Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Week 6, Transfer 3, 11 Dec

Wow-What a week it has been

A wonderful lovely and GREAT week.  SEriously.  BEing a missionary is the BOMB!  We defintiely saw some miracles this week and picked up a few new investigators.  We had some SWEETT lessons with some of our members here and I just feel so close to them. There are some great people here and I do NOT look forward to leaving this area at all.  Sadly enough, Hna SChwegler is getting transfered.:( I got a little preview of what it will be like when I leave...lots of tears...especially saying goodbye to the ninos, ANdrea and Jose,  and I just don't look forward to it at all.  WE defintiely got jipped only having one transfer together, but we kind of saw it coming-she's been here a while.

No I am not training.  We are only getting three new spanish sisters coming in this transfer and I am not training.  I did however get a call from the APs the other night and they asked me to be Senior Companion...Ali called it.  I am nervous, but it will be good.  Mostly nervous about the part that I speak more spanish than my new companion will...and I still miss a lot of info when people talk to me.  But the Lord will help us out for sure!

Oh man- We are in a super rush today! Hna Schewgler has to finish packing and we have to clean the car and then leave to drive all the way down to Vista for our Transfer mtg.  Pdays are CRAZY, especially Transfer pdays.  So I'lll tell you all next week who my new companion is!!

TAra- Yes I got your package! Thanks so much:)  I LOVE IT:)  Fun fun stuff.  We decided to spread the Christmas season out and open one present a night...thanks so much for the Ramen noodles Tyler:)  HAhaha that was the best one!   No letters yet though...but I"ll probs get them today at the transfer mtg.  

I don't know about the Christmas call yet....I will ask President in my email to him today about that so I can get the correct info about all that.

KAte- You went on the CHoir Tour?  So so fun. I have fond memories of that!  So glad you got to experience it and have fun!   Also- Mom and Dad are taking you to HArry Potter WOrld??  Oh my.  One word. SPoiled....  Lucky duck you!    Write me soon okay?

CAm- you looked DANG good in your ball gown!  And I 'm so excited that you are going to get some sister missioanries out there! YOu will love them:)

dad- Hope you are enjoying your new plane experience in Kansas!  Jame and AL- glad you guys get to have your hubbys home more now!  God luck with all the Christmas projects!

FAmily--I really will be sending a cd of pictures today...actually it might not get sent until next is a crazy day.  But I"ll send it!  There are some good ones!

 Ah I HATE being rushed-----but that is all you know as a missionary! I have to go...but know that I lve you all soooo myuch!!!

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