Monday, August 27, 2012

21 August "And the Life Begins" Week 2 Transfer 1

Where to many many things to say. 

Things are better here this week.  I feel MUCH more comfortable and I at least understand the jist (gist?) of what everyone is saying. 

First of all we  have a baptismal date for MariaSanchez! Miracle! Miracle Miracle.  She is prob about 40 and has 5 kids. She took the lessons for about a year about 6 months ago but never Once came to church.  So we met with her on Sunday and taught her the Restoration and it was Great!  I mean I butchered pretty much every word that I s aid....but ya know I  only have so much control over that right now;) Anyways, The spirit was there and we invited her to be baptized and she accepted. Sept 22nd is the date.  So now we need to work with her on getting work off. I am excited for her to finally take this next step. So that's pretty darn great.  She has a duaghter that is 11 too that hopefully will be baptized too:) Other than that we have started teaching a guy named William. He;'s about 24 and we taught him once, and he said it was all very interesting, but he didn't come to church on Sunday and cancelled our next appointment.  We'll see how that goes. Sandra is a woman that we started teaching last week. We knocked on her door and she let us in, she is really hard to get ahold of and we've only met with her twice. All in all we don't really have any progressing investigators, except Maria, so we are really trying to exercise our faith and find a family to teach. 

Haha-so we were street contact the other day and we talked to this man named Fernando. We talked with him and got his info fora referrel because he lived out of our area, and went up to visit a member in the apartment complex. On our way out, he runs over to us and starts talking about how if he started taking our lessons, would he be able to marry one of us? It was hilariuos and I immediately started laughing. IT is even more funny because I am pretty sure that I am at LEAST 2 feet taller than EVERYONE here. Seriously.  I feel like a giant.

Also, in the CA carlsbad mission, it is mandatory that for their 30 minutes of exercising we RUN. Oh how I do not enjoy running...but I really don't have anychoice but to be converted. Hna Kohrman always looks so lady like and nice when we get back after our run and I am just beet faced with sweat everywhere. LEt's just say it's a good thing I'm not trying to impress anyone here:) 

I defintiely did not remember what humidity felt like. It is like living in a suana...all the time. Okay it really isn't that bad, it's just a big contrast compared to Utah. there is just a lovely constant sheen of stickynesss all over my skin...all day everyday.  It is just great...ish;) 

I feel like I am adjusting pretty well. I still have A LOT to learn, but Hna Kohrman is a great teacher. She takes the lead when I have absolutely NO idea what someone is saying to me, but she pushes me to go outside my comfort zone and do things that I haven't done before.  She is really great and I just love her lots! 

REquest: Mother- we are supposed to have a 72 hour kit in case of an earthquale or other natural disaster.  So, Sisiter Cook really wants us to have those MRE thingys.  So question, can you take the MREs out of my 72hr kit at home and send that here?  If you also have an old backpack so I don't have to buy one that would  be nice too... Thanks Momma:) 

Also, I am in need of Spanish Scripture cases. ya know like the ones that are individual and have a zipper that open and stay on when you read them becuase front and back covers are in the flap?   They don't have a Deseret Booko or anythign here. I should have gotten some at the MTC, but oh my goodness they were just so hideous. so hideous and I couldn't bring myslef to pay for something that ugly. Anyways, I normally only carry my BOM in my bag because the Bible is so heavy, but I really need somethign to protect them both becuase they are gettinga  little beat up.  So if someone could work on that for me, that would just be dandy!

Well It is really good to hear from everyone! I sure do love you all and I enjoy reading all your emails!  That is hilarious that Addie wants an embroidery of Chickens on her backpack:) Hahahahaha that made me laugh pretty hard.  Good luck this week with school Addie! YOu'll love it:) 

Brinly- I got your baptism announcement yesterday!  So beautiful! I am excited for you as you follow the example of our Savior and get baptized--so cool! Cam- hope all is going well with little porter and fam:)
Dad- Hna Kohrman says that you have a movie star face--:)  Just thought you'd like to hear that. Everytime she sees your picture she says that:) 
Mom- I got your card the other day with the memory card in it - so I'll send mine today.  There aren'ta  whole tone if pics on it from Carlsbad...sorry, we've been a little busy:)  But there are some good ones!
Ali- glad that you got to see the HArrisons! I believe Elder Orme's family (from my MTC district) just moved into theis ward in BEllevue.  Tell them to kee p an eye out for the Orme Family-their dad just got back from Iraq like last week or something. That is funny that you associate that couch as my broken finger couch...haha, well just tell them to be careful and never jump onto it is they are mad:)
Tara- that sounds like a LOT of jam! Fun funf un:) Sammy looks so different in the pic that you sent! I feel liek I just saw her and she has already changed so much!
Jame-cute cute pics of your fam and the Girls. Ruby is such a doll! There is a  couple in the ward named ROsi and Ruben, andI keep accidentally calling them Ruby and Rosen...whoops:)
KAte- glad you are enjoying tennis and I  hope the frist week of school wen twell for you! 

WEll I love you all.  This is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and there are most definitely some crazy people out here! But ya know, we just gotta keep going and find the ones that the Lord has prepared to receive the Gospel!  So on we go!!  Moroni 7:33 has really been on my mind this week.  What a comfort!  Alrighty, I'm out of time. Love you all.  This is most defeintely the Restored Gospel of JEssu Christ!  What a privelige it is to repressent Him !


Hermana WHicker

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