Tuesday, August 28, 2012

28 August, Week 3, Transfer 1

..In more ways than one. Man, I am weak sauce when it come to running. But I am getting better:) So that's all that matters. But more than the physical tiredness that comes from missionary work (and running daily), is the soreness that comes from being stretched and molded and shaped by the Lord. Man oh man. This week was good, but it consisted of a few breakdowns on my part.  It was mostly just a build up of stress and frustration with myslef that I've dealt with since arriving in the mission field.  I think it was on thursday or something that we just came out of a lesson and the lady was just talking a million miles a minute and I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what had just happened and I felt frustrated because I really hadn't said anythign and my companion had done all the work.  And I had just tried to concentrate SO hard on paying attention to every word she was saying, but then I just get lost and then I'd start thinking about how dirty the table cloth was or how hot I was, and then I'd realize what was happenening and then I 'd focus in again and it was just a frustratiing process. And more than anything I was frustrated with myself. Needless to say, there were tears that night, and thank goodness for Hna Kohrman because sometimes I just need to cry, and I hadn't cried yet since I got here...and it all come out. But anyways, I'm fine. Just need to have more faith and let the Spirit speak through me, rather than over analyze everythign that I say. So in that sense, I am sore as well:)  The Lord is teaching me lots and I'm trying my best to keep up with Him!

I am really trying to exercise my faith and not me fear as we prosilite and teach. It is just so easy to get discouraged because I can't say what I want to, exactly how I want to say it.  Hermana Kohrman has been very helpful though, I am so greatful to have her with me and be an example to me.  I just need to forget myself...because everytime I shy away from saying something, I"m only not doing it becuase of fear I have of being embarassed...and it shouldn't be about ME at all. I am doing to the Lord's work and I just need to get over myself. So that is what I'm going to work on this week.  Just forget myself.
We had a cool experience this week as we were walking through the Parking Lot to visit a less active.  We saw these 2 men just standing over by some cars drinking, so naturally we go talk to them. so we start talking about how we teach about what Christ taught and the commandments came up some how, and this guy just looks down at his can of beer and says, "Man, we were JUST talking about how we needed to make some changes! So he looks down at his can of beer and goes and throws it in the trash! It was awesome! And as we were walking away we hear them, ""Woah! I can't beleive that just happened! We were talking about that literally 5 minutes before they walked over here!"  So it was sweet!  We are excited to visit them this week.
Maria- our investigator that had a baptismal date, kinda pittered out this week. We were supposed to take her on a tour of the chapel this week to show her what it was like because she's never been, and also to reinvigorate her for her baptism. But she called and said she didn't want to go. So we went over there and chatted with her. She has the desire to be baptized, but she's not DOING anything about that desire,. She's not striving to gain a testimony of the BOM or trying to get work off on Sundays, so we are going to help her focus on that this week. ACTION! BEcuase really, you can talk all you want about what you believe and what is good, but if you don't do anything then it means Nothing. Nothing. That is how we Show our love for God-by DOING what He asks. And doing ALL that He asks, none of this wishy-washy "I pick what I want to follow" junk. It's all or nothing baby.  So many people that we talk to say, "Oh ya know I'm fine. We are all worshipping the same God anyways, so it doesn't matter what church I got to."  Yes, we are all worshipping the same God, but God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so how can he preach all these different and conflicting priciples in each of the churches?  There is only One faith, One way, and one baptism(eph 4:5...not sure exaclty if that's what is says in english, but it is somethign close to that)...and we are it. I say that not pridefully, but with conviction.  I KNOW, that this church truely is the SAME church that Jesus Christ himself restored when He was on the earth.  No doubt.  It is simply true.  This Gospel is the only thing in the world that can give us that peace of mind and that pure joy and love in this life. The only thing!  I have really been thinking about that becuase So many of the less actives here just make excuses. They know exactly what they need to do and what is right, - but they think they are the exception to the rule. dumb. not true. No one is exempt. And that's the Gospel truth (said in the sing songy voice fron the movie Herculues;)

Man- time is almost up. I'll write you a hand letter today describing my area and daily life more. YEs we have a car and we have a large area! Love you all! Hope Brin gets better for her bap this week and she loves every second!  Glad school is going well for everyone! Cam, al and Jame I got your letytersthanks love ya!

 We've picked up some new investigators this week, so we are excited about that! All is well here in Oceanside!
-Hermana Whicker

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