Monday, August 13, 2012

July 31--One Week!! WEEK 8 MTC

Hola mi familia bonita!

Please imagine this:  So yesterday, I am sitting in class just about to start our daily planning session when our te acher walks in. Naturally we all shake hand as everyone does all the time in the MTC, and I quickly turn back to my companion to begin plannig for the next day. Out of the corner of my eye I see Hermano  Herman pull the screen up onto the projector. Not thinking anything of it, I continue planning. I look up again and I see a picture of my family on the screen. "Oh that's nice,there's my family"  I think to myself. I look back down to my planner and immediately do a double take! Why is there a picture of my family on the Tv screen? WOAH Hermano HErman is in there too!     Hahaha to say the least I was shocked. I knew he was going to a family reunion in SG and I asked him where his gma lived and it was very near us, but I NEVER imagined  he would show up on your doorstep and talk for an hour! haha it was so funny. He said that Mom gave him a hug and everything;)  So great.  Well let's just say I am not fluent...and I still have a LOT to learn, but I am excited to get going and get out to Carlsbad.ANyways it was a fun experience and yes, he gave me all of those things you sent with him,  Thanks for the Camera Katie!! I will probably send you a box with the old one itand some other stuff this week!  

Ohand Cesar's baptism will be this Saturday! that is if he doesn't go out of town on us again!  But we are getting really excited for this. Our District Leader is going to give hima Baptism interview and everythign- so It's legit for sure!

Exactly one week from today I will be almost in CAlifornia. My flight leaves @ 8:40- in the morning from SLC and we have to leave the MTC @ 5am.  STraight through flight to SanDiego and we arrive at 9:35 there so I'll definitely havea fuill day's work ahead when I arrive!  WHich means, dear familia, that you will be receiving a call from me between the time of 6:30am-8an.  It probably won't be until 7 or so, but just in case, be prepared for that time period. I was just planning on call ing the home phone...esta bien o no? Let me know if you want me to callsomeone;'s cell. I believe I wwill be able to send a quick email on Monday before I leave and one on tuesday saying that I arrived...but honestly I am not sure. So if you want me to call a different phone, DearELder me asap k?  And If anyone know s the difference between called "Connect" or "Not connect" with a calling cardplease let me know, because I do not understand that at all;)

Well this week is going to be a busy one! But first of all the temple is open again!!! WAHOO. So we get to go do that today:)  Also, HErmana Lythgoe and I got reccommended to be the Missionaries in a special workshop for new missionaries. For new missionaries theyhave a bunch in a room and a fake investigator. Missionaries knowck on the door (us) and do a demo for the new missionaries.  It will be good I hope, I"n just newrvous about doing it in front of a million and five people!  They picked 16 missionaries out of the 2,900 here to do this, sio I guess it really is kind of an honor! Hopefully I won't freeze in front of everyone and all will be well!  We also get to Host this week! Which means we get to pick up the missionaries that are being dropped off and take them to their rooms and to get their books and stuff, So I'm excited for that too!

CAmi and Tara- I got both of your letters yesterday:) Haha they were hilarious!  Your kids are so funny:) TEll Audg that I am sorry there is a "hol" in her heart beacuse I wasn't there for her baptism! Tell Ty that I appreciate his want to jump on me next time he sees me:) And Give cute KAylee and Sammy a hug from metoo !  Andy, your picture was hilarious;) CAm-tell CAde congrats on his tooth! That is so great that Adelle was so into wearing her missionary badge that she even put it on her pajamas...I don't even do that;)  Brin's letter was great too! I will try to wrtie all of you back today! Hope you are enjoying VA with the Fords!

  Jami- your email was HiLarious!!! your girls are so funny:) LOve love love. Love that you and JAmes and AL got to go to wicked so fun!

Well I don't have any time, so I guess I'l just share my testimony really fast.  Love is the key to life!  REally it is that simple.  When we can tap into the love that Heavenly FAther and Jesus CHrist feel for us, and feel that for other people, the possibilities are endless.  That is somethign that I have really been workong on and noticing in my life teaching here and associating with other people.  It really is such a blessing. Love everyone. As we do that and focus on turing our hearts outward, away from ourselves, then we automatically trun towards our SAvior. I know Jesus is our Savior and I am and will be forever indebted to Him.  My heart just fills with joy at the thought of what He did for me and the great plan that HEavenly Father has in store for me, and for YOU!  So blessed. I know that this Gospel is the ONLY way that we are able to return to live with our Father in heaven and receive all that he has in store for us. Ah, I have so much more to say, but the time is gone.  Love you all so much!  I get to hear your voices in a week!   Love you all!

-Hermana Whicker!

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