Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan 8, Dia de Rosca, Week 4, Transfer 4

Hellllloooooo Familia!

Good week. We have been talking to a million and one people looking for people to teach. And we have gotten a LOT of return appointments...but not ONE of them has been there for our Return Appointment. Regardless if we call and confirm the appointment or not. So that has been a little frustrating...but we keep a goin' no matter what!  

WE FINALLY got a date set with IRis and the Ninos to be baptized. Feb 16thhhhh WAhooo!  I'm still a little worried about Iris backing out...but we shall see and pray and hope and WORK so that doesn't happen.  Other than them, we are in serious FINding mode. Can I just say it is so much more fun to TEACH than it is to find? But we are always finding- so we am making it fun:)  WE had a NOche De Hogar con IRis and the ninos last night and Andrea came up to me afterwards and hugged me so hard and asked me to come back for her "Quince" next march (quincinera- the celebration when a girl turns 15 in Latino cultura) and then she asked me to be her Godmother!  To be honest I'm not even sure what that really even means... BUT I was flattered. I really feel like I am in this area for those kids. Even if they don't getbaptized while I am here- I know that I needed them and they needed me. 

I had a pair of shoes die this week. Attached is a picture...they are pretty bad. HOle in the bottom, ripped on the sides, my feet are SOAKED immediately in them everytime it rains (which has been pretty often lately) I've pretty much worn them almost everyday of my mission because they are just so dang comfy...but the time has come where thy are gone. 

I got to experience "El dia de Rosca" this week on Jan 6th.  BAsically in Mexico they celebrate This day more than Christmas...they don't really have Santa in MExico...they have "los Magos" or the Wise Men.  The wise men come on the evening of the 5th and leave gifts in the kids' shoes (which they leave out).  But they have a tradition where you eat "Pan Rosca" which is just a sweet bread in an oval shape (pic attached).  In this bread there is an unkown number of little baby Jesus dolls (teeny tiny) and each person takes a turn cutting their own piece of bread. IF you get a "muneca" in your piece you have to make tamales for everyone present on the 2nd Of February.  Guess who gets to make tamales??????? YOu betcha- yours truly.  AND Hna Adams:) So if I don't get transferred we will be making tamales on Feb 2nd:)  IT was super fun and I took lots of pictures:) 

Mom- I am so sad to hear about Lynn Chandler. She was a wonderful person full of light and is in a better place now. I will most definitely keep you and her family in my prayers. 

HAPPPPPPPYYYY Birthday to ALison tomorrow:) Hope you have a WONDERFUL day and enjoy every minute of it:)  And to KAtie next week!!!! (Ps I hear you havea date:)  I would like to hear about that from you:).  

Question for all-  So we teach an English class 2 times a week and I am seriously running out of Ideas of things to teach.  Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe Jay has some good grammar worksheets or something from her class...I don't know but we have no set curriculum and there is still so much for them to learn I just don't really know where to begin.... Thanks:)

Aights- goottttaa go!  But Love you all!  This work is soo true. So true. THat's why it's so hard, because Satan knows it- and is fighting his little patootie off to thwart it.  BUT HE WILL NOT CONQUER!!!!  We just gotta keep fighting back, and we'll win.  There is nothing bettter then this gospel in the World. each day I am reminded of my SAvior and His incredible Atoning sacrifice for me.  I am forever grateful for Him and for this time we have to learn and grow on the earth- so let's make the most of it:)  Love you all so!


Hermana Whicker

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