Sunday, January 6, 2013

12 ubas, January 2, Week 3, Transfer 4

(By "ubas" she means "uvas".  Latins are notorious for mixing "b" and "v" and Lynds has got herself mixed up in that confusion!!)
Buenos Dias Familia!

Happyyy New YEAR!! CAn you believe it is 2013 already? Cause I sure can't.  things here are good. We had a hard week last week and we picked up ZERO new investigators and we are having trouble helping the investigators we have progress.  but we are still working our tails off.  

We had to come in early on New years Eve because of the crazies that are out.  but it was good- felt weird to be in our Apartment that early, because we are just NEVER there at that time. We had posolee with IRis and the fam for dinn and then  HNa Fabian gave us each 12 ubas (grapes) to take home (b/c we couldn't stay an dcelebrate with them). There is a tradition in Mexico that at midnight on NYEve, that you eat one grape for every month of the year and make a wish for that month. So in all- you make 12 wishes for theyear. It was fun:)  Except we did it at 10pm instead of 12:)  

Andrea and Iris (daughter and mother) came to another baptism this weekend and it was great.  Andrea SOOOO wants to be baptized, but her mom is still hesitant.  the baptism was great and she felt the Spirit, but then as soon as it ended all of the ward members basically "Attacked" her.  They had good intentions, but they were basically shoving baptism down her throat---and seeing as we (as missionaries) were already putting a little pressure on her to get her to act, the pressure of a million other people has made her pull back a little. we are Sad about that. It will happen, eventually, and I guess I just need to work on my patience. But in the meantime we are doing everything we can to help her overcome her doubt/fear. She is just afraid that Her kids will be baptized and then they'll fall away and she doesn't want that to happen becuase she knows the improtance of baptism . So that is the situation we are in- hopefully the Spirit will touch her heart as she continues to pray and read and as we continue to work with her. 

Haha- Andrea told me that at least one of my grape wishes had to be for her mom to say yes to  her getting baptized...:)  All 12 of mine might have been devoted to that cause...:) MAN- I just want it to happen SOOO badly!  She just wants it so bad and I just want it so badly for her!  Ahhh-- Come on IRIS!!!!!

We also saw Enot yesterday. We went into our lesson with plans to drop him, but it just wasn't right.  So we read in the Book of Mormon with him and it was aPOWERFUL lesson. So sweet. The BOM is such a powerful tool- it is the bomb.  Not gonna lie, though, I was really ready to give up on him- and He surprised us and the Spirit just told us not to drop him.  I was kind of excited to drop him only because He has some hard problems that we are going to have to overcome, and I would have been happy to not have dealt with them, but the Lord just told me to bite my here we go once again.  Hopefully this time we can get him over his problems!

We are also searching our little hearts out for people to teach. We've gotten a lot of rejection lately, but we have some cool potentials that we are working on picking up this week. We have some others, but I think they dropped off the face of the earth since we started teacing them becuase we can't EVER get ahold of them. So yeah.   I read a conference talk this week by President Monson about treating people as what they can become rather than how they are now -and how they will rise to the occassion and change. I want to do that!! So that is my goal this week and I am excited to see the miracles that will come from it- becsue there wil be MIRACLES! 

We are in week 4 of the transfer which means only 2 more weeks of the transfer. Time really flies- it's crazy. We both think we will both stay here in Mission Viejo. We heard that we will be getting 4 Spanish sisters over the next three transfers-- so we'll see what happens. Dunno how many of those will be coming in this transfer. But we shall see. 

Sorry- this isn't the best letter. I just really don't have much else to say. 

Glad to hear about Katie's pain level and that it has decreased. Hope that it will last!

We are going to learn how to make papusas from a couple from El Salvador that are recent converts. It will be sweet. Not exactly sure what papusas are, but I've been told they are kind of like a stuffed pancake...but we shall see. I will take lots of pictures:)  

Pday will be back to Tuesday next week- so just be aware:) 

LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOO!!!  Pray por favor for a miracle with Iris that she will give her permission!  
This work is great- hard as heck, but great. 

Aights- gots to go. Much love Familia!!

-Hna Whicker

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