Wednesday, December 11, 2013

El Dia de Gracias (25 Nov, Week 3, Transfer 12)

Feliz Dia de Gracias FAMILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it is already Thanksgiving?  I can't. Seriouly- time flies.
Well this week has been a rather wet week, but it has been good:) Good news
it that I am now healthy- being sick is just no fun, but it's all good.  We
had lots of exchanges last week in Temecula- So I was gone for about 48
hours, but I was so proud of hna Painter because she led the area all by
herself and did an awesome job!  AND we had some sweet miracles when we were
back together!

First off Jose Luis. We had a lesson with him at our branch President's
house- and it was great!  He still didn't commit to a baptismal date, but he
did say in his prayer "Help me to be able to be prapared to be
baptized"!!!!!!I lmost squeeled with joy right there during the
prayer....but I held it in until we got to the car:)  But he is progressing
wonderfully- he is great. He WILL be baptized, I'm just not sure if it will
happen before Dec 14th. but that's okay.  So jose Luis is the boyfriend of
Alex's mom (ALex the 9yr old that just got baptized). So we went to their
house to pick them up so they could follow us to the Branch President's
house and as soon as we walk in the door Alex runs down the stairs and said,
"I was reading the Book of Mormon at 5 o'clock today!" HAhahaha it was so
cute, it just warmed my heart. Children are just so teachable and pure-
especially Alex. We taught him about how reading the scriptures daily
strengthens us and helps us get to the Celestial kingdom and avaid Satan's
Temptations and he's defintely been  doing it. Awesome. Love him. And The

And then there is Susana! We had a sweeeet lesson with her. First of all her
husband was home so we asked him to come join in and HE DID!! He is a less
active. He joined the church when he was 15 or 16 but then all his friends
went on missions and moved away. He wanted to serve too, but his family
wouldn't support him, so he fell away because it was too hard to do it
alone.  But he told us about this cool experience he had. So as a youngin he
went to seminary with his friends. A few years back tthis seminary teacher
was dying and he got to see her. She asked him why he left the church, to
which he responded, that life just happened. She looked him in the eye and
told him that his family would bring him back into the church and that
someday soon he would get a sign or send somebody ( I can't remember exactly
what he said). And he said he thinks that's starting to happen. Then we
asked him what he thought that sign was, and he just said, "I think it's you
two" and then he started crying. It was such a powerful moment!  They have
like ZERO family support and it was just so cool to see how the Lord promted
us to share Matt 19:29, "Those that forsake houses, brothers, sisters,
mothers, fathers, wife, or children or land for my namesake will receive
100fold more and inhereit eternal life." (that's a rough translation sorry).
We commited her to pray to know if the Lord wants her to be baptized on the
14th of DEc and Cesar to pray to know if this is true to get another
confiramtion of the truthfullness of it. They both did it and it was so
powerful. She has been doing it everyday, but says she feels somethign is
missing- that will change as soon as they get to church on Sunday!  We are
seriously so excited about her. She is so ready to be baptized- she just
needs the support form the ward- we have a member coming with us to our
lesson tonight so hopefully that'll help her out a lot too.

We contaced into a man named Conner about 3 weeks ago and gave him a book of
mormon on the spot- and sent the englsih missionaries over there- and they
told us today that he has baptismal date for DEcember! It was really
exciting! I love being apart of the Lord's work!!!!!

We were a little bummed about Claudia and Andrew- they cancelled our
appointment last week and wthey are the most difficult people in the world
to get ahold of!! WHich means if they cancelled their dad ether said no, or
they didn't talk to him.  And we can't ever find them to ask, but hopefully
we'll be able to get ahold of them this week even though it's Thanksgiving.

So yesterday we were eating with the Fuentes family- and they knew I had
been sick so they pulled out some "airbourn" vitamin C and gave me some. So
I go to put one in my mouth and all I see is Hna Painter grabbing it and
throwing it in my cup of water while saying NOOOOOOOO....I am shocked and
Hno Fuentes is literally flabbergasted... It was hilarous.  SHe was trying
to protect me from the kind of airborn that is effervescent and dissolves in
water first, but she ended up chucking my chewable vitamina in my
was so funny. she is such a drama queen.  Today I realized that she is only
a year and 1/2  older than Katie....CRAZY. I feel so old.

KATIE congrats on being crowned queen!! That is so cool!! I couldn't see the
pictures that DAd sent though because it was trying to make me create a
dropbox account, and we can't do that. but I imagine that you looked just
beatiful:)  Are you feeling any better?

Hey Mom and Dad- i sent my blanket and my 72 hr kit us with the Cook family-
I don't know if they already delivered it or not beacuse I haven't heard
from either of you today,(Scratch that- mom I just got your email) but just
in case here is Brother Cook's number if you need to tell them to drop it
off at Jean and Cliff's house. 951-816-0606, I have no idea what his first
name is...but I gave them both of your cell phone numbers so if you get a
random call froma 951 number, it's probably them.

TAra and Hart Family- I have you for Christmas:) ANything in particular
you'd like to suggest for Christmas?

Well I love you all! The Gospel is true and I just love it to pieces.  That
is really all that matters:) Hope you all have a delicious Thanksgiving
dinner and enjoy the company of famliy and bask in gratitud for all that we
have been given!!  Love you all!

-Hna Whicker

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