Friday, August 17, 2012

14 August--Whitewashed....CHicken and Korn (Week 1, Transfer 1)

WEll what a week. Seriously, longest week ever with many emotions going up and down and up and down.  First of all I made it:)  I am in OCeanside cAlifornina with my companion HErmana Kohrman.  She is pretty great and we have had a great time together this week getting to know each other and laughing at my spanish:)  But it has been great. WE have been white washed....which means that Hermana Kohrman was most recently in a Different area, and she got transferred here to OCeanside to train me, which means that NEIther of us know the area or the ward or the people or anything.  So it has definitely been an adventure to say the least.  THank goodness for Rosi CUellar (who is a mmebr of the ward that was baptized in JAn) she has been  giving us directions and addresses and feeding us left and right...what a sweetheart. ANywho. FUnny story-  her son, DAniel who is 2 years old, has trouble pronouncing when HErmana Kohrman and I were introduced to him, he goes "Oh, HErmana Chicken and HErmana Corn" HAAHhahahaha soo s o hilarious! So just go ahead and call us Chicken and corn if you like:)

BEacuse we are whitewashed, we have No current investigators. The hermanas that were here just before us just dropped all their investigators.  So this week we have been contacting like crazy and trying to get to know the ward and creating good relationships with them.  And let's be honest, it;s hard to create a good relationship when I don't speak the same language that they do!  But, I am progressing... I think:)  Any who, ALi hit the nail right on the head in her email.  TAlk about giving myself a LOT of pep talks in me head!  "Come on, here's a person, you gotta talkk to them....don't be a wuss!" THat happens many many times a week:)  But things are improving.

It's amazing how you know certain things are true, like that the Lord will never ask you to do something you couldn't handle. I know that is true.  But man, let me tell you, that hasSOO much more meaning to me now than it EVER has in my life. I mean everyone says a smission is going to be hard, and so i Expected that. Then I got to the MTC and I was like oh man, this really is hard. But then I got used to it an everything was fine, but NOW- oh man, I can just tell you right now that I did not know what hard meant before this week!  But, I know that as I continue to exercise faith in My Savior that all things are possible! 

HErmana Kohrman is just great. She is from Indiana and is just so awesome. She actually reminds me a LOT of you CAM, so she was really easy to love. Just her mannerisms and her laugh, she makes things really fun:)

PRetty sure I've already losta few of my taste buds due to peppers burning my mouth! WE ate with the CAstro family the other night and oh mana oh man oh man... I was nearly in tears by the time we left becuase my mouth was burning so much!   I've also successfully eaten fish without gagging....eww it was gross, but that;'s the life of a missionary! 

LEt's see what else, went to church yesterday--pretty sure I got maybe 30% of what they were saying...DEfinitely have rrom to improve n that department:)  THey just talk so DANG BLASTED FAST!  They don't enounciate ANYTHIng. Oh man. CAn't wait till I'm fluent. IT is SUPER humid here. Super. But beautiful. Such a different environment that where I have lived the last 6 years f my life, but it is just dandy. My mission Preisident, Pres Cook said that Aunt TAmra worked for him in Logan for a little while before she became CAche County Auditor, that was fun to hear:) And HE said he knew Gpa Stones and would go to his TExaco all the time!  Fun fun. Oh man I have like no time left. You all are great, but I get so many emails that I only have like 15 minutes left to write by the time I get through them all! 

ANyways, I love you all lots! Got to go to the SAn Diego Temple today...sooo beautiful!  I only get mail on Mondays at district mtgs and you have to send everything to the mission home address.

I appreciate all you prayers and I am surviving!  IT is hard, but I know it will get better as I continue to do what the Lord has asked!  LOVe you all so much!  The Gospel is true and I'll try and write a snail mail letter tonight if I have time!  Love you lots! 

Hermana Whicker!!!!!

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