Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ready? Dec 18, Week 1, Transfer 4

Well you ready to hear who my companion is?  You all know her already..........................................HNA ADAMS!  We were in the same MTC district.  and now we are companions! Craziness. (she's the curly haried one with the glasses in the pictures from the MTC). 

Not gonna lie though, this week has been really hard for me.  STress up the wazooooo.  LAst Tuesday at the Transfer mtg Hna Kohrman went home- so I had to say goodbye to her, and although Hna Adams and I are in a "co-senior" companionship- it is difficult.  I feel like I am most definitely the Senior companion...because I do most of everything. and it's hard.  WE are working on it together, but her spanish isn't as good and she is just quiet! She doesn't talk in lessons much-and it is just difficult.  So there has been a lot of weight on my shoulders....and it makes me worried for when I do have to train, I'm just not sure how I'm going to handle it! It is hard!! And I've been praying my guts out to Heavenly Father to  help me to know how I can be better and how I can help her better and how we can both help our investigators better.  Plus I have to started to experience a little bit of homesickness just because it's Christmas and everyone is talking about famliy...
I just need to take a deep breath and know that the Lord is on our said- we can't fail becuase we are doing HIS work.  Thanks for sharing that scripture in your email CAm- I needed to hear that too:)  

And on top of all of that, things have kind of been falling apart with our investigators. The ninos still can't be baptized becuase their mom won't give them permission. We are working out TAILS off the Iris, the mom, so that we can get them baptized, but to no avail so far.  WE are hoping and praying for a Christmas Miracle.  Things with Enot are improving....he has a new bap date for January, we are just still working our tails off to find him a different apt to live in so he can be living the law of chastity.  And other than that we have been doing a heck of a lot of finding! and we haven't had much's been a little discouraging actually.  That is probably the hardest part of the mission- working SO DANG HARD, and then not seeing any results from your efforts.  People just have their agency and they just plain choose WRONG.  Dumb.  Oh well- we will keep searching to find those that are prepared to listen to us.  But - ONWARD CHIRSTIAN SOLDIERS right?  Onward we go!

I had to speak in sacrament Mtg for the first time in SPANISH--man it was stressful.. Can I just say you have NO time to prepare a talk as a missionary...none whatsoever.  Thank goodness Heavenly Father helped me out with that one! I"m just glad it's over. 

Monday we get to have a Christmas party as a mission- that's pretty much the extent of our celebration here. Other than that we will just be visiting families and searcing for people to listen to us:)  Mom and DAd- I got your wreath:)  THanks- that was quite a surprise:) An dMom I got your other package as well! I haven't opened the presents yet...except the mini nativity which is super cute:)  Ali- I also got you package and CAmi's :)  Thanks everyone for sharing the love:)  Sorry I still haven't sent pictures yet... the kiosk at walmart has been nroken these past 2 weeks and there are some pictures I need to print our before I send it home to dump the card. Hopefully all will be in working order when we go today. 

aLi- your Christmas package will be late. So sorry. but it will come:)  

PS- Katie is going to meet her birth father after Christmas? WOAH!  I didn't know that!  When did this happen?  I would like some more info on this please:) Preferable from little miss KT herself.  OKay kate:)  

Ali- will you accept the latinos on my fb?  Thanks:)  and Why are Jelyn and Sterling in the hospital?

Welll- time is gone already. Happens everyweek. But I just want you all to know that I have a testimony of this Gospel I know that our Savior Jesus Christ came to earth for a specific mission- to make it possible to us to return to our Heavenly Father.  And i know that it is only through the gifts of His birth, his life, his sacrifice, the atonement, and his ressurection that we can have the promise of living with our families for all eternity. How indebted are we all to Him?  More so than I can even comprehend.  I am forever grateful fro this Gospel, and let us all give a gift to our Savior this Christmas season- for He has given us everything. I know this Gospel is true!  Love you all to death and talk to you in exactly one week and 10 minutes okay? 

Mucho Amor!

-Hna Lynds Whick

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