and hate and nastiness flying around in the words that come out of mouths.  It's painful and that''s not what our Heavenly Father feels or what He wants for us. it's like that one hymn, "Master the tempest is raging" WE are living in the Tempest of the world, but peace is attainable. "Peace, peace, be still" are the words of the Master.  Love that. Let us all strive for that this week. 

Oh before I forget, please Mother and FAther and Grandparents, we have to fill out this family History packet in prep for a new fam hist program in missionary work- and I need some Memories or Stories or info about my great grandparents: Benjamin A whick, Beulah king, Horace William And Genevieve, and LeRoy tims and Virginis ALice Olsen. Porfavor:) Anythign you can tell me about them or funny memorries or stories. I brought my pedigree chart on my mission, but not my whole book of storie b/c it was too much. Thanks! And if you could send it so I could get it for next Monday that's be great:)

Hna PAinter and I realized the true similarities between sister missionaries and Grandmas... please see below:

-"I need shoes with better support".
- "My knees hurt"
-"Your skirt isn't long enough my dear..."
-" I LOVE your cardigan!"
-"What song is that?"
- What does that even mean?" ( in regards to acronyms such as "YOLO or Instagram or Meem"  ( I still am learnign what these things are. I am so old. )

 Oh and the Library was closed yesterday for Veterans Day hence, why I am writing today:) Hope all is well with Jame and fam, didn't hear from them this week:) 

Well I love you all and hope you are doing well!!!!  Katie, you are constantly in my prayers for your health and recovery.  Congrats on being Senior Ball royalty.  You are surely outshining anything I ever did at Dixie High:) Have an awesome week and Let us all Press on in the Work of the Lord! Wherever we may be.

-Hermana Whicker

P.S. Ali asked me to think about what meal I want when I get home....not sure about the specifics but I am sure that it will include LOTS of vegetables and those roasted potatoes....those are so delicious and i am vegetable deprived:) So there ya go. 

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