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Dec 26, Week 2 Transfer 4

(We talked to Lyndsey via Google Plus as a family on Christmas day for 1 hour.  It was AWESOME, she looks great, she is a shining light!  I even spoke a little spanish to her--and realized she is all MEXICAN spanish!  It was really, really wonderful.  We love her!)
What A GREAT day it was yesterday to see all ofyour lovely faces:)

It was just pure joy to Google Plus-- sorry I feel like I didn't really get to talk with everyone the equal amout, but it was just lovely! And I love you all!  Definitely am a Chillona (cry baby)....whoops:)  Thanks James, for your lovely declaration of that at the end "You Glow baby..."HAHAHAHA that was hilarious:)  You have all changed, but you are all the same:) I can't believe it has already been 6 months!  

Thank you for all your support and encouragement. This last week has been a hard week...I just get frustrated when I work so hard, but I feel like I'm not making a difference because No one's getting baptized.  Plus, I just don't feel very close to my companion now...which is really difficult for me.  I am trying not to be prideful and just love her, but we are SO different. So different. We are fine- we don't fight or anything and we get along, we're just not best friends.  But I know that I am here with her doing what the Lord wants!  So watch our Mission Viejo...cuz here we come and we're gonna start off the new year the right way...hopefully with some baptisms! Oh man I SOOOOO want to find a family to teach that is just READY for the Gospel!  I want that so bad:) We wil find them!

I'm not gonna lie, I was really nervous that seeing everyone would make me really homesick and it would be astruggle to focus on the work after that. BUT Heavenly Father is blessign me greatly, because it was just the BOOST I needed to put a pep in my step and keep on truckin'.  So so great. I love you all. 

Yes- I am a mexican.  Seriously. Soy Mexicana.  I eat spicy, drink Abuelitas, eat rice beans and tortillas casi cada comida. I thought it was funny that ALi kep tsaying that on the webcam yesterday-we definitely are having different experiences than you did in Argentina:)  But it is fun.  Sometimes we pick up vocab from our Cuban/ Peruvian friends and then say them to our mexican friends and they have NO IDEA what we are talking that is kind of funny...I will defeintely have an interesting vocabulary when I get home. 

Thanks Jalyn for the Thanksgiving day package with carmels and letters from everyone!  It was so fun to hear from everyone on the Stones side:)  Haha- it made me laugh that about half of you said how much fun it was to read my letters and how much more descriptive they were than Todd's:) Haha-gave me the gigggles.

Well --- The tradition has continued....we pretty much eat 2 dinners a day...i'm gonna be so Huge by the time I get home...gross. For Christmas dinner we had Tamales (delicious...and they are Traditional for Christmas with Mexicans) and you drink it with Ponche (like a warm fruit cider with the fruit in the cup). Our second dinner consisted of Posolee (Po- soul - lay) wich is flippin delicous (at tleast when hns FAbian cooks it) and it is like a soup with carne and corn (but it's not regular's like mexican corn, I don't really know how to decribe it...) and you put crema and cabbage on top with aguacate and tostadas. So good. Soooooooo Fullllllll!  

OTher than that Chrsitmas was good- we had a lesson with Enot---he is an idiot I've decided. We are probs going to drop him. He wants to be baptized, but he doesn't and then he reads the Book of Mormon and thinks he finds all these inconsistencies as he reads it...but he can't even explain them to us, and then he gets frustrated. He just doesn't get the fact that He just needs to read it and pray about the BOM--- that is the KEY. B/c if they BOm is true, the Joseph Smith was a true Prophet b/c He translated it, and He really restored Christ's church. Everything hangs on the BOM. And no matter how many times we say that...he just doesn't get it. So anyways, that was frustrating.  But- we have picked up a lot of new investigators this past week---now we just got to get them rollin' and progressing.  

At our Mission Christmas Conference that we had on the 24th our P. Cook Challenged us all to read the Book of Mormon before Easter (which by the way falls on March 31st this year:) My Bday) and Mark all the references to the Savior's name as well as all of His pronouns (He, his, etc). We have to read 5.5 pages a day starting yesterday to get through it in time and I am sO excited!  It is going to be great and I just love the Book of Mormon!  Love love love. I know it is true!  And I'm excited to do this and have my testimony strengthened even more. 

So funny story - Andrea and Jose (the ninos we are teaching) have really struggled with saying the Lord's name in vain. Constant battle- and they have improved SO much, but they still have their moments.  So my last companion- Hna Schwegler- was super loud and crazy and her catchphrase was "OH JUDY!" So now everyime they slip up - they hurry and correct themselves by saying "Uh I mean... Oh Judy!"  Okay, it's really not that funny of a story, but it just made me think of When that girl (Adriana?) from spain was staying with us and she waould always correct herself by saying "Oh my life!" :)

Mom- that is a beautiful Christmas present!! I don't know what to call it...but it is very pretty:) Thank you so much:)

Anywhoo... hope you enjoy the pictures that I sent ( in the mail) and that they get to you safely. There were lots,.... like casi 200...whoops. It's been a while since I sent my Memory card home. but they are good ones:)

Also- Pday next week will be on WDNESDAY again because of the new year...all the stores will be closed on Tues. So, that's what's up:)

Love you allllllllllllll soooooooo muchhccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

-FEliz Navidad y prospero ano! (In sing song form of course.  Just imagine Celine Dion singing that...cuz that's most defintiely what's going through my head:)  


Ps Al- If you would like to send me an early birthday present, I would gladly accept another journal cause mine is almost finished:) 

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